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Anonymous Patriots. (Jun. 01, 2022). Genealogy. American Intelligence Media.

Anonymous Patriots. (May 29, 2022). Andrew Torba and GAB are interlocked with Anthony Fauci, World Economic Forum, Bain Capital and nanotech biowarfare globalists. American Intelligence Media.

Andrew Torba and Gab Are interlocked with Anthony Fauci, World Economic Forum, Bain Capital and nanotech biowarfare globalists

The two headlines below are videos:

Andrew Torba Goes Anti-America, Claims That A Monarchy Is Better Than A Constitutional Republic

Andrew Torba Falsely Claimed In 2019 That They Built The Dissenter Web Browser From The Ground Up

Read Andrew Torba’s article: Why Christians Must Prepare for the Metaverse

Dropping Historic A-Bombs

USS Augusta (CL/CA-31) was a Northampton-class cruiser of the United States Navy, notable for service as a headquarters ship during Operation Torch, Operation Overlord, Operation Dragoon, and for her occasional use as a presidential flagship carrying both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman under wartime conditions (including at the Atlantic Charter).

AIMCat warriors: This is an opportunity to educate a large swath of citizens on @PatriotsdotWin about the Pilgrims Society and other things YOU know that they don’t even know to ask about. Be polite and informative. Here’s the original GAB post:

Sometime this week I posted a video about the release of malaria-carrying mosquitos in major urban areas. (Sorry, can’t recall the video so if anyone remembers, post on GAB or email me and I will place it here.)

Today I received a direct mail piece from a company I have never heard of for mosquito control. Notice the small box beside the leg of the man. It reads: MALARIA NO MORE.

Never in my life, living in Alabama and Florida, now in Michigan, have I ever seen a mosquito control company mention MALARIA in their ads.

This email note from a long-time AIMCat Nami. We thought it might interest others in the cattery. (Gab post.)

Before signing on to Gab in November 2016 as an alternative to Twatter, and as I do with all Social Media platforms, it was necessary to do a bit of due diligence before offering my details to them.

A quick search of Google of led me to the term Gabai or Gabbai (since changed to not long after posting to another student of yours, introduced by yours truly, on the gab site the apparent meaning of the site’s title) and the apparent coincidence in their labeling was astounding.

Naturally, while not as resourced as your wonderful teaching aid, AIM, that was the extent of my research but caution was the order of the day and the reason I warned my co student was for him to exercise similar caution.

I have just completed reading your extensive research on Torba, as I do ALL your other output, and you can imagine my satisfaction and ultimate disappointment in having you confirm, what I had established that yet another ‘savior’ of humanity’s right to free expression is no more than a hidden chameleon.

One description of Gabai, as per Yandex search today is detailed as below.

“Gabai is a word in Hebrew meaning “keeper” or “caretaker”. Gabai is a person responsible for the financial part of the synagogue life.”

Another more pronounced description is as follows: “n. The (lay) person who calls Jews to say blessings over the Torah reading and follows along with the Torah reading to correct any mistakes. n. The officer of the synagogue who determines which congregants are to receive Torah honors at the service. v. To serve as gabai.”

Tyla, once again I’d like to thank you and your team for your indefatigablity and the diligent way in which you impart and provoke knowledge. Special thanks and great RESPECT to the unparalleled genius himself and very special thanks to Mr McKibben and his miners. I simply do not think you will ever fully comprehend what you did to the awakening of our peoples with me forcing those that matter on this continent to open their eyes to the world we live in via your work and output.

Six years since George Webb mentioned your first output and I have not missed or not read a single article since then.. often disseminating your work to those that make decisions. Can’t thank you enough so I am not even going to try and start.

Note to Nami: Yes, we remember the original and legal (still) name – Gabai. As in ‘a.i.’ – artificial intelligence? And here we have Mr. Frog nudging Christian and conservatives to participate in the Metaverse or his version of Torbaverse? Seriously? Andrew Torba, self-proclaimed Christian and supporter of monarchies, wants fellow Christians to participate in the EVIL, Satanic, Tavistock programmed Metaverse to be missionaries for Jesus?

Mark Zuckerberg failed in rounding up Christians and conservatives in the Metaverse… so here comes Silicon Valley cardboard cut-out Andrew Torba to encourage you to become missionaries for Jesus in the realm of pure evil. Don’t do it. THIS IS NOT THE WAY. Keep those visors off of you and your children.

Read the resource material from Douglas’ conversation under the headline below:

The Globalists Believe Their Own Lies


When I listened to this interview, I was livid. How can Alex Jones be a fighter for ‘freedom and truth in media’ and not have interviewed Michael McKibben? Mike was the INVENTOR of social media networking, the very platform that Alex and Andrew have parked their sites upon. The THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA was the largest theft of our times, not just in money value, but in the millions of lives that have been destroyed because Leader’s technology was weaponized against humanity. Yet, Alex and Andrew pretend they don’t know who Michael and Leader are.

To contact Mr. Frog, his address on Gab is @a.