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Riccardo Bosi visits Russian Embassy

Don’t assume that Russian intelligence knows more about the Babylonian Cartel than you do; contact the Russian embassy in your country and give them a head’s up on AIM and AFI citizen intelligence reports.

Russian embassy in Washington:

Russian embassy in Australia:

Russian embassy in South Africa:

Russian embassy in the U.K.:

Find the Russian embassy in your country and let them know that you know who the enemy is by linking to AIM/AFI sites and intelligence reports. Send them articles, reports, and videos of interest anytime you think they need an update.

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DeSantis Opens The Door To Hate Speech Laws
New Florida legislation will send “hate” leafleters to jail

This is why cats need to encourage their downlines to call fake Jews by their real name – Babylonian Radhanites:


Daniel Concannon-KeepNHGranite @KeepNHGranite posts:

“Private property” seems to be the go-to defense from those justifying the State of Florida’s attack on speech.

“It’s only for speech on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!”

This may come as a shock… but there are already laws that deal with private property concerns.

There’s a thing called “trespassing” where you have to leave private property when asked to, and where you’ll be arrested for returning after you’ve been trespassed.

What Florida has done is made it possible to imprison people for five years for saying something Florida doesn’t want them to say while they happen to be on private property.

That’s insane, and its insanity is only topped by the insanity of the fact that people don’t see how insane that is.

You see, in the before-times, it only mattered where your feet were standing, not what your mouth was saying.

Now, it matters what your mouth is saying, depending on where your feet are standing.

This directly polices and punishes speech based on the state’s opinion of said speech. It empowers the state to persecute people for their speech on the ludicrous condition that it was spoken on private property.

That doesn’t comport with the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Period.

Stop allowing political affiliations and cults of personality to cloud your perception of reality.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE reveals his financial & interlocking self-interests are buried in The City of London

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. (Dec. 19, 2020). FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE, 2020, OGE Form 278e. Committee of Armed Services, USDoD. File: ]

NEW REPORT ON THE TWITTER FILES: The Censorship Industrial Complex

By Andrew Lowenthal

The British Pilgrims Society’s control of American propaganda, politics, elections

Andrew Lowenthal. (Apr. 25, 2023). An Insider’s Guide to “Anti-Disinformation.” Racket News. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

They Are Going to Shut You Off

Thanks, Jazz.

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Just a reminder that we warned you about giving your cell phone number to Ahriman Intelligence (A.I.)

Spread the word so folks know about this INTRUSIVE propaganda technique:
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Can DeSantis be anymore disgusting than (((he))) already is? If you were in doubt – DeSantis is playing for team Babylonian Radhanite.

Collapsing at Home, DeSantis Travels to Israel and Proclaims He Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Not President Trump

Keep in mind, DeSantis flunks the American loyalty test:


Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Dead on Arrival

Legal Tender Act: Gold and Silver are Money

Speaking of WEAK men who created HARD TIMES… below is Mike Pompeo’s email message, to which we reply:

“As CIA director you admit lying for a living.

That is antithetical to your Christian claims.

Get thee behind me Satan.”

Make sure to educate your downline about ESG compliant companies. It’s easy to spot them. Just go to their websites and look for their language – like “sustainability goals”, “diversity and inclusivity”- inside their website. They have to proclaim their status to satisfy WEF mandates.

Stop calling them Jews – they aren’t. They are Babylonian Radhanites. Get over the Jew bashing and bash the folks hiding behind Hebrew Jews.