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PROOF That it’s Coming – (You Must Prepare NOW)

After listening to the video above, the miners found a more extensive version and have preserved a copy for our records.

George W. Hunt, producer. (May 1, 1992) . George W. Hunt Stumbles Into NWO Meeting, Exposes 1992 Earth Summit (Agenda 21), The UNCED Earth Summit Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

QUEEN’S SATANlC RITUAL OF LIGHTS FOR THE TRANSFORMATION THAT’S HAPPENING…..The deadly combo of nanotubes injected into the bloodstream with deadly Marburg pathogens ready to be released from the tubes with the exact frequency coming from the 5G kill machines. Surely looks like the old hag is warning humanity that she will be modifying human DNA

Alexander Hamilton and British Banking Espionage

@VinCentari posts:

The Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes When Milner went to South Africa in 1897, Rhodes and he were already old acquaintances of many years’ standing. We have already indicated that they were contemporaries at Oxford, but, more than that, they were members of a secret society which had been founded in 1891. Moreover, Milner was, if not in 1897, at least by 1901, Rhodes’s chosen successor in the leadership of that society. The secret society of Cecil Rhodes is mentioned in the first five of his seven wills. In the fifth it was supplemented by the idea of an educational institution with scholarships, whose alumni would be bound together by common ideals—

Rhodes’s ideals. In the sixth and seventh wills the secret society was not mentioned, and the scholarships monopolized the estate. But Rhodes still had the same ideals and still believed that they could be carried out best by a secret society of men devoted to a common cause. The scholarships were merely a facade to conceal the secret society, or, more accurately, they were to be one of the instruments by which the members of the secret society could carry out his purpose.

This purpose, as expressed in the first will (1877), was: “The extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and of colonization by British subjects of all lands wherein the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour, and enterprise, . . . the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of a British Empire, the consolidation of the whole Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial Representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire, and finally the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the best interests of humanity.”

To achieve this purpose, Rhodes, in this first will, written while he was still an undergraduate of Oxford at the age of twenty-four, left all his wealth to the Secretary of State for the Colonies (Lord Carnarvon) and to the Attorney General of Griqualand West (Sidney Shippard), to be used to create a secret society patterned on the Jesuits. The reference to the Jesuits as the model for his secret society is found in a “Confession of Faith” which Rhodes had written two years earlier (1875) and which he enclosed in his will.

Thirteen years later, in a letter to the trustee of his third will, Rhodes told how to form the secret society, saying, “In considering questions suggested take Constitution of the Jesuits if obtainable and insert ‘English Empire’ for ‘Roman Catholic Religion.'” In his “Confession of Faith” Rhodes outlined the types of persons…”

The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley (video)

Note to AimCats: Quigley is a limited hangout as far as historians go. He never discusses the PILGRIMS SOCIETY which he full-well knew about. So why did he stop short of naming this secret society and the psycho and sociopaths that run it? Quigley’s history, as it turns out, is filled with omissions and half-truths. We call this FAKE HISTORY. The Pilgrims get away with this because they control all the publishers that publish history school textbooks and general subject history books.

That’s how they get away with lies like SANDY HOOK WHERE NO CHILDREN DIED. Investigator authors like James Fetzer who made the case that Sandy Hook was a hoax was dropped by publishers who wouldn’t publish the book and Amazon pulled the title. Fetzer had to offer his book for free in order to get truth known about Sandy Hook.

This is why we offer our series Truth History for the Modern World on-line and free. You will need to save the files to a computer, flash drive, or place of trust. You can update as we discover more truth history. Use in homeschool lessons, pass down to your family as truth history legacy, or even select one of the many discoveries and write a college paper or university dissertation about it – because no one else has!


Here’s another TRUTH HISTORY that you were probably not taught in government indoctrination “schools”. If your history class didn’t cover this topic, it’s not too late to learn about President Eisenhower’s concentration camps.

Make sure your high-school homeschool history lessons include this and other TRUTH HISTORY lessons we have compiled for you at Truth History of the Modern World

Video preserved below at these links:

James Bacque. (Jun. 13, 2022).  Eisenhower’s Death Camps. Historical Lies Exposed.


In today’s AIM history lesson, you learned that government school history class was filled with omissions and outright lies… like how none of us were taught about President Truman turning U.S. sovereignty over to King George VI back in 1945.

The moment August 2, 1945 when America and the modern world were overtaken by British mammon.

The BRITISH BLACK CHAMBER Revealed (Listen to audio on Rumble)

This discussion will have you spinning as all the pieces come together and land back into the British Privy Council and Monarch … once again.

After listening to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben reveal the BIGGEST SECRET of all, click this link to see the evidence that they found to support their claims:

Thanks AIMCat John on Gab at @notadoc for this witty cat meme. Frankly, much of our history in the United States is a FRAUD committed by Crown Agents in order to dumb-down and indoctrinate school children and college adults about the TRUTH of the Pilgrims Society control over the world.

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