Ronna Romney Stays Silent About Uncle Mitt’s Corruption


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willthesuevi posts:

Have you heard McDaniel criticize Mitt for stabbing our President in the back?

I didn’t either.


Crickets from Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, about Mitt Romney’s impeachment comments that he is “deeply troubled” by Mr. Trump (referring to the latest propaganda dossier produced by the Democrats).

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farmerren posts:

Why is Ronna Romney McDaniel still head of the RNC? Blood is pretty thick v.s. H20 even if she is Mitt’s niece.


mopar2016 posts:

I received a questionnaire from Ronna and the RNC last week. I answered all the questions and then I got to the last part about contributions. I informed her that I haven’t been a member since 2008, and that I threw my RNC card away in protest of John McCain and other RINOs. I hope the RNC raises a lot of money and puts it to good use. I just can’t join again, I can only donate to PDJT.


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Comment on her tweet.


Ronna ROMNEY feigns concern about Joe Biden’s corruption as her Uncle Mitt and cousin Tagg operate rigged election machines! Why isn’t she talking about Bain Capital and Uncle Mitt’s corrupt deals with Riggs-Velmet Bank and Barrick Gold? They were as corrupt as Joe and Hunter Biden’s deals in the Ukraine.

Mitt Romney: Just Another Corrupt Bush Son

Mitt’s true history cannot be told unless the criminal milieu that he worked within is described beforehand. Only when you get the picture of this crime syndicate and their incredible power and political reach, will you see where Unfit Mitt fits into the puzzle of corrupt bankers, rogue CIA, and the underbelly of politics. Mitt’s crimes have often been aligned with the big dogs on the global block — the Bush Criminal Cartel.

Mitt Romney worked closely with the crooked director of Riggs Bank, Jonathan Bush, the son of Prescott Bush, the man they call Hitler’s banker. Prescott’s other infamous son is George H. W. Bush, who practically adopted Mitt and made sure that his political path was free and clear. George H. W. Bush and Mitt Romney were part of the team that fleeced the former Soviet Union through Riggs-Valmet Bank and then laundered the money through Romney’s Bain Capital.

Continue reading about Ronna’s corrupt, treasonous Uncle Mitt.

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Romney rigged elections

Hey, Mitt Romney and George Soros puppet Ronna Romney, why aren’t you telling us about your Uncle Mitt’s election machines that rig elections for his globalist friends like George Soros? Why aren’t you alerting the RNC about the software called Optech that Soros and Uncle Mitt install in the machines?

Election Rigging Keeps Globalists Like Mitt Romney in Power

Scrap election corruption


Ronna Romney opens a can of worms


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Ronna knows all about her Uncle Mitt’s election rigging and corruption, but stays silent…or shall we say complicit ?

Why hasn’t the RNC called out this election rigging by Mitt Romney and George Soros? Is it because the only way RATS, RINOs, and ROMNEYs can win is through election fraud?

Prepare for MASSIVE election rigging in 2020


transrepublican mitt romney

The Romney family corruption is so deep and wide, we find it hard to believe that the HEAD OF THE RNC is not a part of Mitt’s attempt to take-down Trump.

Mitt and Ann Running for Senate 2


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mitt romney traitor


AIM Patriot Duane writes:

Do you know if the Trump Make America Great Again campaign for contributions is legitimate and actually goes to use on his campaign or if someone else is soliciting on his behalf and used elsewhere?
Their address is: PO Box 1776, Merrifield, Va. 22116-1776.
I am always suspicious of these requests for contributions but do not know how to verify.


Our Reply: We highly recommend that patriots concentrate their 2020 donations to one location – If this organization wants to give to the ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign, then so be it. We do not trust any organization – ESPECIALLY AND FOREMOST, the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Why is a Romney the head of the RNC? Inquiring minds want to know!

The RNC is headed by Mitt Romny’s niece and we don’t trust the RNC RINO-RAT-ROMNEYS to MAGA.


They continue to support candidates that are globalist and US Chamber of Commerce puppets who do not have the American people’s interest at heart.

If you have a candidate that you know to be MAGA-KAG, then by all means, donate to them directly. But if in doubt, do not.

You might consider your 2020 campaign contributions to be like a VOTE. Make sure everyone you know understands that voting begins with the wallet.

To vote for more candidates like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Dick and Liz Cheney, Josh Hawley, and Mr. China Chao, send your donations to the RNC.

To vote for more candidates like Donald J. Trump, send to


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