Mark Malloch-Brown for Smartmatic: Electronic voting, making it easier to vote

Nov. 15, 2020—In the wake of the new revelations about Dominion, SmartMatic, ES&S, Sequoia and Hart InterCivic voting machines (controlled by British Privy Council, Pilgrims Society’s Lord Mark-Malloch Brown via his Venezuelan U.N. OpTech software) first sending our vote tallies in 28 states to Spain, then Germany, before sending the altered vote tallies to the state election tabulators (classic “man in the middle” vote fraud), hundreds of thousands of patriots converged on the national capitol to show their support for President Trump and protest this naked attempt by foreign actors and their U.S. traitors to steal our sacred vote.

The mockingbird press, if they covered it at all, were uniformly snarky, negative and dismissive about the event and the participants.

For example, The New York Times this morning did not even cover it.

Reuters (Pilgrims Society, Rothschilds) said “tens of thousands” rallied around “false claims of fraud.” (How would they know since the certification recounts are just beginning? The fact is, they are teamed with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and know all of the fraud.)

Others said “thousands” attended—a far stretch from hundreds of thousands.

We encourage readers to seek the truth from alternative news outlets other than the mockingbird press (they read from the same BBC News script they are fed) and heavily-censored Google search (ditto), who are feeding you fake news spin and appear out to destroy objectivity and truth to usher in British Pilgrims Society globalism.

Man-in-the-Middle election tampering is not new. What is new is they appeared to have risked everything to send their men in the middle (and our vote tallies) to Spain and Germany.

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The Vortex — MAGA March

What’s really going on is a war on the United States by the Pilgrims Society which has globalist factions also known as the Privy Council, the British Imperial Empire, the Monarch, the Vatican, the Knights of Malta and their proxies of non-profits and NGOs, interlocking directorships, transnational corporations and organizations, and controlled politicians. The next layer of corruption are the bureaucrat and “ground” armies like Senior Executive Services, employees of SERCO and Qintetiq, and paid street mercenaries and agitators for George Soros.

The British propaganda books and videos always stop short on telling us the real truth of American history in order to keep their dark machinations and control hidden from We the People. We have countered these evil people who want to gobble up the world into a single tyrannical system, obliterating the nation state, then the human being as a sacred individuality.

The Revolutionary War: Animated Battle Map

Not only do they control our history books and school curriculum, they are the fake news. This is the propaganda arm for their lies and deception. The Great Information War is being waged inside your mind. This is where the British – American Pilgrims Society dominated the narrative for years until the scalability of the internet gave non-state actors the ability to push truth out and be heard by large groups at once.

It wasn’t enough to control the narrative, they had to do more. This is what you are seeing unfold on the world stage now with the massive voter fraud revelations. The Queen’s man Lord Mark Malloch-Brown developed schemes to count votes for countries all over the world. We disclosed this information here on AIM over 2.5 years ago.

They must put their puppets and proxies in place in order to lock-down the world and march us all to extermination. They know we will not vote for these criminals, so they have to control who counts the votes so that their evil minions control the levers of the lock downs.


Listen to this sick f*ck, the man behind the electronic voter fraud, as well as the Trump overthrow attempt, deceive the public into believing this evil.

Mark Malloch-Brown for Smartmatic: Electronic voting, making it easier to vote

Here’s a slick commercial for Smartmatic. Now that you know that Dominion = Smartmatic, do you see how they have conned countries around the world to having a British operative count their votes?

Can electronic voting systems protect your vote?

Keep in mind that Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and his sidekicks Richard Dearlove, Geoffrey Pattie, Arvinder Sambei, the Rothschilds, and the Queen have been running a counter-intelligence operation on Donald Trump since the day they found out he was running for president. Once he won, they sent their ground armies for him. These are the Senior Executive Services operatives that you know as Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Jeff Sessions, Chris Wray, Rod Rosenstein, Bruce Ohr, Sally Yates, Samantha Powers….etc.

It was a hard mission and they failed. Some say because the President is the Highlander or other great leader, re-incarnated; some say anointed by God.

Working with Five Eyes was the counter-intelligence operations run by Robert Mueller, John Brennan, Gina Haspel and their counterparts in the UK Arvinder Sambei, Alison Saunders, Robert Hannigan, Jonathan Symonds, and Elizabeth Mannigham-Buller. There are more, but you get the picture.

They couldn’t bring him down.

The video below shows us the world they are nudging us towards. The Queen and her globalshits must cull the herd in order to save their royal asses. They are planning world-wide genocide. This is what all the corona virus – face mask stuff is about. It’s a sinister plot to walk humanity off the cliff, using brainwashing mind-control propaganda….which leads to forced vaccinations, sterility, death…and for those who remain, lockdowns, then starvation.

