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The Secret Names And All Their Games Are Getting Exposed!


From Babylon to the City of London

Because Congress representatives, like Jordan and Gaetz, will not address the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA issue and correct the problem and for Donald Trump’s continued theft of the software from the Executive Office where he could have solved this issue with a signature to the Miller Act Notice – to his “Lies Social” platform that outright STEALS the Leader platform, cardboard cutouts like Zuckerberg will continue to spy and surveil us on behalf of British Five Eyes (Pilgrims Society). And… when you sew together loose THREADS, what do you discover?

NICK CLEGG, Mark’s Pilgrims boss.

If you try to delete your Threads account, it forces you to also delete your Instagram account. Zuck is not letting you go easily.

Think about this, cats. Donald Trump is STEALING technology from Leader to operate his social media platform. He knows about Leader and the theft of social media as he was sent a comprehensive notice called the “Miller Act Notice” when he was still president.

But what does he do? NOTHING. Trump aligns himself with Satan and the thieves with whom he surrounds himself. It shouldn’t be called “truth social” because its very foundation is a THEFT AND A LIE.

And that CEO milk farmer/congressional yapper Devin Nunes stands there with his thumb in his mouth acting like he doesn’t know how TRUTH SOCIAL is parked on stolen technology that has been weaponized against WE THE PEOPLE.

Nunes and Trump are thieves. ‘LIES SOCIAL‘ should be the name of their social media site.

What I would like to know is why so many indie and alt media presenters ignore this story. How about the folks you listen to on a regular basis – anyone bold enough to get this story out? Or are they all low-information shills and/or direct operatives of the Pilgrims Society?

Every single person in the world that uses social media and other platforms that use “open source” (which is code talk for ”stolen technology”) is participating in the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA. You are agreeing to walk with Satan and James P. Chandler III in this SIN of theft in your quiet submission to Satan.

Keep rattling the cages with your favorite internet presenters and writers and ask them why they are ignoring this THEFT. But don‘t ask OHIO representative Jim Jordan who was sent the Miller Act Notice from Leader but has not done anything – so much for Jim for protecting OHIO businesses.


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Those are BARRACKS, not asylum camps, for the MERCENARIES brought into the UK to attack on command of the Pilgrims Society King.

Only cats that have been in the cattery for awhile might appreciate this video. Thomas and the letters

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