‘Shrink’ government: Trump’s budget reduces spending by $4.4 trillion, makes 2017 tax cuts permanent

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‘Shrink’ government: Trump’s budget reduces spending by $4.4 trillion, makes 2017 tax cuts permanent


Best to savor the next two pieces one after the other. First we have Sissy Lindsey Graham, squirming in the hot seat on deFace the Nation. We watched him since the boss tweeted this lovely one:

DeFace the Nation will tell @LindseyGrahamSC that he must start up Judiciary and not stop until the job is done. Clean up D.C. now, last chance! https://t.co/lKy9u6t7eN

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2020

Then Sissie said, “The documents that Rudy is bringing back from the Ukraine are Russian disinformation and should be turned over to the U. S. intelligence community for verification….then he added the Russians hacked the DNC server.”

Conclave responds to Sissy’s attempt to walk back his corrupt involvement in the Ukraine – which isn’t going to happen on Rudy Giuliani’s watch:

Lindsey Graham: AG Barr Said Giuliani’s Ukraine Information Possibly Russian Propaganda


In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani continues to explore the pattern of crime in Ukraine that involves Joe Biden and the Obama administration. He interviews a key witness Andrii Teleshenko who exposes the DNC, Alexandra Chalupa, and foreign interference in the 2016 election.

Rudy Giuliani: Common Sense Episode 5


Communist China has a list of all Fifty US governors about their connections to China and Secretary Pompeo has seen it ..Busted!..How many has taken dirty money? pic.twitter.com/dbfhyJp9DC

— Ruthann (@TeaBoots) February 9, 2020


Did the British Reclaim Their Sovereignty Only to Surrender It to China?

Did y’all notice in that speech that we posted where Bill Barr is discussing 5G that NOT ONCE did he address the issue of the safety of 5G in relation to living beings on the planet. It was all about having industrial and commercial advantage over China.

Not once did Barr address the safety of 5G on LIFE.

What good will any of this do if 5G kills the egg and sperm of our young people or causes who knows what other damage to birds, bees, flowers, trees, dogs, humans? Until long-term testing is done on life and the etheric body AND proven to be safe,







It’s good that Huawei is not going to be installed in the U.S. because it is an outright spying and control vehicle for the COMMUNIST CHINESE. We need to say NO to the other manufacturers as well and someone needs to educate and enlighten Bill Barr about the OPTION he did not give us in his speech…which is not to install 5G anywhere in America until it has been proven safe for United States CITIZENS.

AG Bill Barr Recommends 5G Kill Grid for U.S. citizens.



Trump retweets

Romney is covering up his part in corruption in Ukraine. This has nothing to do with truth or God. He is a desperate man. The truth will come out.

— Dana Schoonover (@DanaSchoonover1) February 5, 2020


Pioneer Black Conservative Defends Rush Limbaugh


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Trump tweets:

Because of how badly they did with the Impeachment Hoax, AOC will primary Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and win, and Jerry Nadler has a good chance of losing to his far left primary opponent! It is all getting quite interesting. Pelosi will lose the House, AGAIN! My poll numbers great.


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Jessie K Liu Senate Confirmation Hearing This Week – Thursday 10:00am


In addition to her prosecution of Lt. General Michael Flynn, what do the following four points have in common?

  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding the Awan brothers; and how they escaped full accountability, likely due to need to protect politicians. (House of Representatives) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding SSCI Security Director James Wolfe; and how he was allowed to plea only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset how he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians. (SSCI, Senate) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding Obama lawyer Greg Craig; and how he escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians (Obama White House). Sweetheart double standards.
  • The manipulated DC legal case, a non-filing, surrounding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to INSD investigators about his media leaks. Again, likely due to the need to protect the administrative state. Criminal referral (April 19, 2018); grand jury (Approx. July 2018); Status?… Oh, wait for it….


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America is WINNING!




Who needs cable or television anymore when there’s an infinite repertoire of politicians making asses of themselves every day?

