Meet professor helping to build the mass surveillance, bio-weaponry Mark of the Beast for the Pilgrims Society


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Nation under surveillance

Meet professor helping to build the mass surveillance, bio-weaponry Mark of the Beast for the Pilgrims Society

Donald gantz

Dr. Donald T. Gantz, Professor Emeritus, Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University

NIST is the Senior Executive Service (SES) insider tech body that manages the Carnegie Endowment/NSA/FBI’s universal backdoor (Dual_EC-DRBG algorithm) into all hardware, software and firmware, including Cisco, IBM, Symantec, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Broadcom, FireEye, Dell and Lenovo systems, to name just a few of the more than 1000 vendors registered at NIST since the 1993 secret Carnegie/IBM/Chandler/Podesta/Clinton conference.

innovative surveillance

Stephen Mayhew. (Jun. 08, 2016). Sciometrics joins NIST’s contactless fingerprint capture devices research program. Biometric Update. (This link contains an extended biblipgraphy of Gantz’s work)

Dr. Donald T. Gantz is the tech head hired by DARPA to steal all your biometric data (fingerprints, bio readings, photo, “levels of infection in a pandemic”, more) while you just hold your phone. Then look what he is doing with that information as a bioweapon.

donald gantz 2

Here’s a DoJ video:

Trace Evidence 2011 : Interpretation of Data : Donald Gantz

https:/ /

Trace Evidence 2011 : Interpretation of Data : Donald Gantz

DoJ list

donald gantz 3

Sciometric science leader

donald gantz 4

With all of Gantz’ and DoD’s supposed intellectual horsepower in 1988, they were forced to steal Leader Technologies’ social networking inventions anyway.

See The Weaponization of Social Media.

Donald T. Gantz et al. (Aug. 01, 2003). Innovative Surveillance Methods for Rapid Detection of Disease Outbreaks and Bioterrorism: Results of an Interagency Workshop on Health Indicator Surveillance, PMID: 12893601. American Journal of Public Health.

stephanie siegmann

DARPA funded both indicted Chinese-Harvard bio-nano Professor Charles M. Lieber & The Pirbright Institute (UK)—the patent holder of the CORONAVIRUS

Is DARPA fusing virus pathogens and nano technology to build bioweapons that can be triggered by 5G signals to the nano virus? Too many signals say they most surely are, the propensity to weaponize virus triggered by 5G is just too strong.


Is this prosecution a feeble FBI-DOJ-DoD attempt to distract the public from exposure of the British Crown’s creation of the CORONAVIRUS at The Pirbright Institute? The Assistant U.S. Attorney B. Stephanie Siegmann was most definitely schooled by Robert Mueller and James Comey in running false flag operations, including 9/11, Embassy Bombings, Boston Bombing

charles lieber

Harvard’s Dr. Anusha Panjwani works at The Pirbright Institute

Assistant U.S. Attorney who filed the prosecution of Dr. Charles M. Lieber was B. Stephanie Siegmann

Siegmann’s involvement with Mueller, Deval Patrick and DNC makes her motives suspect

B. Stephanie Siegmann. (Accessed Mar. 12, 2020). Biography. LinkedIn.

Robert MuellerSiegmann worked for Robert S. Mueller’s and Deval Patrick’s former law firm Hill & Barlow LLP. Mueller also assigned her to lead the indictment of the Boston Bombers. Given his use Crown Prosecution Service Sr.

Prosecutor Arvinder K. Sambei (whitewashed 9/11 and Embassy bombing false flags), and Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders (the Dinner with the Ohrs) (Trump-Russia hoax). Siegmann’s leadership in this case is suspect. Will it be another cover-up, or is Prof. Lieber a sacrificial lamb to keep the attention off the UK Pirbright Institute that holders a patent on the CORONAVIRUS?

Deval Patrick

Is a coverup for Harvard and bio-nano Chinese Professor Charles M. Liber in the offing? Why would Lieber have been so sloppy about his Chinese conspiracy if he wasn’t in league with DARPA, NIH, Mitre, the British Privy Council?


charles lieber 2

Charles M. Lieber

Sep. 18, 2015


What will personal computers look like in 20 years’ time?

charles liber 3

Click to access SciAm_Dec03.pdf


biological interface

charles lieber 1charles lieber 3charles lieber 5

Jie Zhang. (Apr. 25, 2013). [Harvard] Prof. Charles M. Lieber, The Outstanding Scientists on Nanotechnology, Visited SINANO. Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO).[Harvard]-Prof-Charles-M-Lieber-The-Outstanding-Scientists-on-Nanotechnology-Visited-SINANO-by-Jie-Zhang-Suzhou-Institute-of-Nano-Tech-and-Nano-Bionics-(SINANO)-Apr-25-2013.pdf

charles lieber 6

brain science

Charles lieber 7

Former Group Members

lin xuDARPA

internet living things

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…and now for today’s Cat Report


trump ezekiel


federal government tt


President Trump Suspends Entry From EU Schengen Area – Outline of Travel Restrictions

no eu.

