US Trials For AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine On Hold Amid Probe Into “Serious Side Effect”


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Pelosi’s Choice: Steal The Election Or Be Destroyed


US Trials For AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine On Hold Amid Probe Into “Serious Side Effect”



It’s no mystery why Warren Buffett has been so successful with his portfolio. He sits on all these interlocking directorships so always has insider trading info. Bill Gates pal Warren Buffet Dumps Banks Stock & Buys Gold as Global Reset is Upon Us

Bill Gates Slams FDA, Doubts Agency Can Be Trusted With COVID-19 Vaccine


CDC defies Trump’s executive order, moves forward with critical race theory indoctrination



How much do hospitals get per Covid case? Here are the numbers from April 2020.

Alabama $158,000 Alaska $306,000 Arizona $23,000 Arkansas $285,000 California $145,000 Colorado $58,000 Connecticut $38,000 Delaware $127,000 District of Columbia $56,000 Florida $132,000 Georgia $73,000 Hawaii $301,000 Idaho $100,000 Illinois $73,000 Indiana $105,000 Iowa $235,000 Kansas $291,000 Kentucky $297,000 Louisiana $26,000 Maine $260,000 Maryland $120,000 Massachusetts $44,000 Michigan $44,000 Minnesota $380,000 Mississippi $166,000 Missouri $175,000 Montana $315,000 Nebraska $379,000 Nevada $98,000 New Hampshire $201,000 New Jersey $18,000 New Mexico $171,000 New York $12,000 North Carolina $252,000 North Dakota $339,000 Ohio $180,000 Oklahoma $291,000 Oregon $220,000 Pennsylvania $68,000 Rhode Island $52,000 South Carolina $186,000 South Dakota $241,000 Tennessee $166,000 Texas $184,000 Utah $94,000 Vermont $87,000 Virginia $201,000 Washington $58,000 WEST VIRGINIA $471,000 Wisconsin $163,000 Wyoming $278,000


Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs to be deposed in Seth Rich lawsuit

Hannity, Dobbs and other Fox staffers will reportedly be deposed as part of an emotional distress lawsuit that Rich’s parents, Joel and Mary Rich, filed against Fox, Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman and former Fox News guest Ed Butowsky.



A bug in Joe Biden’s campaign app gave anyone access to millions of voter files


How much silver do the top 1% of silver owners own? Start this video at the 6:00 mark to see how your stack compares with the national average. How Much Silver Should You Hold to Be in the Top 1%?


Rush Limbaugh DEBUNKED

AIM Patriot Tina asks: I am in Italy and need some HCQ. Is it possible to ship over there?

Our reply: We don’t know. Contact them at Then let us know so that we can let the folks in our community know. Blessings.



“Suspected Antifa starting fires”- Captain Jeff Smith of the Sheriff’s Department

Meghan Markle Plans Netflix Doc on ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter Founder


The Colossal FALL of Oprah Winfrey!!! Start Steve at the 1:50 mark.

Late to the Party Kate Winslet regrets working with Woody Allen, Roman Polanski


People around the world continue to send blessings to one another, and the videos keep getting better and better. CHRISTAFARI: The Blessing (THE WORLD) Reggae cover, posted on September 8, 2020.

Bogeyfree’ has some questions for Bill Barr about the progress of the DOJ investigation.

20 common sense questions to ask Barr if you want to know if this investigation is truly about getting to the truth and justice.

1. Is the Wiener Laptop still in the possession of the FBI and have you or Durham ever seen/reviewed its contents? If not why not?

2. Have you or Durham ever deposed Julian Assange, a first hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails and if indeed it was via Russians like the Mueller team told everyone? If not why not?

3. Have you or Durham examined if the FBI ever investigated the murder of Seth Rich as there should be an easy FBI report in the system? If not why not?

4. Does the FBI still have the 47 hard drives turned in by the Hammer WB back in 2015 and have you or Durham reviewed their contents and deposed Dennis Montgomery? If not why not?

5. Was exculpatory evidence withheld by Attorneys in the Flynn case and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime or at least referred people to the Bar?

