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CARTEL BABYLON – GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT interview with Gabriel and McKibben YouAreFreeTV

Free. (Nov. 22, 2022)..  CARTEL BABYLON, Part 2: GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT, interview with Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben. YouAreFreeTV. Source:

Exposing the Babylonian Radhanites aka the Babylonian Cartel

Douglas Gabriel, Michael McKibben. (Nov. 22, 2022). Exposing the Babylonian Radhanites aka the Babylonian Cartel. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. Source:

The future Crown Director of the British East India company, Sir Henry Rawlinson, and senior to Lord Roberts and Cecil Rhodes, was involved in the loss of 30 tons of antiquities from Babylon in 1855. Rawlinson died in 1895, but not before he had introduced his son also named Henry to Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, John Buchan, Winston Churchill, W.T. Stead, Lord Balfour, Lord Rothschild, etc. in the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER British South Africa Company of BABYLONIAN RADHANITES. Sir Rawlinson was directly involved in the censorship of the proofs about their pagan Radhanite Babylonian secrets in the Tigris River in what is today Basra (“The Al-Qurnah Disaster”) (where British Troops were headquartered during the Iran-Iraq conflicts, curiously. This would help insure that none of the cuneiform antiquities mentioning the Radhanites would wash up on short before being sequestered quckly.

(Proof of the pagan “Jewish” Radhanite Bankers would have been in that stash in the tens of thousands of cuneiform records of contracts, which included interest bearing loans.)

Catalogue of the cuneiform tablets in the Kouyunjik collection of the British museum,_1st_Baronet


Old Babylonia charged interest on loans c. 1894 BC – c. 1595 BC

Almost 2000 years before Jesus Christ – before the seizure of the Euphrates region by Joshua

1200 years before the Major and Minor Prophets condemned usury

Human slavery was inseparably intertwined into the loanee’s inability to pay in numerous circumstances

Gabriella Spada. (2011). A Handbook from the Eduba’a: An Old Babylonian Collection of Model Contracts (c. 1894 BC – c. 1595 BC.), Vol. 101 (Issue 2), pp. 204-245. Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und Vorderasiatische Archäologie. Sources: and

The Pharisees at the Temple in Jerusalem regularly sent their rabbis to Babylon to study the Babylonian Talmud

The Babylonian Talmud gave exceptions to usury at every turn

By the time Jesus Christ cleansed the Temple of its Babylonian Rhādānite usurers, Judaism in Israel was tacitly blessing usury

Michael L. Rodkinson, trans. (1918). The Babylonian Talmud, Vols. 01-10. Ultimate Bible Reference Library, Jewish Virtual Library. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

Doesn’t this horse look familiar?,_from_Khorsabad,_Iraq._Iraq_Museum.jpg

A horse and an Assyrian groom, from Khorsabad, Iraq. Iraq Museum,_tramping_a_dead_or_dying_enemy,_part_of_a_war_scene_from_Khorsabad,_Iraq._The_Iraq_Museum.jpg


This is interesting even if not so usefully sourced. Accurate information though, from our vantagepoint.

[ Unknown. (Uploaded Sep. 11, 2014). The Crown Temple, Secret Society of the Third Way Order by Rule of Mystery Babylon. Source: ]

The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple

Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200’s. The Queen and Queen Mother of England are current members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated – for a definite and purposeful reason: You can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public “front door” unless you’re a private member called to their Bar.

While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America. This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

Archivist. (Accessed Nov. 23, 2022). School text, legal exercise for a loan contract [with interest], Old Babylonian – Period (c. 1900-1600 BC. Online Archive of California.

FTX Bankruptcy Attorney Shield Names of Creditors

Blackrock invested in many FTX beneficiaries (debtors) in addition to their FTX investments.

Trump’s wise guy Anthony Scaramucci was on the take.

FTX CEO J.J. Ray III was Enron’s scam artist working with the City of London to consolidate trading exchange controls in both London and New York. FTX is more of the same, now attempting to ensconce CRYPTO over the objections of most of the world

John J. Ray III, CEO, FTX Trading Ltd., former CEO of Enron

According to FTX’s court disclosures, the company paid Ray a $200,000 retainer fee and $1,300 per hour.

Former director for Fruit of the Loom in the UK, 1998

Former director of Waste Management Inc.

DEBTORS (Beneficiaries of FTX investment)

47. CRYPTO BAHAMAS LLC. Anthony Scaramucci

41-42- Clifton Bay Investments. Immediately merged with:

THIS AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO THE AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (this “Amendment”), dated as of October 15, 2019, is made by and among DFB Healthcare Acquisitions Corp., a Delaware corporation (“DFB Healthcare”), BM AH Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “BM Blocker”), Access Point Medical, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “A Blocker” and, together with the BM Blocker, the “Blockers”), DFB Merger Sub LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Merger Sub”), AdaptHealth Holdings LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Company”), BlueMountain Foinaven Master Fund L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, BMSB L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, and BlueMountain Fursan Fund L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership (the “BM Blocker Sellers”), Clifton Bay Offshore Investments L.P., a British Virgin Islands limited partnership (the “A Blocker Seller”), and AH Representative LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Company Unitholders’ Representative”).

64. West Realm Shires Financial Services Inc.

Mr. Bankman-Fried is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of each of FTX Trading Ltd. and West Realm Shires Services Inc.d/b/a FTX US.

West Realm Shires Inc. in NPORT-P NPORT-EX of filed (2022-08-25) BlackRock Private Investments Fund (Percentages shown are based on Net Assets)

FTX “bankruptcy” is a WINDFALL FOR THE “LEGAL” and “ACCOUNTING” PROFESSIONS. Look at the list of prospective clients with claims and filing that will go on for years.