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EPA Head Admits The Water In East Palestine Is Toxic. (29 seconds) This Is Way Too Big Of a Disaster For The CCP-Democrats And Corrupt Fed Agencies Cover Up.

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AIMCat Mario dropped us a request: “A while past AIM posted on a discovery on purposefully depressing price of silver by 16 times comparing to price of gold.
Could AIM please repost this fact. Thx”

Our reply to Mario: “Here you go. The link below takes you to a Bitchute video.”


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Looks like some naughty bloggers are spreading devastating TRUTHS about Ron DeSantis – so much so that the Florida legislature wants to silence free speech when it comes to their puppet governor. The legislature has proposed that if you write a blog about their elected public officials, you must register. As Clif High summarizes: “Basically treating bloggers as lobbyists.” (See Clif’s post.)

This is a great opportunity for cats to explain to their downlines why Ron DeSantis is bad for America with these blockbuster reports:


Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Is a Valley Girl

Exposing the Secret Societies of Ron DeSantis

Israel First DeSantis

entagor@fourpaws remarked:

@Gabriels_Horn I just watched your video at Brighteon and tried to post a comment there:
“I agree, when Wiki rushes to erase something, X marks the spot. DeSantis is starting to give me the same vibes as Obama – a shallow biography, lame college footprint, leading to a safe position in gov under a boss connected to the Cabal then a rapid leap into higher office in a State with notorious crooked elections.”

Listen to what Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discovered in their research.

Ron DeSantis gives away America to the British Empire

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And if that isn’t enough, Conservative Treehouse just posted this update to the DeSantis saga:

AP Promotes Unfounded and Non-Evidenced Israeli Claim That Pro Trump Twitter Accounts Are Bots Attacking DeSantis and Haley

“In addition to the Twitter Files, stories averse to the interests of the state (Hunter Biden laptop) and fake stories created in the interest of the state (Trump-Russia) are all manipulated by the network of intelligence agencies, quasi government actors and the social media platforms.  This is not debated any longer. There is overwhelming evidence of this reality now.

It is into this context that the Associated Press now promotes a story (with extremely sketchy sourcing) claiming that too much “pro-Trump” support exists on Twitter, and too much anti-DeSantis activity exists on Twitter, for that to be an authentic representation of reality.  You see, inside the eco-chamber of the mainstream media, they cannot reconcile organic outcomes that are the opposite of their worldview.”

Boo hoo. We busted the Pilgrims’ plan wide open:

@BlackForest sends in this pix entitled: CAT FIGHT CLUB. Cats around the world have been lighting grass fires using the fuel of TRUTH…and spreading it to their networks of hundreds of citizens addicted to truth. The government and its ‘propaganda arm’ cannot compete with our organic movement. Meow.

Memes are flying through social media about Ron DeSantis.

See this hilarious rendition of DeSantis on twitter:

As one commentor wrote: “It is clear that all these Agencies are all in for FILTHY Ron. Mockery is an effective weapon for us little guys. Let’s start it off with some new nicknames. For those who think it is childish, save your typing, I don’t care. This Phony Backstabber needs to be smashed before he even declares.” 

I have a few Desuggestions.

Chef Boy RD (fellow Treeper wrote this)
Ron Destablishment (fellow Treeper wrote this)
Ron DeSoros (fellow Treeper wrote this)
Ron DeSanctimonious
Ron Debackstabber
Ron DeSleazey
Ron Decension in the ranks
Ron DeShiznit
Ron DeSockpuppet
Ron De Soiledpants
Ron DeSoreloser
Ron DeSellout
Ron DeSuperficial
Ron DeSuitcase full of cash
Ron Desimilar to Ted Cruz
Ron Desecond rate
Ron DeDontsaygay
Ron DeServesnothing

Let’s grow Delist

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Gab is using all the marketing tricks it can to lure Christians into Ahrimanic Intelligence (A.I.) which is dangerous to human thinking. As you pour more and more of your original thoughts into the aiBorg and it spits out what seems to be great answers, your thinking capacity as a human begins to decline.

For example, what has happened to your handwriting abilities since you started using a smart phone and keyboard? What has happened to your ability to read a book after spending years reading flashy, fast-moving material on a screen?

Be assimilated into Ahrimanic Intelligence and you will lose your ability to think as a natural, organic human being.

Below are some uplifting spiritual videos that Douglas, Free, and John have offered in the last few weeks.

Apocalypse is Now! The End Times are Here!

Victory Over the Apocalypse – Douglas Gabriel

Rudolf Steiner and the Holy Grail – John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel