Donald Trump: Fearless 45


Trumping the SES


Long before I knew Douglas, a painter friend of his – Howard Weingarden – painted many stunning pictures for him. Two of them seemed to be a strange pair. One was a woman that was clearly his former wife as the young Douglas, in his ragged monk clothes, knelt on the proposal knee with eyes on his beloved. The other portrait was a mystery for many years until we realized that Howard had painted, with premonition, Douglas’ second wife.

This is what happens when you flow with the triple goddess Sophia. She is a being beyond time and space. She creates the Mandela Effect – but on steroids. One example would be the strange story of Barron Trump that we presented in a previous Cat Report Here.

Essential Ingersoll Lockwood: 3 Book Collection | Both Baron Trump Novels and the Last President

As I write in The Gospel of Sophia: “Because She is a being that is beyond time and space, one must move outside of known dimensional space in order to get a glimpse of Her.  This multi-dimensional revelation is reflected, as best as the author can perceive in her own limited understanding, in The Gospel of Sophia.

For the casual reader this manuscript may seem overwhelming.  This is a natural barrier between here–the safety of ordinary consciousness–and there—the realm of supersensible experience.  The casual reader is not ready to step across the threshold of perceiving the Triple Goddess.  So the deep philosophical nature of this manuscript becomes a spiritual boundary to keep the uninitiated from proceeding further than his or her spiritual capacities are prepared to travel. 

For the reader who is prepared to cross the threshold and take up the study of The Gospel of Sophia, one paragraph, one poem, and one page at a time without a need to rush to the end, for there is no plot that wraps up the story in a neat and tidy way, one’s life begins to change. 

One’s consciousness begins to expand.

One’s soul begins to stir.

One’s spirit begins to awaken.”

Let’s dance!




Bastet: The Cat Goddess – Egyptian Mythology


1,000 People Cruise Through Houston in ‘Trump Train’ Parade





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Now do you see the deeper meaning behind this video below – Patriot cats v. British redcoats? Assassin’s Kittens! The hidden truths inside are stunning and perhaps the subliminal reason why it has had over 52 million hits.

Our two talking cats discuss the video.