Was East Palestine a disaster simulation for bankers to install ESG?

East Palestine was a Test? Was East Palestine a disaster simulation for bankers who are working to shut down businesses by fabricating disasters to install ESG?

Transport of hazardous materials through towns is tightly controlled in Ohio and normally the trains slow down to a crawl inside city limits to avoid such spills as we just witnessed in East Palestine

Internet “dark” and “lit” fiber trunk lines, wherever possible, are embedded under railroad rights of way. 

Rail derailments are a sneaky way to selectively shut down digital communications.


“There are network partners that internet service providers utilize for the transport of internet traffic,” Walton said. “That’s where the outage occurred yesterday. It affected other internet service providers as well.”


Rail service disruptions along this rail/internet fiber system::

Chicago <> Northeast
PONYNJ <> Cleveland/Detroit/Ohio Valley
KC/STL <> Northeast




Spread Networks is a company founded by Dan Spivey and backed by James L. Barksdale (former CEO of Netscape Communications Corporation) that claims to offer Internet connectivity between Chicago and New York City

Spread Networks is partnered with CME Group, “THE WORLD’S LEADING DERIVATIVES MARKETPLACE.”




AT&T Internet trunk lines in Ohio are censored here:

FIND COMMUNICATION CABLES IN YOUR PART OF THE WORLD. This is an interactive map that shows where communication cabling is laid all around the world.


This information is posted for education purposes and is not intended as a DIY project. For more locations and maps of lines, visit this CAT REPORT. Meow.