Origins of the Coup

British Senior Crown Prosecutor Arvinder Sambei conspired Trump coup d’tat with Robert Mueller

Sambei and Mueller have left a path of destruction whenever they have teamed up (U.S. Embassy bombings, 9/11, Trump-Russia Hoax)

Sambei’s partner Martin Polaine was disbarred for fabricating warrant evidence in the Cayman Islands

Used a different name for every project with Mueller—forgetful or deceptive?

arvinderMay 16, 2019–Arvinder Sambei was born in 1961 to civil engineer father Sohar Singh Sambei (from the 1st marriage certificate). The mother, birthplace, schools and relatives are all unknown.

When researchers in the UK reached out to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for publicly available information on Sambei—who had been one of their well-publicized star prosecutors for decades—the official hung up the phone without response.

Sambei Vaguaries

Arvinder Sambei’s gender is ambiguous. While he-she dresses as a woman, “Arvinder” is a male name from the Punjab region of northwest India. An expert said it is as male a name in India as “John” is in the UK.

Perhaps normally Sambei’s possible trans-gender would not be an issue. But in Sambei’s case, as a public figure, gender bias may have influenced public policy unethically, especially when one observes the evident obsession at CPS on LGBTQ policy. See Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Hate Crime. See also CPS Legal Guidance.

Sambei dresses like a woman and has two husbands, it appears: Charanjit S. Bhachu (m. 1989) and Tushar L.B. Shah (m. 1995). By 1998, Sambei is referred to as “Miss,” even though no records of divorce from either Bhachu or Shah are available. Polygamy is illegal in the U.K., unless you are a Senior Crown Prosecutor doing the legal bidding of the Queen’s Privy Council?  See Arvinder Sambei Biography and Timeline.

The grooming of Arvinder Sambei by the Crown (and FBI)

After obtaining a law degree from the University of Kent, then a masters in law from the London School of Economics (LSE), Sambei was called to the Bar almost immediately (Jul. 1985).

Sambei then received a certificate in U.S. Constitutional Law from Yale (ca. 1988). The University of Kent is not a particularly posh school for self-styled elitists, but LSE and Yale are.

Sambei was evidently being groomed to coordinate with American lawyers. Hindsight proves this. Once Bill Clinton assumed the Presidency in 1993, Sambei collaborated with the FBI, DoJ, Robert Mueller and James Comey on numerous false flag events.

No experience before becoming Senior Crown Prosecutor

By Mar. 07, 1995, we found Sambei employed as a “Senior Crown Prosecutor” by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Consequently, it does not appear that Sambei has had any practical experience outside of her meteoric elevation as a Senior Crown Prosecutor.

Evidently, without experience, Sambei was there to follow orders. We believe those orders came from the Privy Council and its entrenched globalists including George Soros’ confidante Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Baron Jacob Rothschild, the Cecil Rhodes’ Trust, the Bank of England, and their chief technologist Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, former chairman of Marconi, founder of SERCO and keeper of the Queen’s Golden Shares.

Note that former FBI Director James B. Comey was a director at London-based HSBC in 2013, the second largest bank in the world. HSBC was a major Clinton Foundation donor.

Judging from the company Sambei keeps currently, he-she continues to do the bidding of her Deep State handlers. She has a laundry list of organizations to which she consults. The list is too long to summarize here, but is detailed in the Arvinder Sambei Biography and Timeline.

Sambei consults to the Council of Europe, European Union, IMF, UN Anti-Piracy Programme (UNAPP), UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), UN Development Program (UNDP), UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS.) GCCS alone lists 90 collaborators, including American Bar Association, Brookings Institution, Human Rights First, Institute for Inclusive Security, Saferworld, Strong Cities, World Affairs Council, IMF, Interpol, OHCHR, World Bank, Baker McKenzie LLP,, Akin Gump LLP, Anti Money Laundering (AML), UN Foundation, Century Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Sambei is a principal in the Public International Law Advisory Group (PILAG), Amicus Legal Consultants Limited and the London Center of International Law Practice (LCILP).

Frankly, one gets exhausted just reading the lists organizations and individuals to whom Sambei claims to consult.

One thing is clear from all of Sambei’s virtue signaling. He-she is a globalist dedicated to Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year plan for a One World Government.

With this background as a backdrop, we will now focus in on Sambei’s very public collaborations over the years with the FBI, James B. Comey and Robert S. Mueller, III.

