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Article One ‘Abuse of Power’:  Guilty 48 / Not Guilty 52
Article Two ‘Obstruction of Congress’:  Guilty 47 / Not Guilty 53

LIVE: President Trump Makes FIRST Statement After Being Found NOT GUILTY



Now Lets Get Down To Business


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Yes, everyone noticed that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was NOT at the SOTU.

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Romney to Vote to Convict President Trump

Watch the decks shuffle in American politics as the two party system begins to take a new shape. Mitt Romney disavows Trump with a conviction vote in the Senate. Will he launch an independent run with RINO and RAT globalists who oppose MAGA-KAG Republicans at every turn? What will Ronna ‘who gives very nice speeches‘ do? Will she side with Donald Trump or Uncle Mitt?

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel Takes No Position on Mounting Calls to Expel Her Uncle Mitt from GOP

Has Ronna told her boss about Uncle Mitt’s election rigging machines yet? We know there is another shoe to drop with Unfit Mitt. We would love to hear what you think!

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Below is a great stash of Romney memes. Start firing them through your networks so patriots have the lead in the narrative in case Romney does something foolish – like run for president in a last-minute attempt to spoil the election. Don’t forget that Mitt Romney and George Soros, along with their pal Mark Malloch-Brown, rig elections in their favor. Did Mitt defeat Jenny Wilson by rigging Utah election with Smartmatic machines?


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Trump is the storm

Riding out the storm. It’s going to start pouring now. Hang on. It will come faster than we can report on it. But you know the way forward. Follow the Trump tweets when in doubt and keep your loved ones away from MSM propaganda.


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“Put a Cape on His Back, an ‘S’ on His Chest, and Call Him Superman” Americans React to Trump SOTU


Kevin CLinesmithIn his online Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column, James Freeman asks “Who is Kevin Clinesmith? Trump Retweets below – so pay attention to Kevin Clinesmith.

James Freeman’s question 

via @powerlineUS

— Howie Carr (@HowieCarrShow) January 31, 2020


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Pence on Pelosi: ‘I Wasn’t Sure if She Was Ripping Up the Speech or Ripping Up the Constitution’


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WOW! After the State Of The Union DEMOCRAT callers into C-SPAN completely destroyed Pelosi, saying they will NEVER vote for the Democrat Party again!  LISTEN HERE


Carpe Donktum on Trump Twitter today. Who said that winning the Great Information War can’t be fun!


Republicans planning to expunge Trump impeachment if they win back the House


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“History won’t be kind for Nancy Pelosi: she will be remembered as the Speaker who initiated a malicious impeachment, who’s son Paul Pelosi was on the board of directors of Ukrainian Viscoil, and above all as the last Speaker of the House of the Democratic Party.” Source


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Have fun with this video meme from the Troll-in-Chief.


organizing principal
Civics 101 – Deepen your knowledge. Find your citizen power.


F L A S H B A C K  2012

Epstein’s recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell‘s father Robert Maxwell gave Mitt Romney his first $2m investment and got him started in business


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Right now we only have the screen image of a tweet (below) that seems to show a relationship between Shadow, Inc and Soros. Let’s start grabbing the EVIDENCE. Join the mining team! What can you find about this?

Do you have a legal or accounting background? Can you look through corporate filings and financial disclosures? Please don’t wait for the 17 intelligence agencies to do their jobs and actually provide the president with reliable and pertinent information. They are in the bag for British Five Eyes. 🙂 Ask Scumbag Gina Haspel…she knows.

shadow inc

long nooseSpeaking of INEPT intelligence agencies, how about this puppet running the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude – Christopher Traitor Wray? Folks, do not let these bureaucrat enemy operatives get off with a slap on the wrist.

This was a carefully PLANNED overthrow attempt by the Senior Executive Services with support from the Pilgrims and Privy Council to overthrow the United States Presidency.

Please follow our Civics Education course where we are teaching citizens how to organize lawful grand juries run by citizens to get these bad boys in jail. This is our patriot back-up plan if Bill Barr and John Durham don’t give us major and significant indictments and arrests…and soon.

FBI’s Wray Acknowledges Illegal Surveillance of Former Trump Campaign Aide Page

If traitor John Brennan is not arrested and locked up by the Department of Justice, citizens will need to take matters into their own hands. We are serious. We have a plan.

