There will come a time when none of them will be able to walk down the streets


swamp brennan clinton clapper brennan yates gates fauci


fauci corona economy
Bring out your dead


stacey abrams whitmer biden


Who will President Trump really be speaking with when he comes to inspect Michigan’s flood disaster area? She’s the pig in George Soros lipstick that wants to be Joe’s VP running mate.

BTW – We have a new name for her. WHitler

soros whitmer pig


flynn sidney_powell-garrison


D.C. Circuit Orders Judge Sullivan to Respond to Michael Flynn Petition


lynch mob sullivan


President Trump: Campaign rallies will happen whichever location “opens up first.”


vaccinated badge


WHitler wants to be President of the United States. George Soros, her Nazi collaborator, set her up to be Joe Biden’s running mate. Citizens in Michigan are sending ALERTS to all citizens in the 50 states that she is a tyrannical bitch who we don’t want as president. Have you done your part to expose this feminazi, anti-American thug?

gretchen whitmer hitler


whitmer nurse rached

Nurse Ratched Whitmer catches Joe’s wandering eye


Donald Trump Shuts Huge Migrant Pipeline Run by Coyotes, Federal Agencies


papa george matt gaetz




Sydney Powell just dropped “The Hammer” on Fox Business. Reveals that Obama had a massive widespread secret surveillance system called The Hammer to illegally spy on ALL THE DEMS‘ POLITICAL OPPONENTS.


Maxine Waters Confirms “Big Brother” Database 2013


Philadelphia Democratic Party Official Pleads Guilty to Stuffing Ballot Boxes in Elections


WE WILL NOT BE VOTING BY MAIL: President Trump answers reporter questions in Michigan


Obama Staffer, Bill Gates, Soros Behind the Group Pushing a Celebrity Global Response to Chinese Coronavirus


susan rice book


Mnuchin: ‘Strong Likelihood’ We’ll Need Another Relief Bill




AIM Patriot Robert sends us a note.

Lizardbreath… abdicated… on May 10th?

That’s the rumor from the neighborhood around the Bank of England Tennis Club on Richmond Park! What’s the Conclave say?

P.S. An Irish lad turned me on to aim4truth

Our reply: We heard they were putting the old bird on ice and using computer generated images in place of the Queen from here to eternity. How will we ever know? It is reported by various UK publications that we read that the Queen is in coronavirus quarantine for a few years.


fauci gates corona garrison


AIM Patriot Carla writes:

I always like to watch your meme-collection, only this time I want to ask you to remove one. Can you imagine that there are some people who consider the picture with Trump and Obama and the rope is a degradation for Trump?

Please don’t let it run through the country, Trumps ethical notion is too high for such solution. He will have it done conform the rules of law and the military tribunal. I don’t find it funny.

Our reply: Carla, we notice that your email address ends with nl. This would be from a Dutch-speaking area of the world. It may be hard to understand for those outside of America, but Americans are sick and tired of Obama’s lawlessness and the swamp’s willingness to protect him and his collaborators. Citizen anger is growing. You can’t believe what we read in our “fishing holes”. Citizens are demanding that Obama be executed. Brennan, Comey, and Hillary will come shortly thereafter. Many, many more to follow.

Patriots are trying to win this war in our homeland through words and memes, not guns and violence. We are now moving into the extreme phase of the Great Information War which means that the gloves come off and words of biting truth must be used. No more political correctness. No more social niceties.

gloves off

You may find that the words and images on this site disturbing. We do, too. But we have a war to win. Your country has as much at stake as ours because if America falls to the globalists, the entire planet will be locked down in a tyrannical prison. Did your grandparents tell you about the many times Americans came to your aid and rescue in two world wars? When American soldiers show up, they come to win. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the land, sea, air, or cyber space.

We, too, have the goal of WINNING – the Great Information War, a war that has been waged against the citizens of the world by the INVISIBLE ENEMY because the thugs that run the British Imperial Empire are too chicken shit to show their faces to the world – Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, Charles the Pedophile, Arvinder Sambei, Geoffrey Pattie, and Boris Johnson all hide up in the Queen’s panties, along with the nasty Rothschild bankers and brokers.

AIM4truth key on keyboard
Calling on all keyboard and information warriors.

Nancy Morgan Hart is extremely disturbed by the Trump administration which, in her opinion, is doing little to arrest the criminals. In her video below, she doesn’t hold back. Her sentiments are being expressed by many in the internet. You may or may not agree with her, but we can no longer discount the RAGE that Americans have towards the rogue intelligence community that worked with crown agents to overthrow the President and continue with this coronavirus false flag to strip Americans of their rights and freedoms.

“Former” Spook Goes Full-Q


rooftoptendie summarizes:












Scooby posts:

What if the Salem Witch Trials happened because, like today, people were worshiping Moloch and sacrificing babies while spirit cooking for adrenochrome?

If it’s true that John Podesta raped Maddy McCann and was “Skippy” and was a pedovore, who would object to him being burned at the stake?

Podesta torture chamber


Bagpipe Billy has shown ZERO NOTTA NO indication that he will be prosecuting anyone from the swamp. He is there to protect his buddies of the Senior Executive Services. They are all crown agents with a mission from the Pilgrims Society to take over America.

bill barr


559throw says:

I love that Nancy Pelosi has made fat shaming acceptable again


Beat_to_Quarters adds:

You can call men fat but it’s sexist to call women fat. That’s what the fat shaming movement was always about.


rumptious then remarks:

BUT if a fat guy puts on a dress….well…


CantThinkofUserName concludes:

He becomes the Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



stacey abrams joe biden


Don’t forget the fat guys! Morbidly obese, too.

nadler fat naked


fat obese


Now…more from the alleged intern killer Joe Scarborough and Zbignew Brzezinski’s demon spawn daughter Mika.