6. Do you still have Mifsud’s phones and what was on them and is there any communications between him and people on the SC team?

7. Where is the missing Flynn 302 and isn’t it a crime to alter a 302 and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

8. How many Americans were unmasked by the Obama administration and isn’t unmasking a crime? If so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

9. Have you or Durham gotten SSA Dugen’s testimony and read his surveillance/investigative report about the Carter Page FISA Leak that possibly includes people in the Senate? If not why not?

10. Is leaking a FISA to the media a crime and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

11. If you and Durham know the Dossier was a lie and it was used in the FISA Court application and lying to a FISA Court is a crime, then why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

12. Have you deposed Warner and asked about his involvement if any of the CP FISA leak? If not why not?

13. Did you confiscate Wolff’s phone and if so did it show 82 text pages sent to a reporter?

14. Did you find anything relating to the CP FISA leak on Senator Burr’s phone?

15. Have you or Durham depose Crowdstrike regarding the DNC hack? If not why not?

16. Why have you not declassified all of the RR scope memo?

17. Knowing via Adm. Rodgers NSA Search Audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there WAS massive illegal searching and abuse of the NSA database by contractors, have you or Durham done or requested a COMPLETE audit going back to 2012 of this NSA Contractor Abuse to fully see the extent of the illegal spying as documented? If not why not?

18. Did you ever trace the PapaD frame money to see where it came from? If not why not?

19. With 31 government issued phones that were wiped and are potential evidence in Durham’s Investigation, have you gone to the NSA or carriers to retrieve these emails and texts? If not why not?

20. How is it after 4 years of non stop abuse, fraud, lying, leaking, money laundering and a coup on a sitting President you and your entire DOJ team can’t seem to find one crime?

The only way to ensure all stones are being looked at is by WE the PEOPLE asking the right questions and holding those in charge accountable.

The answers to these 20 questions IMO will tell all Americans if we have one system of justice or if that was all lip service.


AIM spoiler alert to Bogeyfree: Darlin’ those questions are just the tip of the iceberg. And we see no evidence that they are being addressed by Billy Boy and his DOJ 500 because Barr is an SES operative in place to protect crown agents in the swamp.



LETUSWORSHIP – Sean Feucht – Ft Collins. There are more of us, than them. Good will conquer evil. Start singing your praises in whatever way works best for your community.

Mothers around the country are fed up with child abuse.


Here’s how one mother explains the face mask. Intense language, but she has every right to be filled with righteous indignation about this abuse against her granchildren.

Another mother takes care of business with her young twerkers.

Joe Biden Is FINISHED. Continues To SCREW UP DAILY Since He Left The Basement.



Eustace Mullins. (Feb. 22, 1988). MURDER BY INJECTION – The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America, 1st Ed., Lib. Cong. No. 88-060694. The National Council for Medical Research.



The Pilgrims Society is evidently worried about Eustace Mullins’ (b. 1923-d. 2010+) 40-year dogged revelations of their ongoing conspiracies. The very first sentence of their 11-page Wikipedia hit piece labels Mr. Mullins slanderously as “antisemitic” “propagandist” “Holocaust denier” and “a one-man organization of hate” (The Southern Poverty Law Center – SPLC). SPLC is notoriously known to be a communist propaganda machine funded by Pilgrim George Soros and advised by Pilgrim Hillary Clinton’s and Pilgrim Michael Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, from the notorious Skadden Arps mob law syndicate.

Given the 2020 research findings about the Pilgrims Society (IRS Form 990 reports, 2007-2008) — that long-time advisers to The Rockefeller Foundation Henry A. Kissinger, Paul A. Volcker and Henry R. Luce (Time, Fortune) (all since the late 1940’s), were/are indeed members and officers in the British Pilgrims Society, not to mention Kissinger’s KCMG British knighthood — Mullins’ words herein are prescient. (Remember Pilgrim Henry Luce’s “Is God Dead” Time propaganda Apr. 8, 1966, Vol. 87, No. 14?)

