Sunset for Conservative Treehouse Sundance Mark Bradman

Welcome to the new look of the Cat Report. First, listen to Betsy and Thomas, now speaking as the Voices of America, discuss the big nothing burger released by the writer Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse. Then check out the items below that we felt were “top shelf” for you and your downline.

By the way, the name we were looking for and couldn’t remember was McCain’s Senate aide for homeland security subcommittee on investigations who later became the office of special council whistleblower – HENRY KERNER. THIS is what controlled opposition Sundance, aka Mark Bradman, doesn’t want his Treepers to know.

Raw audio file:

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Check out William Aldenberg of Sandy Hook false flag fame

Substantive Elements of The Big Story Behind The Mueller Special Counsel Purpose

TheLastRefuge thread on the Durham/Barr investigation and the attempt to extinguish truth

Rudolf Steiner on Traditional Childhood Illnesses and Vaccines

Here’s what’s really going on with mail-in voting. Share this video with your network. We have featured it before, but it is a good time to run it through your network. Postal worker caught throwing Sheriff’s campaign mailers in a dumpster.



Pay attention to what they are NOT talking about. Keep a spotlight on RNC Chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel for keeping Uncle Mitt and Cousin Tagg’s Optech election rigging system a secret from President Trump. Optech is an election rigging system from pals Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, and Mitt Romney. It fractionalizes the votes internally to give the globalshits favorable results in their rigged elections.

Make sure your network knows about invisible election rigging with hidden tabulations. Ronna Romney Stays Silent About Uncle Mitt’s Corruption

hashtag6zer0s posts the image below with this note: “Some contribute by shitposting and memes. Others contribute money. I contributed my time. What have you done to help GEOTUS in your area? IT’S ALL IN PLAY!”

Relics of Power: Spear of Destiny

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 The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones

Who Were the Maidens of the Wells?

“The After Time” (a short film)

It can be depressing to think that others may be spending their coronavirus lockdown under such austere conditions. We hope that all of you kept busy with the AIM School of Truth during this extraordinary time in human history. You filled your mind with TRUTH and real history that our enslavers from the Pilgrims Society have kept supressed from humanity for centuries.

We filled the Glass Bead Game with tons of material that we hope you are accessing, from healing your body of the ravages of decades of globalshit food and medicines with the ASCEND diet, to introducing a very special homeschooling experience into your family life – The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children.

Speaking of homeschooling, we want to alert YOU so that you can alert your downline about the BLM curriculum that is being used to indoctrinate very young children. Check out the video under the link. Some other ground reports coming in that another type of curriculum to watch for is Conscious Discipline. Showing up in child care centers with children as young as 2 years old. ALERT THE PARENTS IN YOUR NETWORK!!

To continue your citizen education, you might select a video or audio in our archive – just at random, anywhere in our timeline to see how accurately we presented the swamp as you see it today. Be bold – go back even 2 years ago and see how accurate we were. AUDIO VIDEO HERE


Based Man Calls Out City Council “Good citizens are going to turn into revolutionary citizens soon”