WindsorGate is Espionage

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Next Red Pill: WindsorGate

Trump Vows to Declassify Documents on Surveillance of His Campaign

Once Trump and Congress declassify more documents, the world will see how the British Privy Council and Queen Elizabeth were involved in the overthrow of Donald Trump.

The coup d’etat was a combination of treason and espionage on the highest order, the likes of which we have never experienced before on the planet. The nefarious activities of the Queen’s inner circle has wreaked havoc on the world for long enough. We urge patriots around the world to do what you can to expose their corruption and crimes on humanity.

Below you will read information that we have recently pulled out of the research mines. This is material for you to use in your network the best way you think the material resonates with your audience.

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Robert Mueller just linked to Privy Council-chief prosecutor Arvinder K. Sambei

Privy Council directs both the Senior Executive Service (SES) and Crown Agents as the globalist shadow army

Arvinder K. Sambei — associated with Robert Mueller before 9/11 — also framed George Papadouplos using British spies Joseph Mifsud and Christopher Steele

Was the British Privy Council complicit in 9/11 and Mueller’s cover-up?

They did destroy the Bill of Rights to achieve their global surveillance grid

Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year NWO plan is now exposed

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(Mar. 28, 2019)—In an interview last night, George Papadoupolos just confirmed our findings: the shadow government attack on Donald Trump is being directed from London using the Queen’s Privy CouncilCrown Agents and their SES underlings. (Bruce Ohr is an SES paymaster.) No wonder President Trump received such an icy reception when he traveled to London last year. Criminals are not gracious, even criminals who give themselves hollow titles.

Following a month-long investigation—aided by a Judicial Watch Mar. 7, 2019 release of more stonewalled DOJ FOIA releases—the long held suspicions of many that British Privy Council intelligence, technology and banking interests are behind the attempted coup d’état of President Donald J. Trump can now be confirmed. Papadoplous’s new book Deep State Target just verified our findings.

What moved our thinking from circumstantial evidence to fact even before the Papadopolous interview and book?

“Dinner with the Ohrs” —A secret Jun. 05, 2016 dinner meeting between Alison Saunders and her entourage at the home of Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s in McLean, VA.

That was just four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

What more do you need to know? British SERCO has run the U.S. Patent Office since 2006. America’s sovereignty was turned over to the Privy Council long ago.  This is not fantasy. WAKE UP! Take the Red Pill!

Full story [VIDEO]:




The press throughout the world carried the exact same story  about the supposed UK-based trainer of the alleged 9/11 hijackers

The entire story was proved to be a TOTAL LIE

The British prosecutor Arvinder Sambei who put out these FBI (Robert Mueller) lies is likely the Privy Council handler of the coup d’état attack on Donald Trump today

A simple Google search of the misspelling of the Crown Prosecution Service press release of the arrest of the first suspected trainer of the alleged 9/11 hijackers 17 days after 9/11 reveals something very telling.

The press throughout the world, to a man, carried the EXACT SAME press release using Arvinder Sambei’s misspelled name “Arvinda Sambir”

The proves a massive propaganda effort to shock the world.

Attached is the Google search result for the misspelled name to show the LOCKSTEP repetition of the 9/11 narrative that was proven years later to be a complete lie.

avinda on google

Arvinda Sambir (sic Arvinder Sambei). (Accessed Mar. 29, 2019). Google Search, first ten pages. Google.

Here is a list of the news outlets that all carried the misspelling of Arvinder Sambei in the EXACT SAME PROPAGANDA STORY!

