Education – Wisdom or Indoctrination?


The Gabriels have spent their lives in education, teaching, school administration and training. You can read about their backgrounds here. When they retired, they set out to create a global one-room digital schoolhouse, so to speak, which they call the Glass Bead Game. Many of you comment that you have never learned so much about the world,  history, and truth as you have since following our daily “lesson plans” called the Cat Reports. Some of you might not realize that you are in a “learning environment” because you are having so much fun.

You can go further in your search for truth by exploring the other sites we have prepared for you. There is no one way to start playing the Glass Bead Game, but once you do, you might not ever stop because education never felt so good. As you advance in the game, you will want to make your own contributions by adding insight, original works, article and video links to the lesson plans we have already developed. In time, other people will start waking up to the consciousness that is contained in that lesson plan and will do what we all do – reach out and google the words they are searching for. That’s when they will find our material, enriched by your glass beads.

The lesson plans, whether ‘The Origins of the Coup‘ or ‘The Spiritual Battle Between Humans and Machine‘ or the hundreds of others that we have prepared, can all be enhanced by your contributions. We especially call on those of you that have followed this site for a few years. You may never know who benefits from your offering, but the angels will never forget.

In the video below, Dr. Douglas Gabriel presents an opening lecture on his book The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children – the literature and cultural icons needed by Wisdom Children to integrate the development of humanity into a healthy, living, and meaningful world-view.

Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

Children are the future and education is the means to create that future – for good or ill. Public education in America is now simply Tavistock directed, Frankfort School driven, socialist indoctrination, and materialistic propaganda that leads to conformity and ignorance, not freedom and wisdom. Or as William Blake says: “Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy, and in the wither’d field where the farmer ploughs in vain.”

Wisdom in education has been replaced by cleverness inspired by secular humanistic, materialistic beliefs in science. Scientific theories change daily and the ultimate overall “truth” of science leaves us less informed that the ancients were through their personal interactions with the “gods.” Educators are left with the decision of what “truths” to teach the children – the hope of our future. Where can we find the wisdom that can supplant the cleverness of entropic materialistic science? Science derives from the word scio, to know; but science doesn’t seem “to know” anything that is wise – just facts and data, that change daily.

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We find the wisdom that children (and adults) need to discover meaning and purpose in life in the closest place to personal consciousness – our own body, the temple of wisdom. Each child, or seeking adult, can trace the seven-fold steps that build the human life body (etheric body) from age seven to fourteen, when child development is open and receptive to the creative forces of this etheric body. The Gabriels have been taught by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and other great thinkers, that children have sensitive stages of developmental growth that can be observed and appropriately “fed” the very material the etheric body needs to grow and flourish.

The word education is derived from educare – “to draw forth.” Teachers should be mid-wives of education that help draw forth the inherent talents, gifts, and destiny of each child. No single curriculum of “core” material can meet the needs of each child unless the process unleashes the creative forces in the living, growing etheric body of the child.

Good education draws forth the wisdom that is found in the human etheric body – a world of active wisdom that creates life.

We are told in America that our children have the right to a “free and appropriate” education. What is “appropriate” for your child is a private matter, not a public demand that also includes vaccines, propaganda, fake history, and the curse of the atmosphere of “political correctness.” Even our children’s very lives are threatened by public schools that are “Gun Free Zones” for all but an “active shooter.”

Certainly it is the improper use of education when sexual perversions (presented by the local “public health” officials) are taught to third and fourth graders through classes on “AIDS Awareness.” The “types” of sex that can spread the disease are explicating taught to children even before they know what sex is. This type of mandated indoctrination into cultural depredation under the guise of “political correctness” is becoming more standard in “federally” controlled public education. The results of this type of disconnect in education are depression, stress, anxiety, and all too often suicide in high school. All of these types of mis-education fly under the flag of modern public school “education.”


The Waldorf curriculum (K-12) of Dr. Rudolf Steiner is one that is very demanding on the teacher because the teacher starts with a class of students in first grade and travels along with them for eight years until graduation from middle school, becoming a sort of “member of the child’s family.” The teacher must learn the curriculum content anew each year, for eight years. This task is one of the best ways to “see” and experience the etheric body developing in the children you teach during the sensitive period of etheric development. As the teacher learns the new topics, the students can model the learning patterns, habits, and rhythms of the master teacher and naturally follow those good habits – reciprocal teaching. These healthy rhythms of learning become second nature to the child who can absorb the offerings of the teacher like a sponge.

True education happens when the wisdom inherent in the child’s own etheric body develops with the enhanced energies available from age seven to fourteen. If the teacher is awake, and avoids the pitfalls of “instruction”, “training”, “rote learning”, “memorizing to regurgitate”, “high-stake testing”, and “modern pedagogical methods”, the child might have a chance to express wisdom that is far beyond what is found in the core curriculum of the federal government that parades as “deep knowledge” – the best modern educators have to offer.

Essentially, there is no educational philosophy in America, just a belief in “modern” science and high-stakes testing with no consideration for the health and well-being of the student.

man readingThere is an “eternal curriculum” written into the living body of the growing child. We need to observe the development of the etheric body to find the wisdom inherent in it. A good teacher can feed and nourish that body of etheric energy through providing living, imaginative archetypes for the children to absorb and then respond to through their own artistic expression in many different media: painting, drawing, illustrating, singing, dancing, building, poetry, recitation, drama, foreign languages, crafts, and the many others avenues found in the Waldorf curriculum.

The history of humanity is contained in our DNA and likewise in the etheric body. Each child replicates this history in their personal development. The Eternal Curriculum offers the growing child the literature, art, and culture of developing humanity at the grade-level appropriate time that links to the child’s etheric development. The gifts of past civilizations provide the child, and teacher, with the building blocks that are needed to construct the edifice of human cultural development.

Eternal Curriculum

The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children is a handbook that can assist anyone who wants to experience the sequence and content of the Waldorf literature curriculum from first grade to eighth. The literature content is basically the quest of the soul striving through human development to glean the wisdom of each culture. This collective cultural consciousness builds what is necessary for the child to become a world citizen who is sympathetic to all humanity and free to go beyond all past development and into a brighter future. The eternal curriculum of the etheric body already has the wisdom of the ages inscribed into it. The effective teacher must uncover and draw forth what the students are presenting as their collective desire to know the ways of wisdom from the past so that they might tread the path of wisdom into the future with confidence and freedom.

To get started right away, download this free PDF version:

Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

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