Queen’s agent Arvinder Sambei orchestrates overthrow of Trump


Arvinder Sambei Bio & Timeline


Sambei has changed his-her name for every False Flag with Mueller and the FBI

Sambei has conspicuously used a different name for each of his-her false flag collaborations with Robert Mueller and the FBI.

  1. U.S. Embassy Bombings in Tanzania & Kenya

 On Jul. 12, 1999, Arvinder Sambi  announced—in a simultaneous press release that circled that planet with no evidence of local elucidation or independent research—the capture of suspects in the U.S. Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. The made-for-TV Arabic names were enough to throw off most people from further inquiry: Ibrahim Hussein Abdel Hadi Eidarous, 42, and Mr Adel Abdel-Meguid AbdelBary, 39.

american embassy

These bombings—in two former British colonies—introduced Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to the American public for the first time. In news that seems almost comical following the fabricated Steele pee-pee dossier, Sambi presented faked fingerprint fax evidence to support the FBI indictments. Seriously, she brazenly claimed that both men sent faxes from two different places in London claiming responsibility for the bombings in Africa, and they supposedly left their fingerprints on the originals of the faxes. Again, this is not even good fiction.

  1. 9/11… in search of the hijackers fiction

On Sep. 29, 2001, Arvinda Sambir, in a similar simultaneous release that also circled the planet, also with no evidence of elucidation of independent research, announced the indictment of Lofti Raissi on allegedly hard evidence that he trained the four pilots who allegedly crashed planes on 9/11. On DATE, Raissi was exonterated on all charges. In other words, both FBI Mueller and CPS Sambir lied to get an indictment and publicity. Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were blamed for the attack. Subsequent evidence proves that 9/11 was a false flag attack orchestrated by the FBI, C.I.A., Senior Executive Services (SES) and the Queen’s Privy Council, to cajole the U.S. Congress into approving sweeping changes that dramatically weakened the Bill of Rights and declared the average American a potential war actor until proven otherwise. This event legalized the previously illegal surveillance of American citizens.

twin towers.JPG

The words of Judge NAME condemned Sambir’s and Meuller’s best on Feb. 14, 2008.

Sambir told The Guardian on Sep. 29, 2001:

Prosecutor Arvinda Sambir gave a list of devastating charges which put him at the heart of the terror plot. She claimed he was the lead instructor for four of the hijackers, including the man who seized the controls of American Airlines Flight 77 from Washington to Los Angeles and skillfully steered it into the Pentagon.

“[T]he CPS lawyer, Ms. Arvinda Sambir, went further outside court [in the press] and said that Raissa’s job was to enxure that the pilots were capable and trained. Again, she had no evidence to support this statement.”

Mueller repeated Sambir’s lying accusations against Raissa in an Arizona court on Nov. 27, 2001.

  1. The Trump-Russia Hoax & Attempted Coup d’état

deep state targetNow comes the first target of the Trump-Russia Hoax, George Papadopoulos, who on Apr. 03, 2019, identified  Sambei as a primary actor in the hoax. See also Deep State Target (2019). Papadopoulos stated:

“I was introduced to him by an FBI intermediary named Arvinder Sambei, who was actually working as the FBI’s counsel in the UK and had a personal and professional relationship with Bob Mueller dating back to 9/11.”

This evidence places Sambei in the middle of a third Mueller scandal involving fabricated evidence.

Using justice systems to abuse people and pursue power = the worst kinds of betrayals of the public trust

sambei mueller arvinder

Each item of fabricated evidence is a criminal offense.

Sambei – espionage

Mueller – treason & sedition

The evidence presented in this post alone is enough indictable evidence to prove that Sambei was commiting espionage in her unauthorized involvement with Meuller. IT also proves that Mueller has been involved in massive treason aided by Sambei.

No doubt, both Mueller and Sambei will argue that they were engaged with each other under the protection of various law enforcement information sharing agreements.

However, such agreements do not sanction criminal acts.

coup.JPGA coup d’état of an American President is not in the job descriptions we entrusted to them

Such agreements cannot be the smokescreen for acts of sedition to attempt a coup d’état against as duly elected President Donald J. Trump.

The utterly shameful aspect of this information is that both Sambei and Mueller were entrusted by the citizens of the UK and U.S. with enforcing our laws, not subverting them for their private political agendas.