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Michael and Douglas are at a conference this weekend and love the new friends they are meeting. Michael was the keynote speaker and Douglas was a mystery guest interviewed by the conference organizer. They asked me to post all the places that their new friends could follow them so here you go:

Michael and the miners post their research at

Together, Michael, Douglas and Tyla post at the site you are currently on: Enjoy our popular Cat Reports that will keep you abreast of forward edge information needed to win the Information War.

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Our political and citizen research material can also be found on YT and Brighteon.

American Intelligence Media @americanintelligencemedia3024

Brighteon at Gabriels’ Horn

Douglas and Tyla post spiritual material at:

We also maintain two YT videos for our spiritual content. One is on the Gospel of Sophia channel; the other is the Douglas Gabriel channel. This is where you will find a playlist called “Interviews with an Exorcist“, a series that will continue in the spring.

We also have a presence on Substack where we have share our audio discussions with you. Conference goers, might like to hear these, for starts:

Blinded by the Light Gave Me Vision of the Divine

All vaccines are poison. Period.

The Gabriels Find Spiritual Immortality

If you attended the conference and would like to have Douglas and/or Michael be a guest on your video channel, please contact us here:

Terry on Gab @welovetheusa posted this Glass Bead. They Were ALL after this Holy Roman Empire Relic…“The Spear of Destiny” My first thought was – hey who’s that red head with a spear?

Greg Braden’s history of the spear is not accurate; however, AIMCats know the provenance of the spear.

Hidden History of the Grail Queens

Searching for the REAL Holy Lance

Hidden History of the Grail Queens

Learn about the Spear of Longinus and discover how a first century Roman hosta found its way to Antioch…then Michigan:

To the conference attendees, the links below will give you more information on the content that was discussed by Michael and Douglas:

Important Message from Michael McKibben

Attention patriots: Important message from Michael McKibben, Founder and CEO of Leader Technologies, Inc.

How Michael McKibben Brought Down the Iron Curtain Through Music

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg

One of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times was the theft of scalable social networking inventions. The technology and programming code that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most the other large-scale social networking companies runs on Leader Technologies’ intellectual property.

A regular contributor to our video collection is Infotoons. Check out their A.I.M. playlist. Here the creator is presenting the backstory of the theft of social media:

The Theft of Social Media

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones

Midi-chlorians and the Force Revealed

Victory Over the Apocalypse – Douglas Gabriel