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Where is America’s US Army war material in the Ukraine? Ask British Sir General Gordon Messenger, he tracks it thru Qinetiq.

Click to access 2023-03-02-Proof-that-British-QinetiQ-tracks-US-Army-assets-under-contract-globally-Anonymous-Patriots-Mar-02-2023.pdf

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British Qinetiq Controls U.S. Army Assets

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Nathan Rothschild: “We cannot afford to lose Ukraine”

British & American spies weaponized modern intelligence to enrich themselves, their knights, bankers, lawyers, accountants, propagandists and war corporations thru continuous fake enemies and contrived conflicts

Their “Inner Sanctum” brotherhood took an “ULTRA oath” not to reveal even the existence of their Mar. 05, 1946 agreement and only grudgingly allowed the FBI to join

U.S. Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze, ASA, NSA was groomed by the 1946 “Inner Sanctum,” created Echelon, then stole and weaponized Leader Technologies’ social networking invention

The Senior Executive Service (SES) and IBM hired tens of thousands of German scientists from Operation TICOM (Target Intelligence Committee linked to Bletchley Park that includes Operation Paperclip as just one of its projects) to staff U.S. corporations using stolen IP

We have reloaded all the videos that were removed by YouTube so that you can catch up with your TRUTH HISTORY lessons:

If you are not on Gab with @Gabriels_Horn, you may have missed our excitement in trying out electroculture in our gardens this year. Although the copper wiring doesn’t have to be this fancy to work, Douglas had a fun time adding crystals to the stakes that will go in our grow bags, and it adds quite the sparkle to the garden. Would love to hear from you in the comments section about your gardening upgrades this year.

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The Mystery Of The Pre-Placed Orange Car By The Drainage Pipes: East Palestine Train Crash Investigation

What was this car doing at the site of the crash? Why did it catch fire like this?!

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Shout out to Aquarius Skylark on Gab as @thompson_uk for all the edgy memes lately.

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Indoor food growers in UK forced to shut down greenhouses due to skyrocketing energy costs (stemming from Nord Stream destruction)

If you can, grow more than you need. Take the overflow to a local church, soup kitchen, or food bank. This way you can share your bounty without putting a target on your back of being a household that has fresh produce.

You can find our daily posts on Gab @Gabriels_Horn where we keep an eye on Andrew Torba who keeps pushing A.I. on Christians. If you receive his newsletters, you will be constantly reminded of all the reasons why ‘Ahrimanic Intelligence’ is a good thing. Beware of Torba narratives – from Jesusland to Christian A. I. – he’s just another cardboard DARPA cutout who hasn’t paid his licensing fees to Leader Technologies for parking Gab on a patented platform. It’s called THEFT, Andie.

Why The Worldview of The People Building AI Matters

Meme courtesy of @CoachisCool on Gab.

AIMCats in the Russian army?

We also post quick audios over on Substack. Many times these conversations are happening at our dinner time so we call them “kitchen conversations”, but we also post material that would be censored on other platforms. Here are some of the recent ones:

Victory Over the Apocalypse

What are all these UFOs?

The Fog of AI Wars

Lose Your Human Thinking with ChatGPT

Big shout out to Free from YouAreFreeTV for joining the Mike and Doug conversations. If you missed any of the latest ones, they are below:

A.I. is the AntiChrist and the End Times are Here

Cartel Babylon Seizes America – Douglas Gabriel, Michael McKibben, and Free

Smart trains, poisons, and digital ID

I am thinking about going back to the Cat Report format so that I can keep material archived on our main site. It is easier for me to use the search bar to find AIM/AFI material since Google blocks just about everything we post. A few cats have indicated that they enjoy receiving a Cat Report in their inbox; they like to take time reviewing the material instead of losing it in a long Gab timeline.

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