WHITE HOUSE ENTERS LOCKDOWN! Feds Bring In Troops to Build “Non-Scalable” Fence Around Area


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Prayer of Dr. Taylor Marshall for President Trump (Latin, Viganò, Trinity) (March 4, 2021. Production note. YouTube Big Brother doesn’t want you to view this important information, so they have censored this video.)

WHITE HOUSE ENTERS LOCKDOWN! Feds Bring In Troops to Build “Non-Scalable” Fence Around Area


Looks like Netflix is going to run with the Egyptian cats and mummies theme.

Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb | Official Trailer | Netflix

Camila’s Complete Statement at Raniere’s Sentencing –‘When I Was Still 15, He Took Naked Pictures — Naked Pictures of Me!’


Branch covidians. Cult.


Orthodox Church opens “New Hagia Sophia” for visitors

World’s Largest Mosaic finished in Belgrade’s St. Sava Cathedral, which imitates famous Hagia Sophia. The Cathedral will be completely finished in December 2020.

Unfortunately, karma doesn’t work that way, Kamala. What you get in this life is largely a measure of your actions in previous lives. The criminals among us will have to answer to the Law of Karma and, frankly, every day that goes by without repentance means a more challenging time in the next incarnation. You reap what you sow.

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Royals Threatened by Meghan w/Lawsuit!

What God Says About the 11/03/20 Elections // By Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

AIM Patriot Jack writes: Good Morning, Betsy:

I read your write-up regarding Douglas’ friend, Howard Weingarden, and the painting that presaged your entry into Douglas’ life. It’s amazingly serendipitous! And a very cool painting.

I, too, had an other worldly sense of knowing you when I started following your website a few years back. I couldn’t put my finger on it, until this past Summer. About 12 years ago, I started a screenplay. I ran into writer’s block and the screenplay gathered dust until this past summer when the dreaded Covid19 came on the scene. Early on I thought I’d probably be sidelined as my job wasn’t considered ‘Essential.’ So, I figured that I would finish the two screenplays I started years ago.

As it turned out, I wasn’t laid off, which turned out to be a disappointment. I then asked my employer if I could take three months off to finish the screenplays. He agreed and so I completed them. As it turns out, the central character is a ten year old feisty, fearless Southern gal with a big heart and more than a touch of magic about her! Then it occurred to me why you seemed so familiar to me. True, Elsie is a fictional character, but her personality comes across so much like your own!

Our reply: Call it a premonition or a creative imagination that we are conjuring up so that we can step into its reality (called ‘co-creation’), we see AIM becoming well-funded in this next year. (No details now.) We would like to use this funding to help AIM patriots with micro-grants to help them create “glass beads” for the Glass Bead Game. This is why we recommend that you become a subscriber to our site because one of the criteria to receive a grant will be that you are “schooled” in the AIM School of Truth or in other areas of the Glass Bead Game. Your subscription date is proof of when you ‘entered’ your schooling at the AIM School of Truth.

We want to fill our Cat Report each day with top quality educational pieces that are truthful, inspirational, and high-energy. We want to fund “TV-type” history series, fun animations, real articles from real reporters, and so much more. We would love to see conferences around the country, drawing together like-minded, spirit-filled truth seekers. We want to make sure that everyone on our team has excellent quality ‘digital’ materials and information to share with their own audiences as we continue to educate and enlighten humanity about the potential of being and becoming fully human.

For example, we would love to see AIM Patriot Deeia’s story (see video below) unfold as an initiation series, perhaps based upon Tyla’s life story from the moment of her enlightenment in 1984 through today. It would be like the series ‘Homeland”, but fighting the swamp with a ‘spiritual seeker’ twist. Douglas and I have so many incredible stories to share with you, from this life as well as others.

Why? Because it is truth. And it has been hidden (occulted) for a very long time.


We envision the entire series as being multi-incarnational as well as multi-dimensional.

For example, in one season we would like to share our experience in Rudolf II’s (1552-1612) court in Prague. We find that people who have a major planet conjunct the fixed star Regulus in late Leo shared that life time with us. We want to show you Rudy’s spectacular art and explain how a renaissance of creativity and beauty was unbridled after the Dark Ages. Rudolf’s courts were full of excitement from magicians and jugglers to astrologers and architects. Everyone was hungry for knowledge.

This is something that we hope to do here at AIM once our funding is secure – to provide creative AIM patriots with the funding that they need to, as the First Lady Melania might say, BE BEST.

It will be like getting the band back together – but this time in a realm of consciousness where we can share our work through the internet that Michael McKibben made scalable with his software that Obama’s Executive Office stole from Leader Technologies. Who knows…maybe Michael was the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546 – 1601) who developed astronomical instruments that would change the way we studied the solar system..forever. He would have been a frequent guest to King Rudy’s court.


In another season of Deeia’s new series, we would tell you about the time we were Chinese botanists back in 2700 B. C. The Chinese Yellow Emperor, the Sun Monkey King, sent us on a journey to create immortal trees. To do this we had to travel to the redwood coast where we left many of our samples behind. The trees were to used for a special tonic for the Emperor, but it did not bring him physical immortality.

What the trees did do, however, is become a marker for us to travel to in each incarnation to see how our saplings are doing. And because we have a consciousness of this activity, from one incarnation to another, we have found our immortality. Douglas is very fond of these trees and spent his youth hiking through every sequoia grove in the U. S. Shortly after we were married, we spent some time hiking through the groves on a mission to find a smidgen of sequoia sap that would be used in a vibrational elixir that we would combine with meteorite and the calcium of a Narwhal tusk. We call it Wonder Water and have a sip every day – keeps the vibrations high!

Don’t laugh…folks. Remember who created the treatments for Star Wars and Indiana Jones? Those were the early hits…wait until you see what we have in store for the future!

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones


The Best Is Yet To Come – Trump 2020