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New chapter added to our online TRUTH HISTORY book:

The moment August 2, 1945 when America and the modern world were overtaken by British mammon.

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Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist

“If you’ve been following the news lately then you’re probably aware of the resurgence of fear porn being generated around the possibility of nuclear war with Russia. And then there’s the ongoing story about Iran getting close to creating a nuclear bomb, or some other country trying to build a bomb. the message is ‘BE VERY AFRAID’. This nuclear bomb fear campaign has been whipped up ever since the end of World War 2, with the supposed ‘nuclear’ bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Here’s the good news: there are no nuclear bombs. And here’s the bad news: the ‘Master Parasites’ have been running this extortion, and money laundering operation to keep the world population in constant fear in order to extort trillions of dollars from current and future generations, while also stripping away freedoms to gain an increasing amount of control.”

Nukes Do Not Exist

Men stack crates of high explosives for the 100-ton test

”The nuclear trick is the biggest, boldest and baddest-ass scam in all of mankind’s ancient and eternal quest for power and profit.”

Exploding The Nuclear Weapons Hoax

Make sure to watch this 3 hour video on Odysee. Years ago it was on YouTube, but removed. If you have an ability to save it, please do.

We also made a permanent post of this video here:

Eric Dubay. (Jun. 13, 2019). Nuclear [weapons are a] Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist.

Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist

Torba’s Mission: Round up the Christians into Ahriman’s cyber world – the Metaverse – and proclaim (we speculate) a One World Religionverse.

Andrew Torba Wants To Build His Own Metaverse Matrix

Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, Václav Havel (R/L). (1992). World Economic Forum Annual Meetings. WEF.

The moment (Aug. 02, 1945) when America and the modern world were overtaken by British mammon

Note where they met……PLYMOUTH


King George VI says goodbye to President Truman after the Potsdam Conference (1945)

They have conquered the planet (so they think).

The presenter (in the video below) calls it “the commonwealth globe” – basically saying all the world is the British Commonwealth. Then the light array is in the image of a DNA strand which leads to a bizarre “tree of life” that looks like a 5G tree tower with antenna boxes handing off all its limbs.

In this public ritual Queen is signaling that the Monarch controls all humanity through the DNA manipulation (mRNA) of the Tree of Life. In Norse mythology, the world tree (Yggdrasil) is controlled by Odin and Frigg – but now the Queen proclaims to control humanity herself.

Is this her announcement to the world that the 5G system (vaccines, graphic oxide, dangerous milliwaves) will now be activated to destroy human DNA?

Go to 30 minutes inside video to see the ritual the Queen performed.

Platinum Jubilee LIVE: The Queen Lights Up the UK with Jubilee Beacons

Listen to this on GAB TV:

More Hirohima and Nagasaki photos. For more details see the Cat Report here.

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

At one time we were huge Trump supporters, but we thought he was telling truth and sincerely wanted to “drain the swamp”… then the “Father of Vaccines” revealed himself to be a traitor to America and complicit in global genocide by poison injections.

We think he may make a comeback, not to save America, but a Pied Piper to lead MAGA cultists right off the cliff of existence. You see, he was never the people’s trump card. Donald J. Trump is the Pilgrims Society TRUMP CARD to be played against humanity when the Pilgrims run out of options.

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Andrew Torba Goes Anti-America, Claims That A Monarchy Is Better Than A Constitutional Republic

Andrew Torba Falsely Claimed In 2019 That They Built The Dissenter Web Browser From The Ground Up

Then on June 2, 2022 the headline below was misdirected. Hmmm it’s not like me to make 3 headline link errors like this so my tin foil hat is lighting up.

Andrew Torba Claims That Liberty & Individual Freedom Are Satanic Constructs

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