The propaganda world of the Pilgrims Society uses language in moral opposites. Therefore, if they are slandering, they shout that truthtellers are the slanderers. This puts their enemies on the defensive having to swat at flies proving negatives (e.g., prove you don’t beat your wife.)

They label Mullins antisemitic when it is they who perpetrated the Holocaust.

They label Mullins a propagandist when it is the Pilgrims who hijacked the global press in 1909 at the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, whose records almost disappeared from history.

They label Mullins a “hater” when it is the Pilgrims who fund hate organizations to attack Christians, Jews and other patriots (anybody with a moral compass governed by love of God and neighbor).

The Wikipedia character slander is actually a badge of honor for Eustace Mullins. Perhaps the world can finally see his truths more clearly and heed his warnings.

P.S. Mullins said consistently that he could not give out the name of the group that controlled the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) because he would be killed.

In 2020, we can name the criminals who threatened Mullins. It was and is The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain and its subsidiary, The Pilgrims Society of the United States.


Chapter 10: The Rockefeller Syndicate by Eustace Mullins

Walter Cronkite

“In what is now known as “the Great Swine Flu Massacre,” the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, was enlisted to persuade the public to undergo a national vaccination campaign. The moving force behind the scheme was a $135 million windfall profit for the major drug manufacturers. They had a “swine flu” vaccine which suspicious pig raisers had refused to touch, fearful it might wipe out their crop. The manufacturers had only tried to get $80 million from the swine breeders; balked in this sale, they turned to the other market, humans. The impetus for the national swine flu vaccine came directly from the Disease Control Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps coincidentally, Jimmy Carter, a member of the Trilateral Commission, was then planning his presidential campaign in Georgia. The incumbent President, Gerald Ford, had all the advantages of a massive bureaucracy to aid him in his election campaign, while the ineffectual and little known. Jimmy Carter offered no serious threat to the election. Suddenly, out of Atlanta, came the Centre for Disease Control plan for a national immunization campaign against “swine flu.” The fact that there was not a single known case of this flu in the United States did not deter the Medical Monopoly from their scheme. The swine breeders had been shocked by the demonstrations of the vaccine on a few pigs, which had collapsed and died. One can imagine the anxious inferences in the headquarters of the great drug firms, until one bright young man remarked, “Well, if the swine breeders won’t inject it into their animals, our only other market is to inject it into people.”

The Ford-sponsored swine flu campaign almost died an early death, when a conscientious public servant, Dr. Anthony Morris, formerly of HEW and then active as director of the Virus Bureau of the Food and Drug Administration, declared that there could be no authentic swine flu vaccine, because there had never been any cases of swine flu on which they could test it. Dr. Morris then went public with his statement that “at no point were the swine flu vaccines effective.” He was promptly fired, but the damage had been done. The damage control consisted of that great humanitarian, Walter Cronkite, and the President of the United States, combining their forces to come to the rescue of the Medical Monopoly. Walter Cronkite had President Ford appear on his news program to urge the American people to submit to the inoculation with the swine flu vaccine.

CBS then or later could never find any reason to air any analysis or scientific critique of the swine flu vaccine, which was identified as containing many toxic poisons, including alien viral protein panicles, formal­dehyde, thimerosal (a derivative of poisonous mercury), polysorbate and some eighty other substances. Meanwhile, back at the virus laboratories, after Dr. Anthony Morris has been summarily fired, a special team of workers was rushed in to clean out the four rooms in which he had conducted his scientific tests. The laboratory was filled with animals whose records verified his claims, representing some three years of constant research. All of the animals were immediately destroyed, and Morris’ records were burned. They did not go so far as to sow salt throughout the area, because they believed their job was done.

On April I5, 1976, Congress passed Public Law 94-266, which provided $135 million of taxpayers’ funds to pay for a national swine flu inoculation campaign. HEW was to distribute the vaccine to state and local health agencies on a national basis for inoculation, at no charge. Insurance agencies then went public with their warning that they would not insure drug firms against possible studies from the results of swine flu inoculation, because no studies had been carried out which could predict its effects. It was to foil the insurance companies that CBS had Gerald Ford make his impassioned appeal to 215,000,000 Americans to save themselves while there was still time, and to rush down to the friendly local health department and get the swine flu vaccination, at absolutely no charge. This may have been CBS’ finest hour in its distinguished career of “public service.”

