China is the British Pilgrims’ latest communist front man



Fig. 1—Starting on Oct. 08, 1480 (to Nov. 28), Orthodox Christian Czar Ivan III stood down the Muslim “Golden Horde” at the gates of Moscow in a bloodless confrontation that threw off forever the 250-year Tatar-Mongol yoke on the Russian people and their threat to Christian Europe (the Great Stand on the Ugra River).

By comparison, British-American Pilgrims Society satanists siezed control of the 700-member National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) in 2005 (see below) to surrender America’s Christian moral force and economic might to Muslim jihadi terrorist hordes and communist China in 2005.

They have finally given their demonic strategy a name: “The Great Reset.”

New Attack of the Mongol Hordes—Surrender of America’s Might in 2005 to the Advancing Communist Hordes

Psycho Science is being used to push Pseudo Science to conjure up false Economic Science

On May 09, 2005, American venture capital bankers sold out to China and Muslim jihadists at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York—site of the formation of the Pilgrims Society U.S. on Feb. 04, 1903

Psycho Science progenitor W.T. Stead, the spiritual leader of the British Pilgrims Society (Oracle Larry Ellison’s father’s boss), conjured up the spirits of Cecil Rhodes and Baron Henry de Worms (Rothschild) for the U.S. Pilgrims Society, thus inhabiting the Waldorf-Astoria NY with elemental evil beings

On Oct. 31, 2017, the American Pilgrims Society inner circle traveled to Beijing for meetings with Xi Jinping in Beijing, in defiance of President Trump’s America First vision

While the DNC plotted coup against Trump in 2017, bank-tech-media-pharma traitors were in Beijing conspiring with Xi Jinping to take down Trump and the American Republic

China is the British Pilgrims latest communist front man.

Dec. 22, 2020On May 09, 2005, at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York City, James W. Breyer, the outgoing chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), Accel Partners, and Robert E. Grady, the incoming NVCA chairman, The Carlyle Group, pronounced treasonously that:

“China will be the next Silicon Valley.”

These British Pilgrims Society agents thus announced that they planned to move America’s wealth to China where a communist horde from the East could attack the Christian world.

Fig. 2—National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) chart showing the decline in U.S. investing since the Breyer/Grady NVCA Waldorf-Astoria pronouncement about the Chinese ascendancy and the decline of U.S. investing. This was evidently a self-aggrandizing prophecy since their companies were just incorporated in China just months earlier. Source: NVCA Yearbook.

Between Oct. 08-Nov. 28, 1480, Orthodox Christian Czar Ivan III stood down the Muslim “Golden Horde” at the gates of Moscow in a bloodless confrontation that threw off forever the 250-year Tatar-Mongol yoke on the Russian people and their threat to Christian Europe (the Great Stand on the Ugra River). See Fig. 2 below.


Fig. 3—The Ugra River (1480) Background:
During the spring of 1480, the citizens of Grand Duchy of Moscow decided to pay tribute any longer to the Horde/Tartars. After hearing word of this, the Khan of the Great Horde Akhmat directed his troops toward Moscow to seek the tribute or war. When the Mongols arrived at the Ugra River the passages and fords had been blocked by the armies of the Grand Duchy of Moscow causing Fighting to ensue over the fords for several days. Each time the Mongols would attack they be easily repelled by the armies of the Muscovy. Instead of continuing to attack Akhmat decided to wait causing the Great Stand on the Ugra River to occur.

Purpose of the Battle:
The Khan after finding the Muscovite people were not going to give him tribute decided to use force. The Khan before deciding to use force sent diplomats to the Muscovy people. This attempt to peacefully resolve the tribute issue failed, so the Khan sent in his armies.

The Battle:
The Standoff at the Ugra River was not an actual battle however, instead is was stare down contest that lasted many months. Akhmat could not find a passage through the river and decided to wait on reinforcements from the Polish-Lithuanian King Kazimir IV. During the time of stalemate negotiations and skirmishes occurred but no side could find an edge. As time passed the Khan had no word from his Polish-Lithuanian allies and found himself being surrounded by the Muscovy soldiers that walked many months around the river to flank the Khan’s army. With the Khan being surrounded, the Khan decided to retreat before he was outmaneuvered by the Muscovite troops. After retreating back to the Golden Horde he was told of an imposing attack from the Crimean Khan or the Nogais. Months after the Great Stand on the Ugra River, Khan Akhmat was killed in a battle against the Nogais, which in turn freed the Muscovites fully from the Golden Horde.