It’s like a TV reality show headlined by our favorite apprentice star – Donald J. Trump. We know the characters, understand their corrupt motives, and can see action and other characters in the swamp that the main characters can’t see coming at them.

Who in Hollywood could write script like this:

“I looked corn pop right in the eyes and said, don’t tell me about cockroaches. They’ve been playing with my hair legs longer than you been alive. When I say poor kids smell just as nice as white kids I mean it. You can take that to the bank. Period.”

“Look fat, you lying dog faced pony solider, if you can’t beat me in a pushup challenge you are fired. Well son of a bitch, they got fired.”

This picture below would be added to our TV script with a video clip of Biden and his corrupt Obama entourage greasing their dirty palms in the Ukraine.

pony soldier

Joe Biden and the Lyin Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers

Or was Joe referencing this lyin’ Senior Executive Services traitor?

lisa page

What we each share, despite our differences, is a lifetime of service to our country. We are civil servants who dared to rebuke this president. https://t.co/Lq8ifGQpDz

— Lisa Page (@NatSecLisa) February 9, 2020

Of course in our made-for-Netflix political drama, we would want these characters and scenes included. We know they may sound a bit contrived, but we think the audience will love the added touches.

– A gay guy who is running for president has the word “butt” in his name.

– Operation Ukraine/Impeachment CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella’s surname contains the letters C-I-A and in the correct order.

– The name of the tech firm who “botched” the Iowa Caucus results (and run by former Clinton and Obama staffers) is called “Shadow, Inc”

– While, at every turn, a former reality TV star will “Trump” them all

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Rudolf Steiner: Economic Life and Brotherhood


Patriots take a stand: No more drag queens in our schools!


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Crossfire Hurricane: Texts Suggest FBI Considered Using Agent’s Connection to Mike Pence Aide


AIM Patriot Granny Major writes:

My Sister and I up doing laundry listening to you and Thomas latest audio.  It takes a minute to get thru the names but thanks to y’all, we are so far past everyone we know.  We have a question for you.  In 2013 the Bank of Cyprus shut down for over two days to its citizens to prevent a run on the bank.  At the time, the media said it was because of Greece but we thought at the time that it was a dry run for something much larger, now I am wondering did this have anything to do with the corruption in Ukraine. You guys mentioned the Bank of Cyprus which triggered the question.  Thanks in advance for all of your help and look forward to what you have to say.

Thomas Pain-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists replies:

Good question. I thought at the time it was connected to Greece and was a first test of stealing money from citizen’s bank accounts as they did in Greece. But now, I believe it was to hide the huge amount of money (over 27 billion) being fleeced from Ukraine through the Kolomoiski owned PrivatBank of Ukraine where Burisma, Naftogaz and oligarchs laundered their money.

They used British off shore accounts to also move that money out of Ukraine to Cyprus. Manafort’s “crimes” involved banks in Cyprus and millions moved there through Ukraine. Also, Russian Oligarchs at that time where imprisoned by Putin until they gave up their accounts in Cyprus.

They then went to the City of London and US offshore accounts to avoid the US govt from raiding British offshore accounts, and the revelations concerning those offshore accounts (Panama Papers, Mossack Fonseca and the gang). Cyprus has corrupt banks beyond offshore tax havens. Anything is possible there.


four democrat horsemen


Technofog has a thread:

New Flynn filings/ Govt seeks a Court order for testimony from Flynn’s prior counsel about his ineffective assistance of counsel claims.




line up comey brennan strzok

Patriot David gave us this impressive list and we added some of our favorite memes.

All Great President with direct “Acknowledgements” of Criminal Acts (Corruption/Coup) made for over 3-years and the mountains of paper/digital and testimonies trails of evidence seen by both the President and the American People would 100% do their Constitutional Sworn Duty and Indict/Prosecute to save this Republic. 

PDJT is 100% responsible for Justice and has a sworn duty to implement his 3-years of consistent Acknowledgments (Guaranteed Justice) along with the American People of criminal acts substantiated by mountains of evidence. It would be a dereliction of duty for PDJT not to implement Justice. PDJT will implement Justice. 

