John Roberts Destroys American Court System for the Queen


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We have the facts. John Roberts is controlled by the Queen’s Privy Council and the Pilgrims Society. Stay tuned to the Cat Report for intel drops over the next few days.

John Roberts is 100% TRAITOR SCUMBAG.

Impeach roberts

Below information is what our miners found out on their first day of data digging on Scumbag Roberts. Stay tuned for the BIG FINDS that are coming later this week.

John Roberts traitor

The miners are finished with James E. Boasberg for now and head over to a tunnel that they had started a while back but had to leave for other digs. Below are some of their older finds. We will be looking into his connections to the Knights of Malta, human trafficking, and sleazy payoffs.

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Watch him speak during the Senate trials. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, you will be shocked at what a doofus he is. The media has done a very canary in minegood job keeping the real John Roberts out of the propaganda media cycle. What we found was a phlegmatic dullard running the Senate impeachment trial. Now we are going to find out why he is really the head of the Supreme Court.

Watch out, SCUMBAG ROBERTS. The AFI miners sharpened their tools, loaded up the cheesecake and coffee kiosk, and brought in a few fresh canaries.

In December 1983, AIB acquired 43% of the outstanding shares of First Maryland Bancorp (“FMB”). In 1989, AIB completed the acquisition of 100% of the outstanding shares of common stock of FMB. Over the years there were a number of “bolt-on” acquisitions, the most notable being Dauphin Deposit Bank and Trust Company (“Dauphin”) a Pennsylvania chartered commercial bank which was acquired in 1997. Subsequently, all banking operations were merged into Allfirst Bank.

John G. Roberts, Sr. was appointed an FMB director in this year.

Allied Irish Bank Officials Dancing Jig Over Acquisition Of First Maryland Bancorp – The Washington Post_repaired

jane sullivan

john roberts in malta

Amid growing fallout over his surprise healthcare vote, Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has fled the country amid growing fallout over his surprise vote in last week’s landmark healthcare ruling.

Associated Press photographer Lino Arrigo Azzopardi found the embattled justice in the Mediterranean island nation Malta, where he will be teaching a class (and hiding out from his new conservative adversaries) for the next two weeks.

roberts with suitcase of money

Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and other Americans

roberts and fisa court

The Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs. (1983-1986). Past Distinguished Speakers, Approved For Release 2011/01/10, CIA-RDP88B00443R000502190007-1. CIA-BCFA.

baltimore council foreign relations

During this time, John G. Roberts, Sr. was made a director (1983-1985) of First National Bank of Maryland (while Baby Roberts was White House for Daddy Bush (1982-86)) and approved the sale of about half of FNBA stock to Allied Irish Bank, effectively giving Allied Irish control of one of America’s banks headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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January 26, 2020. New findings below:

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Jane Sullivan Roberts consults for many of the leading Pilgrims Society companies on the planet, in satellite technology, law and big pharma

Roberts was confirmed on September 29, 2005.

Editors. (2014). Jane Sullivan Roberts – Chief Justice John Roberts wife. Wag Politics.

We’ve cracked the control of their recruiting system!

Jane’s conflicts of interest disqualify Roberts from most cases he’s ever been involved in.

jane john roberts

This finding literally takes our breath away.

Jane Sullivan Roberts oversees the recruiting of Pilgrims Society soldiers globally.

She was consulting to EVERY participant in the Leader v. Facebook whitewash… and Obamacare… look at this list that didn’t scrub!

Clare Brilliant. (Jun. 09, 2011). Major, Lindsey & Africa Announces Seven New Partners [incl. Jane Sullivan Roberts, Press release], Wayback Machine accessed Jan. 26, 2020. Major, Lindsey & Africa.[incl-Jane-Sullivan-Roberts-Press-release]-by-Clare-Brilliant-Major-Lindsey-and-Africa-Wayback-Machine-accessed-Jan-26-2020-Jun-09-2011.pdf

Roberts needs to come clean on his wife’s collusion with the Pilgrims Society, big time.

jane sullivan 2

Sullivan consults to the British-American law firm Hogan Lovells (formerly Hogan & Hartson LLP), John Roberts’ long-time law firm… in satellite technology, big pharma and law among many notable Pilgrims Society organizations.

hogan lovells (accessed Jan. 26, 2020)