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Additionally, here are the email addresses for the Russian consulate:;

We have sent emails to these addresses and ask that you do something similar. If you are not in the United States, please send your email to the Russian consulate in your country.

British Lies and British Spies
Ron DeSantis gives away America to the British Empire
The most important information you will never hear from lamestream media

So far, the lamestream media is hiding information about Judge Merchan’s Bogotá, Colombia family. About the only thing we know so far is that he was born in Bogotá, Colombia and came to America when he was 6, according to NBC.

Who are his parents? Is his family involved with the Columbia drug cartels, money laundering, human trafficking, other? Inquiring minds want to know.

Calling on all AIMCats: What else can you dig up on him? Please share it.

Judging from the preemptive damage control we are already picking up from trollers, the MSM is worried that his family background will be discovered.

Juan Manuel Merchan

Whose God?

Supreme Court, New York County, Criminal 100 Centre Street
New York , NY 10013


Status: Active,_New_York_County,_Criminal/Juan_Merchan/Juan_Merchan-1023.xml

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Merchan moved to the United States with his family when he was 6, and grew up in Queens, New York. People familiar with his background told The New York Times last year that he got his first job carrying groceries for tips when he was 9.

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Disney is controlled by the British Crown and its City of London Pilgrims Society Babylonian Radhanite banks.

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Founder John Adams wrote Abigail, his beloved wife, that he was “gloomy” about the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War in 1783.


It is because pagan Babylonian Radhanite fake Jewish British bankers (the Synagogue of Satan) were allowed to retain economic control in America

In case you were looking, here is a direct external threat to humanity.

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Creative animation. (Disregard the Russian propaganda.) The End Credits to Humanity

We are living in the fifth post-Atlantean period (1413-3573). In our fifth post-Atlantean period men will add the great teachings of Karma to the other teachings, they will learn to understand their karma. […] 

They will learn to grasp the idea: “I am placed on earth through birth; my destiny is on earth; I experience joy and sorrow; I must understand that what I experience as joy and sorrow does not approach me in vain, that it is my Karma, and that it comes to me because it is my Karma, my great educator. I look upon that which was before my birth, which placed me in this incarnation, because this, my destiny, is necessary for my further development.” Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 143 – The Three Paths of the Soul to Christ – Lecture II: The Path of Initiation – Stockholm, 17th April 1912

Michael McKibben Interviews Exorcist Douglas Gabriel

It’s a 4,000 year old death and usury cult. Its followers worship Moloch and Mammon, and must make human sacrifices to appease their gods. These sacrifices are in the form of the slaughters of war, deadly drugs and injections, abortion. They keep the world whipped and chained in usury debt slavery. The Pilgrims Society, Boston Brahmins, Senior Executive Services, WHO, WEF, UN, NATO, U.S. government and military (etc.) operate within this chain of command.

Jesus called them out in Rev 2:9 as being the Synagogue of Satan so their identity has been known for thousands of years. AIMcats have incarnated in this timeline to expose Satan and his demons, and drive him back to hell and put a lid on the Kali Yuga as we lead a Remnant of humanity into the Satya Yuga.

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