Joe Scarborough Joked About A Dead Intern


Here’s what Mika’s daddy had to say about “news”:

brzezinski quote


mika brzezinski quote


The attraction that George Soros has with Gretchen Whitmer is hardly a mystery.

gretchen whitmer


lock down corona blue states



biden klobuchar

Will Sleepy Joe pick Klobuchar for VP. How will Trump compete with roasts like this?




red pill hydroxychloroquine remdesivir


vaccinate bill gates


Congressman Thorkelson (MN) warned us about Pilgrims Society sedition on Aug. 06, 1940

GPO-CRECB, 1940, Pts. I-IX, Vol. 86-1. (Aug. 20, 1940). Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife, by Rep. Dr. Lt. Gen. Joseph Thorkelson (MT, 1st), No. 5131, PDF p.13. GPO.


Hon. J. Thorkelson (MN, 1st), Aug. 20, 1940

U.S. Congressional Record

America is the “guardian angel of the British Empire”

“we cannot look fairly at the world through the meshes of the network of British propaganda”

“we cannot allow our [Pilgrims Society et al] statesmen, our ambassadors, our leading bankers, lawyers, industrialists, churchmen, educators, and publishers to sway the sentiment of our Government and our people in favor of one side, a foreign side, inherently and basically non-American.”

thorkelson quote


Thork, p. 15

propaganda northcliffe


Thork, p. 16

propaganda school books


Thork, p. 16

little steps nudges


time picture la folletteOn Apr. 6, 1917, only six senators opposed sending American boys “to rot in the trenches” of the First World War – the British Empire’s second Pilgrim Society war (the first were the Boer Wars and British concentration camps and Burroughs Wellcome [now GlaxoSmithKline] vaccine experiments on the Boer and black prisoners in South Africa)

One of the six was Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr.  (WI, 1906-1925).

Sen. La Follette said “words that might be well be repeated today” (in the 1940 clamor to support the British Empire’s second war with Germany, or the Pilgrims’ perennial war on terror and now viruses):

“There is always lodged, and always will be, thank the God above us, power in the people supreme. Sometimes it sleeps, sometimes it seems the sleep of death: but, sir, the sovereign power of the people never dies. It may be suppressed for a time; it may be misled, be fooled, silenced. I think, Mr. President, that it is being denied expression now. I think there will come a day when it will have expression.

“The poor, sir, who are the ones called upon to rot in the trenches, have no organized power, have no press to voice their will on this question of peace or war; but oh, Mr. President, at some time they will be heard—there will come an awakening; they will have their day and they will be heard. It will be as certain and as inevitable as the return of the tides, and as resistless, too.”

Today, with a warm heart full of sympathy for all the suffering in the world, we must firmly maintain our independence of thought and action, free from all foreign influence and entanglements so that we may think and speak and act as unimpaired Americans. Only then can we give the best answer to the question, What is best for America?

Congressman Thorkelson (MN) warned us about Pilgrims Society sedition on Aug. 06, 1940 in which he cites Senator La Follette (above)

GPO-CRECB, 1940, Pts. I-IX, Vol. 86-1. (Aug. 20, 1940). Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife, by Rep. Dr. Lt. Gen. Joseph Thorkelson (MT, 1st), No. 5131, PDF p.14. GPO.


Leaving this here for those who are following Hallet’s story. Use discernment, please.

Certified Declaration Joseph Gregory Hallett is the Mashiach–Christ–Messiah & King of England 31 March 2020


Kevan writes:

I have spent the last ten years listening to Steiner’s wisdom via and read his books and lectures as well. I have listened to each book and each lecture multiple multiple multiple times each night and every night for the last 10 years. Steiner is in my head trying to reach my soul being and the only way I can sleep.. I know his work and Neoanthroposophy is spot on. You “Nail It” as the kiddos say. Tonight I came back to you, the Gabriels who I have also listened and watched on YT.

Reading this tonight inspired yet overwhelmed me…. I can’t help but be faced with the cold stone truth, that at the least, Gates’s double is that of pure Sorat/Ahriman and at it’s worst he may be the incarnation of Ahriman that Steiner warned of.
steiner-quoteWhat do I do?
How do I progress?…..
…… So here’s my question, here’s what I need to know.
How do I serve Michael and his quest?
How do I find the the Christ in the Etheric?
Your understandings, words and thoughts are inspiring but I need to serve on a more meaningful level. So few around us have .01% of understanding of the nature of this world. So though I get it and seek to bring the changes you speak of I can’t help but feel powerless to make change and have no desire to live a life of quiet desperation as those around me sleep walk to their corrupted and retarded destiny.

Would love and need some guidance from you.

Our Reply:

Woman in stars gabrielGreetings, yes, we hear what you are saying. The Gabriels are both First Class anthropops, but left the Society decades ago because of the creeping social Marxism into the organization. We created our own expression of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings in an internet space called the Glass Bead Game. Thousands of patriots and spiritual seekers around the world have joined our movement towards total global transparency and truth.

We have populated our sites with hundreds of articles and videos:

Additionally, we have written books to support your spiritual research. We make them free and available at:

Then for our direct attacks on Ahriman, we work in the geopolitical sphere at: (We post a Cat Report daily – so subscribe)

You might enjoy the article on top of yesterday’s Cat Report

Ready for your Great Awakening?

In time, Kevan, perhaps this meme will have meaning for you, too.

shield sword antioch gabriel michael

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