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There has been no other Easter on earth like the one we are all, globally, experiencing. Listen to Tyla and Douglas Gabriel explain why this is the great awakening and initiation of humanity.

initiation of humanity


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Thanks to our patriot friends for this beautiful version. Love the kitties on the wall and the Scythian blue eyes! This is an example of a “glass bead” in the GBG. The creator, Michael from Infotoons, has polished off some raw material from the mines and created another way to present the information. The folks that read this blog are incredibly talented, intelligence savvy, and have significant influence in the world. Please share your special talents and voice with fellow truth seekers by contributing glass beads to the game.

Sunday sermon with Tyla and Douglas: HAVE NO FEAR


Eternal Curriculum


Gabriel Bookshelf. Download all of our books for free. It is our gift to you and humanity.  Begin opening the Seals and learn about spiritual truths and revelations that have been suppressed by evil anti-Christian globalists that want to keep you from the experience of the Living Christ.


GOD OF MIRACLES | Nothing is Impossible


ASCEND with title


For decades war has been waged by anti-Christian globalists on your bloodstream and physical body. In the ASCEND protocols, we show you step by step how to begin cleansing and balancing the chakras so that you, too, can become a vehicle for higher thinking – Imagination, higher feeling – Inspiration, and higher willing – Intuition.

We organized this valuable information in “lesson plans” so that you can work through each one at your own pace. Along the way, we give you tips on how to check your progress.


I Want to Stroll over Heaven with You


glass bead game

Continue to nourish your soul and spirit. The Gabriels have filled the Glass Bead Game with videos and posts that will keep you spiritually nourished during the transitioning times that are ahead of us.

Our main platform is at http://www.ourspirit.com. The site is so loaded with material, that you will want to use a PC, not a phone, to download it all.  From there, we make connections to other material at:





Etherization of the Blood by Douglas Gabriel

The heart as central sense organ of the physical and spiritual worlds transforming earthly substance into cosmic food that nourishes self-development.

This video was removed by Vimeo for Big Brother infractions, so we have provided an audio link for you below. Barry Diller and Chelsea Clinton are the evil actors behind VIMEO and have decided to censor patriots and truth seekers by hiding their videos behind their censorship wall.

etherization 2


In November 2019, Tyla, Douglas, and Michael McKibben left this message for patriots. It is a message still relevant today.

Truth History is Shocking – Michael & the Gabriels


Why have we been promoting the use of great American music – Gospel, Country, Bluegrass – in our restoration of the Republic? It is the sound of music and the resonance and vibration that lifts us to something greater than ourselves. Years ago, Michael McKibben and Living Sound changed the course of history in Eastern Europe with music. We can do the same today. Listen to Michael’s story and see how you can use Christian music to set the entire world free of anti-Christian globalist evil.

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” Psalms 98:4


How Michael McKibben Brought Down the Iron Curtain Through Music


Anthroposophia Reveals the Second Coming: Perceiving Christ in the Etheric

The Bible depicts Saul of Tarsus as a cruel persecutor of Christians. He was headed to Damascus hunting Christians when a blinding light knocked him to the ground and struck him blind. Saul heard a voice ask him why he persecuted the Christians. Saul asked who the voice was and it answered that it was Jesus, the one Saul was persecuting. Jesus then told Saul to stop persecuting the Christians and to go into Damascus and wait in prayer. After three days, Ananias was instructed by the Lord to go to Saul and heal him of his blindness and then teach him about the true nature of the risen Christ.

Essentially, Ananias explained to Saul what had happened to him and taught him the wisdom he needed to understand the “Damascus Event.” Saul changed his name to Paul and subsequently became one of the most influential teachers of Christianity. Thus, Paul becomes one of the first people to perceive the Cosmic Christ in the Damascus Event.

Some years ago I met a person who I could see immediately had experienced the Damascus Event. We became fast friends and eventually married. From the first, Tyla, my wife, was focused on writing about the Damascus Event that she had witnessed many years prior. I had tried to write about the Being of Wisdom – Sophia, who Rudolf Steiner calls Anthroposophia, years before and had taken my life work in comparative religions and distilled it into verses and poems in praise of the divine feminine.

The effort was only a beginning and was very unfulfilling for me as an attempt to reveal the Being of Wisdom, Sophia. All of my work fell terribly short in comparison to the experiences that Tyla and I had both already had of Sophia and the Cosmic Christ.

Fortunately for me, Tyla was already a deep student of Rudolf Steiner and we were able to discuss the Damascus Event in light of Anthroposophy, which sheds the greatest light on the meaning of this experience. Tyla was insistent that we should write about what Steiner pointed out was needed to understand the Cosmic Christ – Anthroposophia (Sophia). Steiner had said that it was the Wisdom of Christ that was needed in our time, the Sophia of Christ.

I could see that Tyla was right and that we needed to start at the beginning and take our time describing the preliminary studies of Wisdom (Sophia) that would lead others to an experience of the Cosmic Christ in a living way. Steiner called the Damascus Event many names, including: the experience of the Etheric Christ, the second coming of Christ, Christ’s appearance in the etheric realm, and many others. This is the Wisdom of Anthroposophia that Rudolf Steiner called the Wisdom of the Cosmic Christ.

GospelSophia_V3coverTyla and I decided on the beginning of the path, we began writing what became the trilogy of books entitled, The Gospel of Sophia. In the third volume we placed a description of meeting the Etheric Christ and the accompanying cosmology of wisdom that is necessary to understand this Damascus Event, just as Ananias had to explain to Saul what he had experienced. Ananias delivered the Wisdom of Sophia to Saul so that he could understand the Cosmic Christ as he had appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus.

The Gospel of Sophia is similar to the instructions Ananias gave to Saul. We hoped that presenting this Wisdom, Sophia Christos, would help others who had experienced the Damascus Event integrate the experience into a cosmology with the Cosmic Christ at the center.

Once The Gospel of Sophia was written, we then wrote two books entitled The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children and The Eternal Ethers to explain the nature of the etheric realms where Christ now lives. This etheric world is also reflected in the etheric body of the human being and it holds the Wisdom of Sophia and the ever renewing, living force of love that the Cosmic Christ brings to humanity. Steiner presented the Waldorf curriculum as a way to educate the etheric body from age 7-14, or basically the elementary school years of childhood. All of time – past/present/future – is inscribed in the human etheric body according to Steiner.

If we properly educate the etheric body during those sensitive years, the child takes in wisdom effortlessly and is led to true, free thinking that will naturally be drawn to the Wisdom of Christ’s Love.

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Just a closer walk with thee – Patsy Cline And Willie Nelson


He Is Risen (2019) – The Tabernacle Choir w/ Bells & Gabriel Trumpeters


If you found benefit in our Easter post today, please offer a love offering donation to your place of worship. Churches and synagogues have been hit hard financially with the closure of their Easter services. Make sure that your place of worship does not close because it can’t afford to pay the light bills and the preacher. Now, more than ever, our Christian voices need to be heard around the world.

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