Ketanji Jackson ancestral corruption

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Jackson’s ancestral “Boston Brahmins” corruption includes being a Crown Agent sabotaging the claims of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, opium trafficking* with George Peabody and the British East India Company, N.M. Rothschild British banking partner (benefactor to JP Morgan; controller of the Bank of England); State Street Corporation (opium trafficking beneficiary); conspiracy to turn American telecommunications over to Marconi Wireless UK and the British Pilgrims Society (with Joseph H. Choate) after WWI**, conspiring to monopolize banking, insurance and manufacturing in Boston

* On their ship named “Eclipse” – ref. IBM Eclipse Foundation (2001) founded to steal and distribute weaponized social networking technology globally.

** along with Federal Circuit Judge Leonard P. Stark’s ancestors



Eclipse (incl. opium) PDF p. 177


Frank Augustine Garner, M.D., compiler. (1933). GARDNER MEMORIAL, A Biographical and Genealogical Record of the Descendants of THOMAS GARDNER, PLANTER, Cape Ann, 1624; Salem (Naumkeag), (1626-74) through his son LIEUT. GEORGE GARDNER. Newcombe & Gauss Co., Salem, Massachusetts.

Charles Francis Adams, Jr., ed. (1883). Sir Christopher Gardiner, Knight, An Historical Monograph with Additions, 36 pgs. John Wilson and Son, Cambridge MA.

British Pirates with Masks

Boston Brahmins Caste


Let’s take a closer look at the Boston Brahmins

Jackson’s Boston Brahmin ancestors traded opium (on the ship “Eclipse” – one of 28 ships owned) for the British East India Company with their partner banker George Peabody, benefactor of the J.P. Morgan and darling of Queen Victoria.

Jackson’s Boston Brahmin ancestors include the founding editor of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) magazine Foreign Affairs, also ran State Street Bank in Boston, Mass. Hospital Insurance Company, owned all property in Salem, attended the League of Nations, co-founded of the Council on Foreign Relations, conspired with Cecil Rhodes in the first Boer War, conspired with Joseph Choate (Harvard roommate) (British Pilgrims Society formation), Y.M.C.A. conspiracy surrounding the Institute of Pacific Relations, conspired with the British Bolsheviks Lenin’s Soviet Union, Provident Insurance, conspired with AT&T, Western Union, Bell Telephone on Marconi Wireless takeover, Edison Electric, various insurance and manufacturing companies

Ship Arabia, owned by Jackson ancestor John Lowell Gardner PDF p. 174

Owned and operated these ships in trade with Russia and the British East India Company. Including co-owned ships with George Peabody, Queen Victoria’s favorite American robber baron, Rothschild business partner, and banking benefactor to Junius and J.P. Morgan :

Peabody took on Junius Spencer Morgan as a partner in 1854 and their joint business would go on to become J.P. Morgan & Co. after Peabody’s 1864 retirement. On July 10, 1862, he was made a Freeman of the City of London,

PDF p. 174

  2. 1. Arabia 1863 PDF, p. 177
  3. 2. Bunker Hill
  4. 3. California
  5. 4. Democrat
  6. 5. Duxbury
  7. 6. Eclipse (incl. opium) PDF p. 177
  1. 7. Gentleman
  2. 8. Grotius
  3. 9. Leonore
  4. 10. Lepanto
  5. 11. Lotos with Joseph and George Peabody
  1. 12. Marquis de Somerulas
  2. 13. Mars (steamship)
  3. 14. Monterey
  4. 15. Nabob
  5. 16. Napke
  6. 17. Naples with Joseph and George Peabody

18. Pallas with Joseph and George Peabody

  1. 19. Pioneer
  2. 20. Plate
  3. 21. Ruble
  4. 22. Sappaho
  5. 23. Shawmut
  6. 24. St. Paul
  7. 25. Ruble
  8. 26. Sumatra
  9. 27. Thetis
  10. 28. Unicorn

Owned Boston & Roxbury Mill Corporation

PDF p. 182

John Lowell Gardner (1804-1884)

John Lowell Gardner, of Gardner & Lowell, Boston_


Samuel Pickering Gardner (1767-1843)


Rebecca Russell Lowell (1779-1853)


Catherine (Peabody) Gardner (1808-1883)


Joseph Peabody Gardner (1828-1875)
George Augustus Gardner (1829-1916)
John Lowell Gardner II (1837-1898)
Julia (Gardner) Coolidge (1841-1921)
Eliza (Gardner) Skinner (1846-1898)

Born in Boston, he graduated from Harvard and became a merchant in the firm of Gardner & Lowell. His business mainly concerned shipping and commerce in the East Indies and Russia, and to a lesser extent Sumatra from where he imported pepper. In later life, he became a shrewd property magnate in Boston and Brookline. He had houses in Salem, Boston, Brookline, and Maine. His principal residence in Boston was on Beacon Street next to the old Somerset Club on the corner Somerset and Beacon Streets (see images). He was known as the last of the East India merchants and left a fortune of $5 million. In 1826, he married Catherine Peabody and they had five children. Among others, he was the father-in-law of the arts patron Isabella Stewart Gardner.


Boston Brahmin       Business Tycoons        Gilded Age           Property Magnates

John L. Gardner and his brother, George Gardner, inherited from their grandmother, Elizabeth Pickering Gardner, widow of John Gardner, sixth generation, No. 36, “all of the real estate in the town of Salem, consisting of about one hundred and eleven acres of pasture situated in the westerly part of said town of Salem.


Married a Peabody:

Catherine E. Peabody (1808-1883)

In January,1879, became president of the Massachusetts Hospital Insurance Company, which position he held at the time of his death.


PDF, p. 190

Joseph Randolph Coolidge

Son: John Gardiner (b. 1863)

PDF, p. 191-92

Son: Archibald Cary (Gardiner) Coolidge

Editor of Foreign Affairs (Council on Foreign Relations) from inception to his death

PDF, p. 192

Son: Harold Jefferson (Gardiner ) Coolidge

PDF, p. 193

Son: Julian Lowell (Gardiner) Coolidge

PDF, p. 194

Son in law Charles W. Armory (b. 1842).

Telecom partnership with RCA, AT&T, David Sarnoff, Pilgrims Society

PDF, p. 204

Son: George Gardner

PDF, p. 205

Daughter: Dorothy (Gardiner) Winthrop

PDF, p. 205

Daughter: Clara (Gardiner/Coolidge) Brooks

PDF, p. 205

Clara daughter: Rachel (Gardiner/Coolidge) Brooks b. 1883

Married James Jackson, Jun. 27, 1904

PDF, p. 207

Boston Brahmins association: