People of the world are sick of ROYAL Privy sh*t that propagandizes and ‘farms’ humanity, generation after generation!


Too Big To Jail?


“One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services””. (Link)

sambei mueller arvinder

Hang on, British patriots. We know how the rat lines run to your Queen. We collected the evidence and put it into hands around the world for safekeeping. Patriots are coming after the Queen, her pedophile children Charles the Cuck and Randy Andy.

We know the creeps in the Privy Council, specifically Richard Dearlove, Geoffrey Pattie, Andrew Wood, Arvinder Sambei, Alison Saunders, Robert Hannigan, and their globalist chums. They ATTEMPTED and FAILED, but we fully documented with hard evidence by citizens around the world, to overthrow the United States of America by ousting President Donald J. Trump.

We know what you have been doing with Five Eyes, spying on all the world. Now we are going to bust up your international spy ops by throwing this little Huawei demand in the works. And, of course, this decision will apply to any country in the world that wants to do business with U.S..

.@RepJimBanks on the UK’s decision to use Huawei tech in their 5G system: “This would be like Margaret Thatcher deciding at the height of the Cold War to invite the KGB to come in and to install the phone system for MI6…”

— The Next Revolution (@NextRevFNC) February 3, 2020

foreign coup british queen

We the People of America are ROYALLY pissed and are coming after the Crown. You might call it Operation: Corona Removal. Patriots around the world are fed up with centuries of poisoning Africans and Indians (dot, not feather), ripping off resources around the world, enslaving Julian Assange and their citizens, human trafficking, pedophilia, SERCO-SES-Crown Agents, Cecil Rhodes and all their stinky Rhodes Scholars (Pete Buttf*cker included), Pirbright, Burroughs Wellcome, and their wee little death boxes, Tavistock propaganda, coronavirus false flags.

People of the world are sick of ROYAL privysh*t that propagandizes and ‘farms’ humanity, generation after generation!

corona removal

In the meantime, the British controllers are becoming apoplectic about losing Five Eyes control over the world. This article below from the Daily Mail is not favorable to President Trump, but it shows their desperation in getting caught.

And, as always, we remind you that our attacks on the Brits are directed at their swamp creatures who are the progenitors of the Washington swamp. We stand with British patriots in overthrowing their cruel Queen who still has Julian Assange locked up as a political prisoner in her royal dungeon called Belmarsh.

‘Apoplectic’ Donald Trump BLASTED Boris Johnson in phone call after PM approved deal with Chinese firm Huawei to help build Britain’s 5G network

Oh yeah….just a little reminder that Gina Haspel was chief of the London CIA office when the overthrow attempt first started. We know that John Brennan had his co-conspirator in the coup, Robert Hannigan from Brit MI6, come over and wiretap Trump Towers in their attempt to frame Donald Trump and remove him from office. We have the evidence. It isn’t going anywhere. Eventually, we will see these two dangling and hanging in ways that happen to traitors.

brennan haspel terrorists

gina haspel treason spy

Attention Bill Barr and John Durham…..We know what they did. We have posted the evidence. Many of us have sent your office a copy of our TREASON Citizen Intelligence Report. We expect you to do your jobs even better than we all imagine.


Be American Heroes!

treason obama brennan clinton clapper


US States & the China Competition: Secretary of State National Governors Association Winter Meeting


Two for one memes today on Joe Scumbag Manchin, traitor to the Constitution and America.

joe manchin turncoat 1

scumbag manchin


romney scumbag


It’s Time To Ask Again What Really Happened To Ukraine’s Missing Gold

What happened to Ukraine’s gold, because if the now former central banker’s story is accurate, that’s roughly the amount of gold that quietly left the country just days after the US-backed presidential coup. And, it is also roughly how much taxpayer-funded Ukraine aid, procured by Joe Biden while his son was working at Burisma, is now missing.”


AIM Patriot Michael who has dual US-UK citizenship writes:

The people of Europe are waking up, maybe as quick as the US in some parts of the continent. Ex Communist country’s more so due to history.
Also the French, the Italians but the Germans are behind the curve.
But how to replace the systems and institutions that exist today with alternative systems that will work for us all tomorrow and beyond?



The Democrats: A Corrupt, Insane Posse Masquerading as a Political Party

WOWZER. This cartoon says it all! Make sure you give it some push love through your network so that folks can SEE what is happening and not be distracted with all that mumbo-jumbo word salad spewing from the AVID-ISIS controlled MSM bloviating idiots.

two party system


May we have a side of propaganda with that word salad?

word saladWhat is word salad, you may wonder?

Answer: A convenient way for propagandists and politicians to lie and keep you from understanding TRUTH.

Word salad is a propaganda technique used  to make the speaker or writer look smart, while keeping the listener or reader confused. Truth is obscured in a perfectly tossed word salad.

Backed by evidence and documentation, truth can stand alone in a simple sentence. It can be written at a 7th grade reading level because it is so clear.

For example, “Arvinder Sambei and Robert Mueller have worked together since 911 to overthrow the United States of America.” Or “The coronavirus scare is a British false flag.”

“Russia Collusion was a British-run false flag.” “Ronna Romney McDaniel knows Uncle Mitt and her family rig elections – but she isn’t talking.”

The feeling of many about @MittRomney!



elmi omar

Why hasn’t this illegal alien been deported yet? Is there an SES paper pusher at Homeland Security that is keeping her deportation papers from being approved? America is a nation of laws. We are not a nation governed by anti-American Senior Executive Service enemies (disguised as employees for the Executive Office).

Below is another matter that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Again, are we seeing some low level SES employee protecting Hildabeast? Or this time, is it a federal judge under the supervision of that dimwit we have as a Supreme Court Justice – Scumbag Roberts?

Lawrence W. Doyle and John F. Moynihan (Petitioners) v Internal Revenue Service (Respondents)


Don’t forget that Reuter’s is a propaganda outlet. Below is fake news they want you to believe. Distrust anything that comes from Reuter’s or Associated Press. Always check their material against reliable sources in order to determine if they are printing truth or propaganda.

This propaganda tweet below is to get you scared of coronavirus…which is just a flu, but they want you to be very scared and let Bill Gates inject you with his poison-filled vaccination or immunization needle.

reuters propaganda
Read propaganda tweet




Pete is a butt f*cker. Literally. You know –  like the kind we saw in the White House between Big Mike and his wimpy boy Barry? It matters to Americans how the First Family represents America….and for most of us out here, SODOMY and pedophila (Joe Biden) are not acceptable wholesome, Judeo-Christian American values. And we certainly know how radical Islamic terrorists treat sodomists like Pete, Barry, and Mike!

Pete Buttf*cker is also a Rhodes Scholar. Double whammy. pete butt


Pete butt first family 1


sharia law

Will you butcher your nation’s children for the cultural Marxist agenda that destroys the family unit and the reproductive capacities of our young people? Call out this bullsh*t for what it is. Child abuse. Nation destroyer.

BBC Tells Schoolchildren There Are ‘over 100’ Genders

cultural marxism“All of which is likely to leave us with a generation of lost, confused and angry young adults asking a question we will find it very difficult to answer: ‘How did you let this happen?’”

Swedish Hospital Defends Removing Breasts of 14-Year-Old Diagnosed with ‘Gender Dysphoria’


Brother Antony posts:

In the UK our current structure of governance is neither left nor right although it contains elements of both. Essentially, it is a devious illegitimate construct designed to control peoples’ thoughts and actions through fear of draconian punishments.

The greatest threat to this monolithic entity is people thinking and speaking freely, hence the wave of legislation bringing in the iniquitous ‘Hate Crime’ laws designed to silence us. If those legal abominations continue to reign supreme very soon there will be no freedom left for any of us and all we be able to do then is to rattle our chains at the malignant screeching and howling coming from the surrounding darkness.

sticks and stones 2

Consequently, the correct definition of ‘Hate Crime’ should be ‘Situational Awareness Banning’, a condition such that obvious truths should but cannot be stated and thus it is almost impossible to determine which of the many threats we face is the most dangerous pathogen of our time — Islam, the Political Classes and their Enforcers, the demented, cis- and transgendered, multiple personal pronouned LGBTXYZ alphabet soup and their equally mindless ‘Woke’ acolytes or the hysterical Ecoloons.

Perhaps all four at once could be an answer, each with a vector of its own but each vector ending at the same point in time and space, a place where these intellectually and morally deficient creatures will have destroyed nations, cultures and traditions throughout the West leaving only a sterile physical and metaphysical wilderness behind them.

The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are indeed upon us. Possibly more than four as those iterated above are all internal antagonists and though many of them have global connections and/or origins other purely external threats have not been included.


Pakistan Swiftly Passes Resolution Calling For Public Hanging Of Pedophiles


nancy mistake

Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Hoax has lifted Republican Congressional Polls (she lost the House once before!), and my Polls, WAY UP, which was expected, but it has had a great effect on Republican Senate races, including North Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado and Arizona. Thanks!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2020

The only way to stop the crazed Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats “is for the Republican Senate to run an offense here”. @LeeSmithDC  @IngrahamAngle  @FoxNews So true, although the Dems Hoaxes & Witch Hunts have driven up Republican Polls, and mine, mightily!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2020

…the worst weeks ever.” She could have had a much better week if Crazy Nancy, who is the most overrated person in politics (going to lose the House a second time), didn’t bring the phony & corrupt Impeachment Hoax. Dems can’t do anything right, just look at the Iowa vote count!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 8, 2020


scotty mckibben mothershipWe have heard from some folks that say the Cat Reports come too frequently and contain too much information.

Our reply: Change the channel.

Our mission at the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation is far more important than a casual observer or reader will ever understand. The Mothership must deliver relevant information to the AIM Rebel Alliance and Starships as soon as the payload is ready for delivery.


renzi pope
Read the thread and share it with an Italian patriot.


hillary roach uranium

The #Clintons are like nuclear cockroaches. They can survive anything. Remember you read it here: #HillaryClinton has a solid chance at being the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee in a brokered convention. She’s the Terminator of American politics.

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 8, 2020


Here’s a redpill 3D meme. Have you posted your truth somewhere other than Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? These are certainly powerful communication networks, but not the only ones! Get off the couch and do something in the physical world to show your support of the restoration of the Republic.

Of course, it is a good idea to photograph or record your meme, then send it through cyber space where it can be pushed around everywhere on the planet, except for China and the United Kingdom where their citizens are on communication lock-down by their overlord rulers and masters.

impeachment 2020 meme



Republican senators tried to prevent Trump from ousting Gordon Sondland


John Barnwell sends in this helpful tip. Pay attention, patriots.


Behind Blue Lies




mercury brain

Emeramide can help neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntingon’s but the FDA won’t permit as generally recognized as safe. 

Author Randall E. White explains why it is not GRAS and then shows us how to write a letter to our elected representatives. Very important information inside for those with family members suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Emeramide Can Help Neurodegenerative Diseases


AIM Patriot Ulrich sends us this video below with a note.

In a nutshell in this interview Axel Burkart explains how he came to be who he is today.
  • TM did not give him any real answer – meditation is fine but does not give answers
  • Spiritual science and physical science have to merge in future
  • Science has to start with REAL observations of REAL facts
  • Spiritual science in the true sense of “Geisteswissenschaft” has to ask about WHY do these things happen in our 3D realm
  • Spiritual science has to find a clear language besides all the “woo-woo” esoterics
  • Steiner is not understood even in many many Anthroposophic circles who do not use the tools described by Steiner
One quote that touched me deeply:
51:02 That is, this spiritual seeing shall become a normal faculty of men. That is why there are now already millions of people on earth who constantly have such experiences have. There are people who have reincarnation experiences. They have encounters with the deceased.

Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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