  1. Chicago Tribune
  2. New York Times
  3. New York Post
  4. BBC
  5. BBC
  6. Telegraph
  7. VOA News
  8. Independent
  9. Google Books
  10. Breaking News Ireland
  11. Google Books
  12. Google Books
  13. Google Books
  14. Guardian
  15. Guardian
  16. CNS News
  17. Irish Examiner
  18. RTE Ireland
  19. Questia
  20. Desert News
  21. Desert News
  22. Global Research Canada
  23. Afton Bladet Sweden
  24. UPI
  25. Manchester Evening News
  26. L’Orient Le Jour
  27. Wales Online
  28. El Mercurio
  29. Taipei Times
  30. 911 Review
  31. Der Spiegel
  32. Newspaper Archive
  33. WCF Courier
  34. L’Orient Le Jour


Unattributed Author. (Sep. 28, 2001). Pilot held in UK ‘trained hijackers’ [Quote from: Arvinder Sambei]. The Telegraph.

arvinda sambir 2

This evidently intentional misspelling will prevent this article from appearing in any searches results for “Arvinder Sambei”

It is highly unusual for The Telegraph to publish an article without author attribution. (Read: nobody is taking responsibility for this intentional misspelling.)

raissi 8.JPG

From Wikipedia:

Lotfi Raissi (Arabic: لطفي رئيسي‎, Luṭfī Rayissī; born April 4, 1974), was the first person charged in connection with the September 11, 2001, attacks. However, in 2003 a British court ruled that the charges against Raissi were without evidence, and that he had no association with the attacks. In April 2010 it was announced that he was eligible for compensation, the amount of which was as yet undecided.

The Sambei is Arvinder Sambei who was the lead prosecutor in the Lotfi Raissi case.

On February 22, 2007, Mr Raissi lost his case in the UK High Court to claim compensation for wrongful arrest and the 5 months he spent in Belmarsh. Judges ruled him ineligible on the grounds that he had been held as part of an extradition case rather than ‘in the domestic criminal process’. He took his case to the Court of Appeal and the High Court ruling was overturned, Appeal Judges stating that evidence showed the CPS [ARVINDER SAMBEI] and the Police were responsible for “serious defaults”.

British authorities continue to insist that British police and prosecutors acted properly, and it was American authorities who were at fault for supplying them with bad intelligence.

In February 2008 the Court of Appeal rejected this position, ‘completely exonerated’ Raissi, and ordered British authorities to reconsider his entitlement to compensation, which had previously been rejected. It also found that the Crown Prosecution Service [ARVINDER SAMBEI] and the police had presented false evidence to the courts.[11]

His application for permission to enforce the order of the Court of Appeal, and contempt of court proceedings against the Home Office, resulted in an announcement on 23 April 2010 by the Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw that Raissi is eligible for up to £2m compensation.[12]

PDF compilation

Source report:

From iEyeNews report:

raissi 9

From Wikipedia:

Lotfi Raissi (Arabic: لطفي رئيسي‎, Luṭfī Rayissī; born April 4, 1974), was the first person charged in connection with the September 11, 2001, attacks


Notice they misspelled Arvinder’s FIRST AND LAST NAMES

No author attribution


raissi 10


raissi 6.jpg


Framed by FBI Mueller and Sambei for 9/11

Raissi 7.jpg


Lotfi Raissi timeline


Unattributed Author. (Sep. 29, 2001). British detain flight trainer. Chicago Tribune.

This Chicago Tribune article ties Mueller and Sambei to the FIRST arrest of an innocent suspect post 9/11

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the UNATTRIBUTED TRIBUNE AUTHOR pulled together all that detailed information?! Looks like he screwed up naming Mueller and Sambir herself. The narrative was so fake looking back. Russia hoax was similar.

raissi 5.JPG

Avinda Sambir

Note that by Mar. 01, 2015, “Avinda Sabir” had discovered that her name was actually “Arvinder Sambei.” Imagine that!

Arvinder sambei 5


This shows the first complaint. (We are working to get the actual document and docket.)

“Arvinda Sambir” here!

arvinda sambir 1Raissi 1

Who? Mueller?

Raissi 2Raissi 3ryan plunkett.jpg

Could this have been Arvinder’s husband???!!!

Raissi 4


Came across this exchange between Chris Blackburn and another man talking about LCILP & the Cayman Islands with reference to FIFA corruption. Says Steele (Orbis) and FBI concentrated on the Caymans during their investigation.

This first one shows Michael Gaeta, who George has named as a major player.

Forgot to say earlier that Tony Blair’s company is called “Windrush”. The Empire Windrush was the first ship that brought Caribbean (Jamaican) migrants to the UK in the 1950’s starting our migrant invasion.