President Trump previously took executive action under sections 212(f) and 215(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and 1185(a), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, to restrict entry from China, Hong Kong, Iran and South Korea. Today President Trump is extending entry restrictions to the EU “Schengen Area”.

The EU nations impacted include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Queen coronavirus

Ye ole Q (for Queen) is behind this coronavirus global false flag operation. How come the media won’t report it? Duh! The media is in on it! The media is the enemy of all people on the planet, not just Americans.

Why aren’t people talking about the Queen’s golden share that controls QinetiQ which runs a bioweapon-5G-satellite program out of Pirbright that has a mission of genocide. Why wouldn’t we would know about it (snicker, snicker) because the U. S. is part of Five Eyes where member countries share intelligence?

If Donald Trump doesn’t know this that would mean that our FIVE EYES partners, including U.S. military intelligence, are protecting the Brits and trying to overthrow Donald Trump?

Have our intelligence agencies reported to the President about the Pirbright location and Qinetic operations?

Are the 17 intelligence agencies complicit with the Queen’s attempt to overthrow the President and wreak havoc on the world with their plan of worldwide genocide?

Or do 17 intelligence agencies have ….. no intelligence?


Q (code name for the Queen) is Running a Global False Flag Operation. Look inside – great anti-propaganda package with awesome memes included.

Q is running a global false flag thumbnail

Raw video file:


Do you have cash on hand for the BIG ONE? We think those blue striped $100 dollar bills are the ones to keep on hand. Many of you have already read our citizen intelligence report on how easy it will be to make the switch from FIAT fake currency to REAL U. S. Treasury notes. And if it all crashes, fiat money makes great toilet paper.

Is New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?



Is this what’s really going on with the run on toilet paper? Are ordinary people thinking  that the big banks and Federal Reserve are in a heap of financial trouble? Are they simply exchanging paper – from one that they think will soon be worthless (their country’s fiat currency) to something more practical – toilet paper?

CME To Close Chicago Trading Floor On Friday The 13th


Shout out to News Paradigm for posting Q is for the Queen’s Qinetic on Brighteon. We invite any of you to use our audios and videos and add them to your own video collection.

Coronavirus, QinetiQ and the Rothschild Bombshell


america is closed

People get it. We are living through another false flag operation and the low information, low IQ people are panicking, hoarding toilet paper, and running for safe spaces. Here is one Tweeter’s sentiments which sums up many.


The narrative:

Celebrities will fall “sick” “Corona” infection/

New narrative: Everyone is sick, sky is falling event, market crash, world ending & it’s all DJT fault. We need Biden ultimate False Flag is here. Be warned Corona vírus, market crashing, Sky is falling event. All is lost. Everyone will die. We must remove him. Elect Biden.

DS + China + DNC + MSM = False Flag


biden trojan horse


Transcript and Video of President Trump Address to The Nation on Coronavirus


Donald Trump Promises Victory Over Coronavirus: ‘America Will Get It Done’


Prescient Trump


“Now, with the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, people are starting to awaken to the real dangers of our medicines, pharmaceuticals and critical health care products being made overseas. Right now we see the clear reasons why President Trump was so adamant about a conversation no-one wanted, Wall Street hated, and few were paying attention to.

Heck, it is only now that most Americans realize just how many critical products are at risk…. and instead of thanking President Trump for the foresight, the incredible prescience he exhibited, the professional political class are criticizing him for over minor details in addressing an issue they allowed to happen. In many cases those who are now criticizing are the same people who participated in assisting the dependency, for decades.”


tt media coronavirus


Chillax. The boss has this….but you need to do you part. Help other people stay calm and use good hygiene, just as you would for any flu season.

Patriots, it takes a minute to let him know we’re with him!

Trump chess



President Trump is the leader of the American Revolution 2.0
Fighting the principalities of evil and hatred where no love can exist.
God is in charge and leading him in the battle for freedom.


GOP chairman cancels Hunter Biden-related subpoena vote


$3.5 Billion Missing, Obama Administration Covered Up


Bernie Sanders Soldiers On: Not Going Down Without a Fight with Democrat Establishment


garrison sanders biden



coronavirus msm



Will the Coronavirus Revolutionize Education?


Even vanilla reporters, like Sharyl Attkisson, who still work for propaganda media outlets, see the propaganda.

sharyl attkisson


Coronavirus – It’s Deadlier Than You Thought




The Vortex — Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste


How You’ve Been Misled About Statins


Anther indicator of a false flag operation is when military and police gather for “exercises” which is actually a cover for them organizing troops. They then add a mix of crisis actors, lots of conflicting disinformation, propaganda spewing on all networks and papers. Just whipping up everybody in a frenzy.

30,000 US Soldiers Arrive In Europe for Exercises




biden bernie


Parents Face Jail If They Refuse Transgender Transition of Children




time npc


corona virus boat


slayer band




doctor coronavirus


pepe toilet paper



Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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