Easy Prosecutions are set and PDJT is going on the Offense for Justice after 3-years of strategic planning.
PDJT has many paths to go nuclear with the criminal codes, powers given to the President by the Constitution.

It was very clear in Nov. 2016; PDJT must/will implement Justice to save this Republic.

THEY TOOK NOTHING; American Citizens are NO longer safe. PDJT I will say, it’s genius on the other side — maybe even more so because they took nothing and brought me to a final vote of impeachment. They took nothing. They took a phone call that was a totally appropriate call. I call it a “perfect call” because it was. And they brought me to the final stages of impeachment.

IMO THEY TOOK NOTHING makes it very clear: We the People are all in danger by left progressive Judges and Prosecutors who will “take nothing” and use fake Facts, fake Laws and we will be guilty until we can prove our innocents, destroying people financially and possibly go to prison. 

These Acknowledgments (3-Years) and the Impeachment Trial made it very clear that Justice has to happen or this Republic will be lost when PDJT leave office in 5 years.

witch hunt license.

1. We had the witch hunt

2. And it never really stopped.

3. We’ve been going through this now for over three years.

4. It was evil.

5. It was dirty cops.

trump democrat hillary comey brennan biden corruption

6. It was leakers and liars.

7. And this should never, ever happen to another President ever.

james comey hoover.

8. Had I not fired James Comey — who was a disaster, by the way — it’s possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now.

9. We caught him in the act.

10. Dirty cops.

11. Bad people.


12. If this happened to President Obama, a lot of people would have been in jail for a long time already. Many, many years.

trump russia collusion bunny13. We first went through Russia, Russia, Russia.

14. It was all bullshit.

15. We then went through the Mueller report.

16. And they should have come back one day later. They didn’t.
.James Comey slime ball

17. They came back two years later, after lives were ruined, after people went bankrupt, after

18. And tremendous corruption. Tremendous corruption.

19. So we had a campaign. Little did we know we were running against some very, very bad and evil people with fake dossiers, with all of these horrible, dirty cops that took these dossiers and did bad things. They knew all about it. The FISA courts should be ashamed of themselves.

20. It’s a very tough thing. And then we ended up winning on Russia, Russia, Russia. It should have taken the one day, as I said, and it took years.

bob mueller fuck you

21. Then Bob Mueller testified. That didn’t work out so well for the other side. But they should have said, that first week — because it came out. Is that right, Jim Jordan? They knew in the first two days actually. Devin, is that right? Two days. They knew that we were totally innocent.

22. But they kept it going, Mark. They kept it going forever because they wanted to inflict political pain on somebody that had just won an election

23. Here a thing called the “insurance policy” — to me, when I saw the insurance policy — and that was done long before the election. That was done when they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win.

Clinton dossier trump

24. And, by the way, Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for millions — millions of dollars — the fake dossier. And now Christopher Steele admits that it’s a fake because he got sued by rich people. I should have sued him too. But when you’re President, people don’t like suing.

25. They made up facts.

26. They made up facts. A corrupt politician named Adam Schiff made up my statement to the Ukrainian president.

page strzok trump romance novel

27. But I can tell you, in my opinion, these are the crookedest, most dishonest, dirtiest people I’ve ever seen. They said — this is Strzok: “God, Hillary should win 100 million to one.” This is about me. This is an agent from the FBI. Look how they let her off. Thirty-three thousand emails deleted. Nothing happens to her. Nothing happens. It’s unbelievable.

28. So when we got the phone, they were all deleted. Could you imagine the treasure trove? They illegally deleted. So they left. They left Bob Mueller. He had the look, but he didn’t have a lot of other things. Always had the look. Mr. G-Man.

fbi branco

29. And I love the FBI and the FBI loves me — 99 percent. It was the top scum. And the FBI people don’t like the top scum.

30. They left Bob Mueller. He had the look, but he didn’t have a lot of other things. Always had the look. Mr. G-Man.

COmey and Lockheed31. It was the top scum. And the FBI people don’t like the top scum.

