Google and Jon Venverloh Pose a Threat to Democracy

Michael McKibben brings shocking documentation to Douglas Gabriel from information warriors outside of the Conclave. The documents show the connections of Google, the CIA, Salem Media, and a shadowy Deep State figure – Jon Venverloh.

Shocking News about Salem Media and the CIA.


See the three PDFs below to read the evidence:

Google CIA Contracts – Jon Venverloh Google and Sharon Levy CIA – FOIA – 4 August 2004

Google – Senate Judiciary Committee – Dennis Prager – 16 July 2019

Google Poses a Serious Threat to Democracy – Senate Judiciary Committee – Testimony by Robert Epstein, PhD


Salem’s bankers, underwriters, accountants and Google technologists appear to be steering their hosts away from topics that threaten the NWO agenda


google director.JPG

Supposedly conservative Salem Media chief technologist Jon Venverloh actually negotiated Google’s first Bill of Rights-destroying contract with the C.I.A. starting in Nov. 2003

.Election fraud

Google and Facebook Manipulate Votes for Hillary up to 10 Million Votes in 2016. Shocking Congressional Testimony!


John Bolton: Apple, Google Would Compromise U.S. Safety for Chinese Market Share


Is Salem Media Controlled Opposition?

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