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From Knowledge to Wisdom – Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell

Cats have seen this picture before and they know all about Bastet, but what you may not realize is how clairvoyant Howard Weingarden really was. He painted this picture decades before Tyla would come into Douglas’ life and years before the Cat Report came to be. Meow.

Is This Insurrection?

“Most Americans, including readers of this column, are out of touch with our country’s history. For instance, can you explain what constitutes good reasons for an insurrection? You’re probably familiar with these words “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” But what justifies the securing of these rights? In other words, what would a Declaration of Independence read like in 2023?

Would a Declaration of Independence written today still make the point that proper governments are instituted among men, and given their powers by the governed? Would it say that any form of Government that becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to change the government? So I ask, are we insurrectionists or patriots or both if we demand change?”

Finally, “The Secret Shadow Government” Identified In Comprehensive Viral Article

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To the video below, we add that we withdraw our consent for the Pilgrims Society to use Leader Technologies’ stolen platform to be used as a weapon against humanity.


Withdraw consent to be chattel and slaves to demons. You must name the demon precisely to destroy its power over you. Do not be afraid to name the demon and claim your freedom as a creation of God.

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Joe Biden met with KC3 (head of the Pilgrims Society which is staging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine) on July 10. You know the guy who has “trillions at his disposal”? Probably told Joe that America’s money is no good anymore and the war machine needs American blood spilled in Ukraine.

Joe Biden meets the King at Windsor Castle as flying UK visit nears end

Then on July 13, the reservists, particularly Coast Guard, are called up for deployment in Operation Atlantic Resolve, aka “Operation Save our Atlantic Council Asses from Putin”.

Ordering the Selected Reserve and Certain Members of the Individual Ready Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

These are literally British crown agents. Red Coats. Traitors to America. The enemy has brainwashed the masses to believe that patriots won the American Revolution and that the British and U.S. have a “special relationship”.

The British Pilgrims Society (which are the Babylonian Radhanites who work directly for Satan) is still the enemy of the world.

This has been a multi-generational psyop to overthrow America.

It is very important that you specifically call out the name of these demons. For example, it’s not the “Deep State”; it’s the Senior Executive Service or Pilgrims. Leading exorcists (wink) tell us that demons must be identified by their specific names if they are to be cast out.

No matter how hard DeSantis bloviates, he isn’t loyal to America. He is a British Pilgrims Society operative groomed from his St. Elmo Hall secret society days at Yale until recently when he sneaked around as a U.S. congressman to give British Qinetiq (SERCO) control over the U.S. military. Ron DeSantis has always been a REDCOAT SCUMBAG.

Tucker Carlson Interviews High Energy Ron DeSantis

WOW! Tucker Carlson Just Ended Mike Pence’s Entire Career

Gavin Newsom, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and the J. Paul Getty family

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“One of the objections which are often made against this (anthroposophical) worldview is that it makes the human being unable to cope with life. Let me still go into it with some words. No, anthroposophy does not make unable to cope with life, but more capable, just because we know what the permanent and what the transient is. Of course, somebody who thinks that the body is a dress which the soul only puts on and takes off again as it is sometimes said becomes unable to cope with life.

But this is a wrong picture which should be used by no researcher. The body is not a dress, but a tool for the soul. A tool the soul uses to work with it in the world. And he who knows the permanent and invigorates it in himself uses the tool better than somebody who only knows the transient.

He strives for invigorating the eternal in himself by means of constant activity. He carries this activity over to another life, and he becomes more and more capable. This picture lets the thought disappear to nothing that the human being becomes unfit to cope with life because of knowledge. We are able to work even in a more competent and more permanent way if we recognise that we work not only for this one short life but for all future times.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 52 – Spiritual Teachings of Soul/World: Course I – Lecture I: The Eternal and the Transient in the Human Being – Berlin, September 6, 1903