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Gabriel, McKibben. (May 11, 2023). The City of London Babylonian Merchant-Banker Demon Hoax of all Time. Americans for Innovations, American Intelligence Media. Source:

The Michaelites and Their Karmic Impulse by Rudolf Steiner

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Thanks goes to @Gabriels_Horn and Michael McKibben/Leader Technologies.

McKibben’s research team gives all the information you need to identify the persons who rule our present world.

The one Ring lives in the one mile square…The City of London, New Babylon on the Thames. Babylonian Radhanite Merchant Bakers across millennia live today transfering wealth from you to them via their central bank-debt-usury system.

They will not stop until they own it all.

Humanity must know the historical evidence before they will act.

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Jamie Dimon warns on US debt default, says JPMorgan has a ‘war room’

Banking Insider Just Shared Something Big

Yellen: “We Have To Default On Something” If No Debt Ceiling Deal

You Are Being Set Up

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Until Trump can properly name the “Deep State” and show its organizational construct, he is just whistling Dixie. SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICES CROWN AGENTS!

Read all about it:

Pilgrims Society Scumbag.

“Under the new law, details about the governor’s trips — whether on state planes or private, chartered flights — will be retracted, including names of staff and family members that travel with DeSantis. Visitor logs to the governor’s mansion and his office also will be hidden.”

DeSantis Quietly Signs New Law Sealing All of His Travel Records From Public, the Law Applies Retroactively


Elon Musk Hires Ultra Woke Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter – Former Head of NBCUniversal Advertising – WEF Board Member – Pioneer of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Wokeism

Musk Launches Twitter’s New Encrypted Messaging, But With Big Caveat: “Don’t Trust It Yet”

AIMCats were warned that the end goal of Twitter for Musk is the “everything app”.

Would you like to be able to communicate with family, friends and colleagues without being spied on? Would you like to have your own private ‘SCIF’ for secure communications? We are engineering a super slick software that we call “My SQIF” that can be uploaded to your computer so that you and anyone else on the “My SQIF” platform can communicate without annoying Five Eyes types listening in. We are also working on the same system for phone texting. We will NOT be offering our software to the government or patent office because they cannot be trusted.

Our plan is to get this out to patriots everywhere that need privacy in their communications. So far… no one, no agency or government has been able to break into the LEADER SECURE system. In a few months, we will be sending out details to early adaptors. If you are interested in participating, please leave me your handle and email address in my chat room. All of our communications will, of course, be “My SQIF” protected.

And why would you trust us on this? Because Michael, Tyla, and Douglas have developed and will be managing the system. It’s for patriots – first, and governments/media/intelligence – NEVER.

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In 2016 when we were trying to find the truths about “the swamp” as ‘Betsy and Thomas’, we stumbled on Americans for Innovation‘s website and realized that the theft of Leader’s social media networking system was the Achilles Heel of the military industrial complex. Of course, it turns out that the theft was much more than we first thought.

In November 2017, we drove down to Ohio to meet Michael and record some initial videos with him. (Of course, YT has removed these videos for containing too much truth.) We have been colleagues and friends ever since. And best of all, you Cats began to listen, learn, and care, too.

Many people asked Mike and his team to create another platform similar to the one stolen by DARPA, but it doesn’t work like that. His product of internet networking system is unique and cannot be “duplicated”; however, that didn’t stop this tenacious inventor who has been working with a team to develop “MySQIF”.

We do not want this amazing cloaking invention to fall into the hands of evil governments and patent offices so it will be made available only to the AIM network at the ground level. We will ask you to spread the word around your downline. Yes, it will cost $$ to download to your computer or phone, just as any software download would, but we have raised some funds to get this into the hands of “fighting cats” who need secure communications to mount effective pushback on the Pilgrims Society.

We will not be describing the technology in too much detail on this platform. This will come when we set up your MySQIF and we can communicate with you in total privacy.

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Somewhere in Germany, desperate farmers wrote an appeal to Russia: “Russia stopped Napoleon. Russia stopped Hitler. Russia, please stop the USA!”

Could be total propaganda:
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Kay River@rallygear

This is so true! In October of 2019 two tiny kittens wondered on to our property. We couldn’t catch them. We cared for them. My adult son who found them said “ he wasn’t a cat person” yet he fed them and watched them play in our garden. I didn’t like the idea of having cats either especially in my garden. Then the lock down happened. If we could catch them; we couldn’t get them fixed. Six months later the first litter of kittens. I have to say my son warmed up to the cats it’s just the therapy we all needed. The kittens grew; some stayed here; some were adopted; some fell to prey; a couple were hit by cars when the traffic resumed. Watching these little creatures bounce through the towering sweet potatoes and climbing on top of the netting to keep them out of the garden to take a nap like on a cat hammock has been the best therapy. I thank God for gifting our family with the two tiny kittens and their offspring.