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Gov. DeSantis’ Disney rule usurped by King Charles III

Disney Pulled Fast One On DeSantis, Used ‘Royal Lives’ Clause To Preserve Power

Knowing that DeSantis is a Pilgrims Society puppet as well as an attorney and British loyalist, he probably knew full well what was going on here.

The clause about King Charles III is absolutely real. The agreement — from the 2/8/23 Reedy Creek board meeting — can be found on It appears to have been posted days after @GovRonDeSantis signed the law he says was “ending the Corporate Kingdom”. 5/

Here is the link to the thread:


The newly-renamed Reedy Creek Improvement District board appointed by @GovRonDeSantis just discovered the former board signed last-minute agreements with Disney granting the company enormous power to develop its property. 1/

The new Reedy Creek (now CFTOD) board is now considering legal action to address the agreements between Disney and the old board, which were approved weeks before @GovRonDeSantis signed the law altering the special taxing district. 2/

“I cannot think of a more naked attempt to circumvent the will of the voters, the will of the legislature, and the will of the governor,” said one board member, who read aloud one of the reported agreements between Disney and the former Reedy Creek board. 3/

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Like we have been saying for years… We did not win the American Revolutionary War against the British. They tricked us. But it doesn’t mean they have won, for good; it means the AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR is not over. The British Imperial Empire, the Pilgrims Society, and King Charles III are still ENEMIES of America and the world.

Founder John Adams wrote wife Abigail that he was “gloomy” about the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War in 1783


It is because pagan Babylonian Radhanite fake Jewish British bankers (the “Synagogue of Satan,” Rev. 3:9 ) were allowed to keep control in America

The American Revolution formally ended on Sep. 03, 1783 with the Treaty of Paris.[1]

Signing for America were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay.

David Hartley III signed for King George III.

John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail the next day that he was gloomy about the Treaty.

Why was Adams gloomy?

The actual words of the Treaty tell us why.

Article 1 affirmed American government sovereignty.

—70 words.

But, Articles 4, 5 and 6 preserved all British credit and property claims and rights throughout America.

—632 words.

At that very same time, the fake Jewish German-British Babylonian Radhanite pagan merchant-banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild said:[4]

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

—Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)[5] In other words, British banks and their American counterparts preserved all their controls over American property and commerce, trade and currency via their

opium and slave trade control over Boston and New York banks like Suffolk Bank (1818).[6]

American reliance on British credit was widespread. Private debt was common to all classes of Virginia society.

British Spy No. 7 Alexander Hamilton had just formed America’s first bank, the Bank of North America (1781).[7] (See our post: Alexander Hamilton: British Pilgrim Spy and Saboteur)

Hamilton’s bank was heavily financed by Bank of England interlocks in the British East India Company, Hope & Co (Amsterdam), London Treasury, the Rothschilds, Barings, John Barker Church (aka John Carter) and London Assurance Company.[3]

Adams knew British Crown-chartered corporations would (and have) continue to dominate the world, including America:

Within just a few years, Alexander Hamilton, British Spy No. 7, founded three more banks funded by his British banking partners:[1]

  1. (Already founded) Bank of North America (1781), now Wells Fargo;
  2. Bank of New York (1784), now BNY Mellon;
  3. First Bank of the United States (1791), now BNY Mellon, Citizens, HDBC, Barings and Rothschild; and
  4. Manhattan Bank (1799), now JPMorgan Chase, Rothschild.

John Adams was understandably gloomy about the Treaty of Paris.

Adams knew that British banks maintained control.

Adams knew that America never won the American Revolution.

The British Empire is still running America via its Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker Pilgrims Society.

Article 1

His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz. New-Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode-Island & Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New-York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia, to be free sovereign & Independent States; that he Treats with them as such, and for himself his Heirs & Successors relinquishes all Claims to the Government Propriety and Territorial Rights of the same & every Part thereof.

Article 4

It is agreed that Creditors on either Side shall meet with no Lawful Impediment to the Recovery of the full Value in Sterling Money of all bona fide Debts heretofore contracted.

Article 5

It is agreed that the Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the Legislatures of the respective States to provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights and Properties which have been confiscated belonging to real British Subjects; and also of the Estates Rights & Properties of Persons resident in Districts in the Possession of his Majesty’s Arms, and who have not borne Arms against the said United States. And that Persons of any other Description shall have free Liberty to go to any Part or Parts of any of the thirteen United States and therein to remain twelve Months unmolested in their Endeavours to obtain the Restitution of such of their Estates, Rights, and Properties as may have been confiscated.

. . .

And that Congress shall also earnestly recommend to the several States, a Reconsideration and Revision of all Acts or Laws regarding the Premises, so as to render the said Laws or Acts perfectly consistent not only with Justice and Equity but with that Spirit of Conciliation which on the Return of the Blessings of Peace should universally prevail. And that Congress shall also earnestly recommend to the several States, that the Estates Rights & Property’s of such last mentioned Persons shall be restored to them, they refunding to any Persons who may be now in Possession the bona fide Price (where any has been given) which such Persons may have Paid on purchasing any of the said Lands, Rights or Properties, since the Confiscation.

Article 6

That there shall be no future Confiscations made, nor any Prosecutions commenced against any Person or Persons for or by Reason of the Part which he or they may have taken in the present War and that no Person shall on that Account suffer any future Loss or Damage either in his Person Liberty or Property; and that those who may be in Confinement on such Charges at the Time of the Ratification of the Treaty in America shall be immediately set at Liberty, and the Prosecutions so commenc’d be discontinued.


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