First, we need to get more folks educated on the Constitution and the power citizens have in removing these enemies from our country. This is why we are providing a FREE, on-line, “Betsy and Thomas-approved’ civics education course. WE THE PEOPLE have lots of power that you weren’t taught in those indoctrination public school civic classes with your Pilgrims Society textbooks.

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we the peopleAIM chalk memes are created by AIM Patriot Mark who stays after class (wink) cleaning chalk boards for Miss Betsy, but always leaves his own impressions of the day on one of the boards. Mark is an artist who lives in NYC and we love sharing his creative memes with everyone. What talent or skill do you have that you are using to Restore the Republic? America was established by WE THE PEOPLE. It is only WE THE PEOPLE that can Restore the Republic.

Make sure to follow our Civics Education program to learn the powers that the Constitution gives WE THE PEOPLE that we have not been exercising. Let’s educate and enlighten enough patriots so that we can start using these constitutional powers to help the leader we elected – Donald J. Trump – to clean up the corruption in this country.

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Picture from the Democrat side of the isle at the State of the Union speech. Which one is Rashid? Can you spot Omar the illegal alien that Homeland Security SES operatives ignore, while other less prominent illegals are rounded up and sent home?

The law applies to everyone – Omar the illegal should not be getting a pass. Speak up. Meme up.

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Impeachment Music Video Parody w/ “Paper Cuts” Pelosi. Trump celebrates with The Git Up & many more!


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cattle vaccineThe Pirbright Institute (UK) says it was formed in 1987 originally named  Institute for Animal Health. This is a now evident deception.

Pirbright Institute’s founding dates to before 1961 and is closely affiliated with Wellcome Foundation/Trust, whose vaccine research reaches back to the late 1800’s. See The Evolution of Journalism, 1909. Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (gift to 650 newspapermen at the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, bankrolled by Harry Wellcome, whose Empire Press Union, 1909 newspapermen created British MI6, MI5 and CG&CS renamed GCHQ in 1946 with the founding of “Five Eyes” (UK, US, CA, NZ, and AU Commonwealth secret intelligence sharing)—wait, the U.S. is sovereign, right? Wrong.


Its own information is remarkably deceptive. In Wikipedia they give two dates: 1987 and 1994 as part of the BBSRC, then there is 1983 as part of SERC (aka Alvey Programme) (founded by Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie) whose bio science activities became BBSRC and its digital technologies activities were commercialized as SERCO, controlled by the Monarch’s Golden Shares.

See Spy-gate is directed by the Crown’s courtiers in the UK, not by Russia.

This newly-discovered news article from the Birmingham Daily Post on May, 03, 1961 puts Pirbright’s vaccine actitivie before 1961 and pushes the integral relationship of (Burroughs) Wellcome Foundation/Trust (also GlaxoSmithKline) before 1961.

Editor. (May 03, 1961). Vaccine Against Cattle Disease [Wellcome Foundation Ltd. and the Foot and Mouth Research Institute, Pirbright]. Birmingham Daily Post.[Wellcome-Foundation-Ltd-and-the-Foot-and-Mouth-Research-Institute-Pirbright]-Birmingham-Daily-Post-May-03-1961.pdf

birmingham daily post

Editor. (May 03, 1961). Vaccine Against Cattle Disease [Wellcome Foundation Ltd. and the Foot and Mouth Research Institute, Pirbright]. Birmingham Daily Post.


Vaccine Against Cattle Disease

  1. EDWARD DU CANN (C—Taunton) asked the Parliamentary Secretary for Science what reply he had made to the request of the Pirbright Research Institute for a grant of £lOO.OOO for the development of a vaccine to combat foot and mouth disease.
  1. FREETH said in a written reply: “The governing body of the Foot and Mouth Research Institute, Pirbright, has been authorised to negotiate an agreement with a pharmaceutical firm, the Wellcome Foundation Ltd., for the production on a commercial scale at Pirbrights of foot and mouth vaccines for sale abroad.

“The cost of the buildings required is estimated to amount to about £1,000,000 and will be eligible for a grant aid from public funds.”


