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Russian Ministry of Defense Release on US Biological Activity in Ukraine 06/16/22

“Russian Ministry of Defense releases new official briefing, slides and documentation pertaining to US biological malfeasance! Direct accusations of violation of the Nuremberg Code and more direct evidence against Hunter Biden!

It means Russia is going all out to prove the US are in violation of international medical ethical law and in violation of biological weapons treaties.

Russia is directly accusing the upper echelons of US DNC, along with subservient non-government and foreign entities, of crimes against humanity.

The punishment for the crimes alleged is severe. The means to hold people accountable for these crimes are INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNALS.

Russia also seems to be directing this at individuals responsible, not the DoD, and are extending an olive brach to allow the DoD to throw the true perpetrators under the bus, and clean this mess up together.

Nuremberg 2.0, coming soon to a theatre near you.”

Exposing the Secret Societies of Ron DeSantis

Israel First DeSantis

entagor@fourpaws remarked:

@Gabriels_Horn I just watched your video at brighteon and tried to post a comment there:
“I agree, when wiki rushes to erase something, X marks the spot
deSantis is starting to give me the same vibes as Obama – a shallow biography, lame college footprint, leading to a safe position in gov under a boss connected to the Cabal then a rapid leap into higher office in a State with notorious crooked elections. if I remember right, deSantis opponent was found overdosed with in an unsavory hotel orgy – which in a crooked State would normally be swept under the carpet – not publicized …
almost as if they wanted to herd voters to desantis, and make desantis look clean clean clean by comparison. Now 5+ Governors play evil despots and deSantis plays the liberator and the MSM does not try to destroy DeSantis
Gabriels Horn is on the trail This is a lot to absorb”
My first comment was removed instantly
so I posted a second comment about my comment being removed for saying desantis had a thin history like obama , and he got into office because his opponent had a scandal, and now plays good cop/bad cop with certain governors.
this comment was removed instantly.
so I posted that my comments are being removed, and that was removed instantly
Only one comment is left up, implying you are mental….
I am surprised this happened at Natural News.

Actually, @fourpaw, I am mental – a very stable mental genius who can grow a garden, fry chicken, please my man Douglas in between meme warfare, and expose the PILGRIMS SOCIETY. So kiss my grits, St. Elmo DeSantis.

Listen to what Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discovered in their research. Also available on Brighteon:

Memoirs of a banking-house

Page n8

“The private banking-house so long known in Scotland in connection with the name of Sir William Forbes—merged since 1838 in the joint-stock Union Bank of Scotland—had a somewhat complicated genealog}^, reaching far back in the last century—the century of progress in Scotland—and even faintly gleaming through the obscurities of the one before it, when mercantile efforts and speculations were taking their birth amidst the embers of scarcely extinct civil wars and all kinds of private barbarisms. The genealogy is here traced through a firm styled John Coutts «fe Co., of which the principal member was John Coutts, lord-provost of Edinburgh in the years 1742 and 1743, to Patrick Coutts, who carried on considerable merchandise at Montrose in the reign of William III. The concern is shewn as the main stock from which branched off the eminent London banking firms of Coutts & Co., Strand, and Herries & Co., St James’s Street.”

Rothschild & Big Banking Groups

The Coutts Brothers

Ralph Richardson. (1902). Coutts & Co., Bankers, Edinburgh and London. Elliot Stock (London).

The fiancé of Congressman Ron DeSantis’ late sister, Christina Marie DeSantis, Stephan Pasiewicz, was an employee/partner for six years at Coutts Bank (2006-2012). Christina died in London May 12, 2015 for unexplained reasons.

Stephan Pasiewicz. (Accessed Jun. 17, 2022). Biography. LinkedIn. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

Stephan Pasiewicz

This note from AIMCat Peter. You will need to check sources if the info resonates with you:

Living in Tallahassee, I am intimately familiar with Ron DeSantis. He is most vulnerable around the issue of water. Mosaic is a giant conglomerate that runs phosphate mines in Florida linked to Rothschilds. Dan Canfield was the chief water scientist at the University of Florida who verified a solution to water pollution. His number two became the water scientist to DeSantis. However, he resigned after one year citing undue influence of lobbyists. Florida has Senate and House legislative committees that require no cap on donations. The biggest donors, in this case Mosaic, allow their interests to be foremost. You may have seen in the news a 70 acre holding pond near Tampa that leached into the Gulf creating red tide conditions. That is just the tip of the Phosphate piles or iceberg to use the correct analogy.

Gab post: Article:

This Injunction to prevent use of electronic voting machines in AZ was just filed.

Proposed Plaintiffs’ Preliminary Injunction, Doc. No. 33. (Jun. 08, 2022)Lake et al v. Hobbs et al (no electronic voting machines in AZ Nov 2022 elections), Case No. 2:22-cv-00677-JJT (Judge John J. Tuchi), filed Apr. 22, 2022. (D. Ariz. 2022)

Is Barron a Nephilim? Would make sense. His daddy, the ‘Father of Vaccines’, is probably a walk-in for a host of demons and fallen angels and his mother, also morally compromised, a wealthy lingerie model. The ‘walk-in‘ would have happened about the time Don the Con made his deal with the devil, before Baron was conceived (pre June 2005).

Why haven’t you seen Barron Trump in public since Trump left office? Is it because the young Nephilim has added another foot to his height? How long will they keep the giant hidden? Are we living through Biblical times and the giants are returning?

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Gab post:

Here’s a raunchy comedian/nne (not sure of sex) – if you need a belly laugh and can take raw, gutter humor.

From reading ‘this and that’ on the internet about the CBDC, plus the highly-valuable (wink) astrological information Douglas gave me about May 2023 being a whopper of a month, we would say that they will attempt to roll out Monopoly Money 2.0 in Q2 of 2023. Until then spend your fiat currency as quick as it comes to you – whether it’s paying off home and car debt, prepaying utility and insurance bills, buying tools and food for the coming apocalypse, or buying a few bags of small denomination silver coins. Once it collapses, Federal Reserve notes will only be good for toilet paper.

Listen to Jerome Powell:

Y’all get the word out through your downline about the TRUTH of Ron DeSantis. Better that we do not have an “election” or “president” until this House of Cards collapses and we can regroup under the Constitution as it is actually written. Ron is just giving America to the British Pilgrims Society.