To this day, the Russian Orthodox Christian Church celebrates this salvation of their lands from the Muslim hordes with special thanksgiving worship services. Special Note: Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies, inventor of social networking, tells us that he was privileged in 1995 to participate in a massive church procession celebrating the Ugra River bloodless deliverance from the hordes in 1480. He says it was one of the first Church processions since before the Bolshevik Revolution. It started with a thanksgiving service at the newly-opened Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin, then proceeded across Red Square, past the former KGB headquarters, Lubyanka, where they stopped and sang “Memory Eternal” for the millions of souls who were victims of the communist’s demonic Gulag, and through the streets of Moscow to a monestary dedicated to this event in 1480. The procession culminated in a Divine Liturgy celebrated by Patriarch Alexi on behalf of the whole nation. He said the experience was “a glorious celebration of Christian love over Soviet communistic hate and destruction.”

SourceMicah Austin. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.

By comparison, the British-American Pilgrims Society seized full control of the 700-member National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) by May 09, 2005 to surrender America’s Christian moral force and economic might to Muslim jihadi terrorist hordes and communist China (see below).

Tellingly, just two months earlier, on Mar. 31, 2005, James W. and his father, John P. Breyer, incorporated IDG Technology Venture Investment III, L.P. that then formed “WininChina, Inc.” on Dec. 12, 2006 through HSBC in Hong Kong in an offshore account. WininChina was hidden from American regulators and only appeared in the HSBC Swiss Leaks dump of offshore banking activity. Clearly intended to cash in on his self-serving predictions with Blackrock.

Two weeks later, on May 26, 2005, James W. Breyer via his company Accel Partners invested $13 million in Facebook.

By that time Grady and his Carlyle Group had already sold out to the British Crown three years earlier by funding QintetiQ Holdings Plc and gave the Crown full control of the company.


Fig. 4—Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NY. Inhabited by the elemental spirits of the British Pilgrims Society and the global mayhem that has ensured since 1903 out of the evil plans for global domination and genocide laid herein.

On Feb. 04, 1903, 175 guests met in the Astor gallery at the Waldorf-Astoria to found the Pilgrims Society of the United States. the guest speaker was Admiral Lord Charles Bereford brought the guest to their feet when he proclaimed:

“I look forward to the reuniting of the United States of Great Britain and America.”

No doubt Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Elihu Root, Lord Rosebery (Rothschild), (Sir) Harry Brittain, Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail), Lord Burnham (Daily Telegraph), were there in addition to W.T. Stead (Review of Reviews), Cecil Rhodes’ biographer and spiritism mentor.

It should be noted that if Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild were the muscle behind the Pilgrims Society’s strategy for world domination, W.T. Stead was the spiritualist (demonic) brains who had been publishing satanic periodicals, promoting “Government by Journalism” and promoting parlor séances in Victorian England for decades through his periodical Borderlands.

Of special note is that the newly-formed British Pilgrims Society was already hosting Vladimir I. Lenin in London on the finer points of communism and socialism. Indeed, the evidence shows that the British Pilgrims were grooming Lenin for the eventual takedown of Christian Czar Nicholas II (A. Romanov).

Today, respectful Russians call him “Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer” in recognition of his brutal assassination including his entire family by Lenin’s Bolshevik communist hordes on Jul. 17, 1918.

Czar Nicholas (Queen Victoria’s nephew) had earlier abdicated on Mar. 15, 1917 following treacherous pressure put on him by Lord Alfred Milner, Pilgrims Society co-founder and British Privy Councilor. Milner had been aligning members of the Duma to support his plan for a Bolshevik takeover using Lenin as their front man.

The founding the American Pilgrims Society followed the earlier Aug. 08, 1902 formation of the Pilgrims Society of Great Britain at the Carlton Hotel in London. Earlier that year their chief demon organizer—Cecil John Rhodes—had died unexpectedly on Mar. 26, 1902.

No doubt that during the founding of their American Pilgrims Society subsidiary, W.T. Stead had conjured up Rhodes’ spirit and spoke for him in séances at the Waldorf-Astoria where they took instruction from the spirit of Cecil Rhodes.

