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Rudolf Steiner created seven metamorphic planetary seals as a symbolic expression of astral images representing cosmic and human development.

In the age represented by the seven seals something like a shower of meteorites will occur, caused by increasing materialism, and some human beings will ascend to a spiritual state. What the spiritualized human beings have acquired through their efforts in our post-Atlantean age will completely permeate them within. When, in the age of the sixth seal, everything that the human being has in terms of sentient soul, intellectual soul, and consciousness soul has been worked into the other members, human beings will have achieved the ability to create an external imprint of their inner life in their gesture, features, in their whole life. Because they have worked on their development they will be able, in the fourth, fifth, and sixth ages in the epoch of the seals, to use these three soul forces — the sentient, intellectual, and consciousness souls — to permeate and work on themselves in order to take in manas.”

Reading the Pictures of the Apocalypse, Rudolf Steiner, Lecture XII, Kristiania, May 21, 1909, GA 104a

Lecture Notes: Ahriman’s Eighth Sphere

The Eighth Sphere and Beyond – by Douglas Gabriel

Listen to how the UN will pervert humanity and direct human devolution into the Eighth Sphere. In the meantime, let the UN documents tell you their ‘End Game” for humanity. We must defund the UN, raze its NY headquarters building, and send its agenda back to the British Pilgrims Society.


Human devolution is happening right now… in our current days. Guard yourselves and your families against these demons.

Why I can’t support “Sound of Freedom” – Trust but Verify!

Greg Reese: Angel Studios Directing People to Clinton-Podesta NGOs

The enemies at the FBI false flag unit are desperate for you to watch this movie. I don‘t know who the guy in the video is, other than his claim that he is a “close friend of Tim Ballard”, but my gut tells me he is akin to an FBI glowie with his hat proclaiming he is a “Patriot” because how would you know unless he had it printed on his forehead.

The term ”Patriot” is the way the FBI sees us – not necessarily the way we see fellow truthers. This glowie is doing everything he can to convince you to see the movie which has now been busted by cats around the world as being a psyop. At the very least, I am not interested in wallowing in the suffering of children for entertainment purposes.

Cats are way beyond FBI psyops and want to see pedophiles treated in Biblical ways – ASAP. Make a documentary about the pedophiles and politicians being executed from gallows on the D.C. mall and we will ALL ATTEND… plus pay for views.


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Looks like the truth about Vivek Swampy Swamy is moving through the channels. Give this article a push through your downline to make sure this swamp creature stays deep in the muck.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Soros connection


Jazz has a unique way of educating and enlightening his audience in the video below. He uses Michael and Douglas’ conversation and overlays a video of the English open roads. It’s like sitting in the truck with Jazz, listening to a highly-informative conversation while watching the scenery go by.

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Michael over on Infotoons continues to educate and enlighten people with his cartoons. Betsy and Thomas on the TRUTH HISTORY of Modern America

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Why Is Big Capital Ditching the “Social, Environment, Governance” ESG Agenda?

companies are ditching their web pages that show ESG compliance.

It’s the kiss of death for them as awake consumers check these public statements before doing commerce with potential Satanists/Communists. Taking down Bud Light showed this globalist gang that consumers are not mindless lackies. WtP know that we are fighting a war against Satan.

The entire company Anheuser-Bush has been targeted for complete commercial annihilation as an example of what we will do to any brand or company that pushes this evil agenda on its customers. We simply must destroy A-B to ashes in our “shock and awe” campaign to put these corporations in their place.

Below, Glencore has removed its ESG page. However, not every company has done so. Checking in with GT Kombucha and it still promotes communism. I do not purchase this kombucha brand anymore for this reason.

Check it out here:
Watch the video and read the link here:

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