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Keep Educating and Enlightening your Downline about Truth History and How it Relates to Today’s News

We see the results and you cats are amazing!

Make sure your favorite independent or alternative news source is reporting this TRUTH HISTORY that has meaning and consequences for the current GENOCIDE of humanity. We must KNOW OUR ENEMY if we are to defeat it.

AIMCats, make sure to educate and enlighten your downline cats about the enemy – the British-American Pilgrims Society. Learn the BIG SECRET of these Skull and Bones/St. Elmo Hall secret societies and shine a light on truth, exposing these clandestine operations out to destroy America and put her under British rule.

Government by Journalism is Pilgrims’ Propaganda to Control the World

How much longer will corrupt Supreme Court justices be able to fool the American people about their British loyalties? The American Revolution never ended, AIMCats. There are still two sides in America fighting this war for our freedom from British tyranny – British Loyalists and American Patriots.

Now that we clearly know that the enemy of humanity is the British Pilgrims Society, we might say the two sides in this global war are:

Pilgrims Society v Patriots Everywhere

Listen to this powerful video and share with your glaring. Available on Brighteon: Inconvenient Truths about the Justices at the Supreme Court.

EPA decision. Roberts wrote for the majority.

Here’s the opinion, just posted:

OPINION. (Jun. 30, 2022). West Virginia et al v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) et al, Case Nos. 20-1530, 20-1531, 20-1778, 20-1780, Argued February 28, 2022—Decided June 30, 2022, Cite As: 597 U.S. ___ (2020).

Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam. (May 20, 2020). Petition for Rehearing with Appendix, Arunachalam v. Lyft Inc., Case No. 19-8029 (U.S. Supreme Court 2020).

First Pilgrims Strategy, take over President and Supreme Court – Replicate Monarch and Monarch’s Court

Lillian Scott Troy. (Feb. 17, 1912). The 24-step Pilgrims Society Corp Imperial Federal Strategy to Return America to British Rule by Hon. J. Thorkelson (MN-1940). SF Leader, GPO.

Complaints to take up Sua Sponte

1. Financial Holdings in the interlocked Facebook companies at all court levels during Leader v. Facebook

2. Discovery that US Patent Office contracted with Facebook during Leader v. Facebook

3.  Discovery that USPTO run by British SERCO and QINTEIQ controlled by the British Monarchy during Leader v. Facebook

4. Discovery that Barack Obama contracted with Facebook during Leader v. Facebook

5. Hillary Clinton contracting with Facebook during Leader v. Facebook – obstruction of justice

6. Leonard P. Stark Facebook holdings, conspiracy with Eric Holder and Obama during Leader v. Facebook

7.  Conspiracy at Federal Circuit judges, holdings, fraud with chief judge Randall Rader during Leader v. Facebook

8. Leonard P. Stark complaint at the Senate Judiciary, evidence on the record

9. Summary of corruption in Amended Miller Act Notice, evidence on the record

10. District Court, Federal Circuit Appeals Court, Supreme Court evidence on the record

11. Arunachalam disclosure of John Roberts re. Knights of Malta

12.  Adverse Domination

13.  Sua Sponte

Pope Francis makes statement on Roe v Wade

@Dr_DeLong remarks: “British propaganda taking us toward world war for the third time.”

Sir General Patrick Sanders Full Speech on Mobilising the Army Today

Start speaking up … loud and clear. Attend local board meetings, from school boards to water boards, and demand that the globalist agenda be stopped immediately. Whenever politicians and bureaucrats show up in public with their globalist agendas, BOOOO them off the stage. Use your citizen comment time to give these low-life communists a reminder of who they serve – and it isn’t Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles. They serve We the People.

Higgins Slams Unconstitutional Gun Control Legislation

Listen to this riveting comment from a person fed up with globalist agendas in the schools:

From 2020 and still hot off the truth history press. THE SPIDER’S WEB: BRITAIN’S SECOND EMPIRE (DOCUMENTARY)

Here’s the full animated version backup:

Gabriel, McKibben. (Jun. 10, 2022). ANIMATED VERSION: Andrew Torba and his British Pilgrims Society friends pretend to be evangelical Christians, but are cons in real life. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.

Jim Stone posted:
Darpa can crack Bitcoin now.

Our response:

Goodness, Jim Stone, are you that far behind the narrative that you don’t know this about Bitcoin? Giddy up, man.

Love, Betsy.

The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast – Episode 19 – Patents, Bitcoin & Tether. Are They Connected?

Available on Hulu:

@WendyBlue posts: “There were many beautiful things in this documentary, on so many levels. It made my heart hurt a bit, but was full of possibilities and wondrous things. Thank you for suggesting watching this. It was amazing.”

The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and their beloved dog when they make a choice that takes them from their tiny L.A. apartment and into the countryside to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature.

P. S. The master gardener in the documentary was a great friend of Douglas’; they worked on several projects together back in the day.

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