New Information proves that The Pirbright Institute (owner of CORONAVIRUS) and Wellcome Foundation/Trust have been one and the same since at least the 1960s

Editor. (Sep. 05, 1975). Top post for top vet [Paul Capstick, Wellcome Foundation, Animal Virus Research Institute at Pirbright.[Paul-Capstick-Wellcome-Foundation-Animal-Virus-Research-Institute-at-Pirbright-Sep-05-1975.pdf

wellcome 1poppy man

Editor. (Sep. 05, 1975). Top post for top vet [Paul Capstick, Wellcome Foundation, Animal Virus Research Institute at Pirbright.[Paul-Capstick-Wellcome-Foundation-Animal-Virus-Research-Institute-at-Pirbright-Sep-05-1975.pdf


Editor. (Sep. 05, 1975). Top post for top vet [Paul Capstick, Wellcome Foundation, Animal Virus Research Institute at Pirbright.

Top post for top vet

IT’S WELCOME to Wellcome for top vet Paul Capstick of Ashley Green. Mr Capstick, 46, has been appointed director of veterinary research at the Wellcome Foundation.

He succeeds Mr Harold Harbour, wbo is retiring on New Year’s Eve.

Mr Capstick graduated from Glasgow University in 1954 and worked for three years as a vet in Stirlingshire and the Lake District.

He was awarded a colonial research scholarship and spent three years in Kenya, where be developed the first vaccine to be used in the field against tbe uncomfortable-sounding Lumpy Skin Disease.

Back from Africa be became bead of the tissue culture department at the Animal Virus Research Institute at Pirbright in 1962.

It was there that Mr Capstick adopted baby hamster kidney cells to suspension cultures for the production of vaccines, a method subsequently adopted by the Wellcom Foundation and used in the UK, Germany, Spain, Kenya Uruguay, Paraguay. Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere.

In 1967 he was made deputy bead of the Wellcome laboratories. He went back to Kenya in 1970 to lead research into foot sad mouth disease and parasitology.

Two years ago Mr Capstick became head of veterinary pharmaceuticals at the Wellcome research laboratories in Berkhamsted Hill, and last October be was made deputy director of research.

He Is married and has two teenage daughters. When Mr Capstick gets away from fighting animal diseases be relaxes by sailing, reading and doing carpentry.

[NOTE: Baron Richard B. Allan, Facebook European Vice-president of Communications, has a paramour and mother of their twin daughters ELENI CLARA ALLAN and ALICIA SOPHIA ALLAN (b. Sep. 2006), Dr. Ana Elena Padillar Jargstorf (Allan) who is a Wellcome Foundation advisor to the UK Parliament. Baron Richard’s father, John F.D. Allan (b. Mar. 01, 1924, m. Mar. 03, 1957, d. Q1 2005) was a British spy (personnel manager and chauffer; his grandfather was Frederick Leonard (“F.L.”) Allan (b. Sep. 02, 1983, m. Apr. 05, 1923, d. Mar. 09, 1964) was chief of staff at the War Office (1941-1945) and oversaw British spies via the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and also British propaganda via the Tavistock Institute; instrumental in post war funding of propaganda and intelligence via the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Carnegies and the British Royal Family]


This 1977 article confirms that Wellcome Foundation runs Pirbright Institute

Editor. (Nov. 11, 1977). Wellcome news for Morocco. Birmingham Daily Post.

wellcome 2


Editor. (Nov. 11, 1977). Wellcome news for Morocco. Birmingham Daily Post.

Wellcome news for Morocco Vaccination of animals in this country against foot and mouth when epidemics break out is not yet authorised.

Nevertheless, Britain plays a part in checking plagues by this method elsewhere.

Currently one is raging in Morocco, with an obvious risk that it could spread to Europe.

But one million doses of vaccine are being sent to that country from the laboratories of the Wellcome Foundation, in Pirbright, Surrey, which is the only unit in the world permitted to , produce vaccines against any strain of this disease.

The operation is being financed by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, which is also helping local authorities in Morocco, to control the outbreak.

Soon after it began, earlier in the year, Wellcome was able to grow the virus and then prepare and test the vaccine. The epidemic comes from an exotic strain of foot and mouth, against which cattle in Europe possess no immunity.

Britain has not had an outbreak of foot and mouth since the great epidemic of ten years ago.


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