Hardly had the swine flu campaign been completed than the reports of the casualties began to pour in. Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the swine flu vaccine. The medical authorities proved equal to the challenge; they leaped to the defense of the Medical Monopoly by labeling the new epidemic, “Guillain-Barre Syndrome.” There have since been increasing speculations that the ensuing epidemic of AIDS which began shortly after Gerald Ford’s public assurances, were merely a viral variation of the swine flu vaccine. And what of the perpetrator of the Great Swine Flu Massacre, President Gerald Ford?

As the logical person to blame for the catastrophe, Ford had to endure a torrent of public criticism, which quite naturally resulted in his defeat for election (he had previously been appointed when the agents of the international drag operations had ushered Richard Nixon out of office). The unknown Jimmy Carter, familiar only to the supersecret fellow members of the Trilateral Commission [a Pilgrims Society subsidiary], was swept into office by the outpouring of rage against Gerald Ford. Carter proved to be almost as serious a national disaster as the swine flu epidemic, while Gerald Ford was retired from politics to life. Not only did he lose the election, he was also sentenced to spend his remaining years trudging wearily up and down the hot sandy stretches of the Palm Springs Golf course. —Eustace Mullins

For more evidence confirmation Eustace Mullins’s earlier findings:

AFI. (Jan. 30, 2020). Coronavirus traced to the British Crown. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Feb. 20, 2020). Coronavirus uncovers Rothschild Lord Pirbright as key to the 140-yr. secret monopoly of the Pilgrims Society. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Mar. 16, 2020). Weaponized Coronavirus is an Anglo-American Pilgrims Society Attack on Competitors in America and China. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Apr. 17, 2020). PART ONE: NBC founder & Pilgrim David Sarnoff led the Imperial British agenda that has terrorized our world for over 100 years. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (May 29, 2020). How the Rothschilds use mass surveillance and nanotech bioweapons to sustain the Imperial British world order. Americans for Innovation

AFI. (Jul. 28, 2020). The Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society and its CFR minions used the Marshall Plan, shrouded in anti-communism, to seize control of global banking using Nazi & Japanese stolen gold. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Aug. 26, 2020). Henry Kissinger has been spying for the (British) Pilgrims Society, likely since the late 1940’s. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Sep. 04, 2020). The Rockefeller Foundation conspired with Clintons and Facebook 2009-2011 to rig elections and commit tax fraud by shuffling seed money to Clinton political hacks. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Sep. 11, 2020). Indictable Evidence: British Pilgrims Society Officers Volcker and Kissinger ran the Obama White House and bailed out their fellow banking gangsters in 2008. Americans for Innovation.

Conclusion: Eustace Mullins was over the target for 40 years.

Meet John Menard, Jr., a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth behind Menard’s new mask police order. That’s right, Menard Junior has just deployed burly mask police at the entrances to block any customer from entering without a mask—even when that person has a medical condition and cannot wear one, which was the case this weekend. In Columbus, Ohio, a husky 6’ 5” Menards security guard tried to force a customer with a medical condition to wear a mask before he/she would be allowed in the store. The East African man of unknown citizenship (but, who looked uncannily like a Columbus Policeman in a flak jacket) even tried to force the person to out on one of Menard’s masks while clearly impersonating an officer. Rather than waste more time, the person left – notifying the mask Nazi that Menards would get no more business from him/her again.

Menard Junior seems to love being a silver-spoon little Napoleon, like Witmer in Michigan. See link below.

Boycott Menards.

This police impersonator’s only job was to force 100% mask-wearing compliance on all Menard’s shoppers.

Menards evidently violated the civil and medical rights of their would-be shopper. Ohio has no law requiring mask wearing. The executive orders are strongly recommended, but not mandated. See below.

“Strongly recommend” does not mean require:,outdoors%20and%20unable%20to%20remain