This is the world they have implemented:

Track and Trace | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

The globalists are trying to keep the truth about their heinous crimes from surfacing to the main street citizen. Here is an example of a British propagandist trying to control the narrative of an American patriot. Ventura’s take on 9/11: ‘They wanted it to happen’

Here is an example of a British propagandist trying to control the narrative of another American patriot, just yesterday.

The globalists are attacking us on at least 2 fronts. One is the propaganda front where the corporate media has claimed Joe Biden the winner. Another front is with their slick voting technology that counts votes ‘fair and square’ in their magic place called electronic voting systems. (The other fronts are with the Rothschild-controlled currencies, pharmaceuticals, energy – many fronts.)

But since they screwed up again with their unreliable voting machines – like they did in 2016, their media propaganda has to kick-in overtime. Keep in mind that Dominion you are seeing in the news today originated as Smartmatic. One of the corporate tricks these evil dudes like Romney, Soros, and Malloch-Brown do all the time is create shell companies to hide their crimes.

A message from Smartmatic’s (same as Dominion) CEO

Puke a hairball with all that syrupy globalist propaganda crappola.


President Trump knows exactly what’s going on. He tweeted this out today:

Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on November 14, 2020.


His team knows that the components in the machine come from CHINA.

Originally tweeted by Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on November 14, 2020.

He’s known about them all along….


The media is complicit in this propaganda war. Remember the talking heads that were busted a few years ago? This is AVID-ISIS management system that is owned by Richard Blum and Dianne Feinstein. This is the media COLLUDING to undermine the United States.

Every media outlet that uses this system or any other to collude like this are enemy combatants. Sinclair’s Soldiers in Trump’s War on Media

Patriots around the world are WOKE. We see the corruption and know what is going on. We have educated and enlightened one another. The whole world now sees its common enemy – the Pilgrims Society, the British Imperial Empire.

We hear the voices from our neighbors and family.


Milan Italy. Desperate business owners and locals, hit the streets in a show of absolute defiance, after the curfew. They are one step away from revolution. Listen to the desperation and passion from the now furious people.

Originally tweeted by ✖️RISEUPMELBOURNE✖️ (@riseupmelbourne) on November 14, 2020.


We are not just fighting for freedom and liberty here in the United States, we are fighting for people all around the world because we know that your voices and actions have been silenced with genocide muzzles and tracing apps.

AMAZING! Can hear you all from the West Wing Colonnade. A beautiful day in Washington, D.C. THANK YOU, PATRIOTS!! #MAGA🇺🇸🦅

Originally tweeted by Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 (@DanScavino) on November 14, 2020.



We are fed up with corruption and not going to CONCEDE, you DEMON RATS.


This is the enemy’s outrageous propaganda, mind control narrative.


All organizers and operatives will need to be arrested in order to re-establish law and order in the country.


First-line freedom fighters are moving the “narrative front” into “what are we going to do with all these traitors” conversations. Start getting the discussion going in your downline.


Top 10 Infamous Historical Executions

EXCLUSIVE: Allegations Hunter Biden stored child pornography on laptop sent to FBI


Rudy Giuliani tweets:

682K mail-in ballots in Philadelphia and Allegheny County were counted WITHOUT observers present.

A direct violation of a Court Order.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL and irredeemably compromised.


Did you catch this at the 3:03 minute mark of her discussion? Nick was there in the room in Wayne County, assisting her.


Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head After D.C. Rally


Jack ass has silenced the Leader of the Free World, again.

Follow ups:

The Silent Media is the Enemy of the People!!!

Thank you Mollie. The Free and Fair Press is gone in our country. They only write about what they want to write about. SUPPRESSION!

The Fake News Media hardly even discussed the tens of thousands of people that came to D.C. Formed organically, and in many parts of the Country!

Thank you Mark, but the Fake News Media will never say it!

Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on research via @nypost




Lin Wood Files Lawsuit Challenging Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Dark Unconstitutional Agreement with …….drum roll, please

Hillary Attorney Marc Elias




We are fighting this for every citizen in the world who wants to live in freedom and not the British tyranny that has dominated the modern world, from banking to warfare, from propaganda to indoctrination.

This poster remarks: This just appeared in the sky above Sydney Harbour!!! Australia is with you all the way!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!


‘judgemccoy’ posted a sentiment that we are reading all over the internet:

The rest of the world knows a trump victory is the only way out of this Orwellian nightmare the entire globe is living in under the guise of a virus that only kills people that were already about to die.




Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Company Refutes Claims?


Listen to the video and share the tweet.


I Am Sill Standing With President Trump


They never learned…

you can’t stump the Trump.


IF – Rudyard Kippling (POTUS 45)