In other words, in the process of promoting his brand of satanism, W.T. Stead infused demons into the organization and its Waldorf-Astoria nest as he acted as the bridge to the newly-dead Cecil Rhodes to a group of greedy, power mongering American bankers and industrialists obsessed with maintaining their wealth and power at any expense.

Experts familiar with the astrological interests of wealthy people confirm that such spirit-talk is all the rage at their swank parties.

Although this sounds far-fetched, it is not.

W.T. Stead is notoriously known for later founding Julia’s Bureau to “promote psychical research” and such activities as “spirit writing” or “automatic writing” and telepathy. The Bureau conducted over 1,300 “sittings” to conjure communications with the dead where W.T. Stead took his instruction on managing the Bureau from his dead friend Julia A. Ames, a former American journalist from Chicago.



On Oct. 31, 2017, James W. Breyer led a delegation of American business to meet with China’s dictator Xi Jinping in a program named the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Beijing).

Fig. 5James W. Breyer, Xi Jinping. (Oct. 31, 2017). Opening up of China means win-win cooperation for world: Premier Xi Jinping at Tsinghua University, including James W. Breyer, IDG-Accel Partners China, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Goldman Sachs, U.S. Treasury, Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzman, Tim Cook, Apple, David M. Rubenstein, Carlyle Group, John L. Thornton, Barrick Gold Corp, Satya Nadella, Microsoft, PDF, p. 15. China People’s Daily.

Note that Tsinghua University (Beijing). was an early member of the IBM Eclipse Foundation (Nov. 29, 2001) and received the stolen social networking inventions of Columbus OH innovator Leader Technologies.

Remarkably for a college lecture series, they were ushered into the Great Hall by Xi Jinping himself! When is the last time your college class was visited by Chinese royalty?

China Daily carried a full record of this meeting, and even took a magnificent photo showing the scene of the crime: James W. Breyer on Xi Jinping’s right hand and Goldman Sachs’ Henry Paulson on his left at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

The backgrounds of the participants represented essentially all of President Donald Trump’s major corporate political opponents. Notably, all of the participants were heavy Clinton Foundation donors and members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation that had stolen the social networking inventions of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies in order to make their many trillions of dollars.

Xi Jinping had James W. Breyer stand to his right and Hank Paulson to his left.

The timing of this meeting is uncanny. These power-brokers had just spent literally billions of dollars trying to stop Donald Trumps election in 2017. Despite massive election fraud, Trump won in a landslide.

Evidently, these Pilgrims Society insiders, still licking their election wounds, shuffled off to China to meet outside the bounds of U.S. law to ask Xi Jinping’s help in destroying the Trump presidency. The treacherous, traitorous, seditious deal with these devils was surely access to the U.S. economy and killing of Trump’s threatened trade tariffs.

Breyer-Blackstone Waldorf-Astoria venue on May 09, 2005 was the demon spawn returning to their elemental roots to gather their forces

If you doubt that the current attack on the Presidency and the Republic is demonic, consider the enemy’s choice of venues. They returned to the source of their evil, elemental power: the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, site of the Pilgrims Society’s American subsidiary’s founding.

Experts in spiritual warfare say that such behavior is common for demons. They draw strength from the sites of their previous conquests, just like murderers visit their crime scenes.

We have seen this earlier from the Pilgrims Society.

The records show that their First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 was held at Crystal City, Shepherd’s Bush in West London. Modern day intelligence and propaganda were both born out of this meeting, as was the modus operandi of Reuters and Associated Press. That site today is the location of BBC TV Centre, arguably the most skilled communist propagandist in the world.


We now know we are fighting the demons and elemental beings of a very depraved British Empire aristocracy from the late 1800’s to this day. They formed the Pilgrims Society to carry out their plan for world domination, depopulation, pharmaceutical tyranny, propaganda mind control and satanism.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping gave us a gift in his meticulous China Daily coverage of America’s demon spawn self-styled elitists who came running to him after the candidacy of Donald Trump thwarted them in 2016.

It is evident today that the Pilgrims Society continues to carry out their deal with the devil that these men struck with Xi Jinping.

It is also evident that Xi was hedging his bets, so he created a photographic record of the treachery of these American Pilgrims, just in case the wheels were to fall off of their pumpkin wagon.

Spread the word about these traitors.

(See 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Treason and 10 U.S. Code § 894 – Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition.)

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