32. So think of that: 100 million to one. And he’s investigating me. And then, “God, Trump is a loathsome human being, isn’t he?” These are the people looking at me. I’m really not a bad person. And Page said, “Yes, he’s awful.” How would you like to have that? This is just — this is the good stuff. There’s stuff a hundred times worse than that. These are all dirty people.

33. And now, I just heard that they’re suing the United States of America because they were interfered with. We’re not going to let it happen. Just not going to let it happen. We cannot let this happen to our country. We can’t.

34. This is Peter, to Lisa. He’s probably trying to impress her, for obvious reasons. (Laughter.) “There’s no way he gets elected. But I’m afraid we can’t take the risk.” Now, think of this. In other words, if I get elected, they can’t — “they”; two low-lifes — they can’t take the risk. They can’t take the risk. Think of it.

FBI in trouble

35. And that’s where it came up, the greatest word of all: “insurance policy.” So he says, “But I’m afraid we can’t take the risk. She may lose.” It’s like an insurance policy. In the unlikely event you die before you’re 40 — in other words, if I won, they were going to do exactly what they did to us. They were going to try and overthrow the government of the United States — a duly elected president.

36. But think of that — “God, Hillary should win” — when these guys are investigating Hillary. Then they go to work for Mueller — the two of them — and when Muller found out that everybody knew that they were 100 percent this way, he let them go. But they deleted all of their emails and text messages.

brennan wray traitors

37. But I’m sure they’ll try and cook up other things. They’ll go through the state of New York. They’ll go through other places. They’ll do whatever they can. Because instead of wanting to heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do — in my opinion, it’s almost like they want to destroy our country. We can’t let it happen.

38. I want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony, rotten deal by some very evil and sick people.


soros_small_georgesoroswantedOur reply:

Anyone in the FBI/DOJ who did nothing, went along with criminal acts and did not do their sworn duty (willful blindness), actually aided and abetted criminals (coup) and is now, by definition, either directly or indirectly part of the overthrow.

Start waking up your friends, family, and colleagues…whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear.

The British monarch, with members of the Privy Council and the Pilgrims Society, attempted to overthrow Donald J. Trump, using their Senior Executive Services and crown agent operatives in the United States to do their bureaucratic dirty work in the swamp to remove a duly elected president.

Time to get to the real origins of the coup

The Queen and her rotten entourage.

Yes, Ukraine is mixed into this plot…..but the beast we all need to remove from planet Earth is the EVIL EMPIRE – the British Imperial Empire which is running virus false flags and doing everything they can to suppress humanity and keep their power.

queen coronavirus




Baron Henry de Worms (Lord Pirbright), under Sec. of State for the Colonies, approved the British South Africa Company handed to Cecil Rhodes. He also approved (didn’t interfere) the DeBeers deal with his Rothschild relatives. He ran cover for Rhodes in the Parliament. He also managed the affairs at the Patent Office concurrent with Nicholai Tesla filing his patents for wireless, free energy, etc. He managed and funded the Crown Agents worldwide.

rhodes pirbright

De Worms approved the DeBeers deal between Rhodes and his Rothschild relatives.

deworms 1

Evidently, Baron Henry de Worms gave Rhodes free reign to develop his global political philosophies and give them legs. (The Round Table… later became The Pilgrims Society


crown agents 1

Baron Henry de Worms was the middle man between the British government and Rhodes


deworms 2


deworms 3

De Worms gave Rhodes a sweetheart inside deal.


deworms 4


deworms 5

Proof De Worms was managing Cecil Rhodes from the outset


deworms 6

De Worms played hands off on the DeBeers –Rhodes-Rothschild mine deal



de Beers mine

De Worms had charge of the UK Patent and Trademark Office – Right when Tesla was filing his many patents! Just like Geoffrey Pattie in 1995





deworms 7



Wellcome Trust = privatized (fascist) British Government


Manufacturing and Industrial Relations

HC Deb 13 July 1998 vol 316 cc19-78

wellcome trust

Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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