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The new Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Mandy Cohen has announced it is expected that COVID vaccines will become annual like flu shots.

(((Mandy Cohen))) doing the work of Babylonian Radhanite satanists.

New Biden CDC Head Pushes Annual Covid Vaccines

U.S. Government Wants Facial Scans of All Children: To “Protect” Children or to Traffick Them?

Bill Holter: What to do when the System breaks

Confidence in U.S. Military Lowest in Over Two Decades

From the social media platform formerly known as Twitter: It looks like the Feds got tired of using the name “Patriot Front” because it had already been exposed.

Now the Feds are using the name “Blood Tribe” and carrying flags in Watertown Wisconsin protesting a Pride event.

Similar Fed uniform clothing and masks that they used when they were using the name Patriot Front.

Senior Executive Service Crown Agent Bill Barr would rather commit suicide than face charges and consequences of being a TRAITOR.


Vivek Ramaswamy Aligns with McConnell, DeSantis, Club for Growth and Wall Street Promoting U.S. to Reenter TPP Trade Agreement

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We have put together a “tour” list of places that you can visit when you come to Detroit. If you are a regular cat, make sure to contact the Gabriels and perhaps we can meet you at one of these locations.

For local cats, here is an open invitation to visit the Mayflower:

My Lockdown Garden Now Producing 80% Of My Groceries

Robert wrote (comments from the last Cat Report): “Douglas is wearing what appears to be a copper wire around his head with something attached to it. What is going on there?

Also, the youtube that should come up under the title ‘Re-incarnation got removed from the canon’ ‘says’ that it was removed.  And ideas on how to view that?

Thank you for all that you do.  It takes me forever to view everything that comes in just one Cat Report!

Our reply:

I am not sure why the videographer removed the video on reincarnation – but he reported it and I put it back on the Cat: 

Copper wire and crystal. We were looking into electroculture a few months ago where the claim is that plants grow better when copper wiring is placed into the ground and extended into the air (atmosphere). So we were joking around that if it was good enough for the plants – it might work for us. We added the crystal for pineal gland stimulation. 

As you can see, Robert, many cats are embracing the inner hippy still inside them. Pictured above are Tyla, Scotty, Linda, and Douglas. As far as the time it takes to read a Cat Report, we feel you. You should see how long it takes us to put one together!


Subcommittee that identified Institute of Pacific Relations as communist think tank in 1951-1052 founder of the United Nations

The City of London archives of Pilgrims Society documents

Henry  Luce III, third Luce family owner of Time, Life, Sports IllustratedHenry Kissinger, then VP of the Pilgrims Society

Clare Luce Boothe was CIA agent/employee (husband Henry owned Time, Life, Sports Illustrated; prominent Pilgrims Society secret leader) 

104-10120-10652.pdf ( She was married to Henry Luce, publisher of TimeLifeFortune, and Sports Illustrated.Henry Luce (A prominent Republican)

Henry Luce was a prominent member of the Pilgrims Society

Henry Luce III, was president of the American Pilgrims 1995-2005, Henry Kissinger served as VP of the Pilgrims, along with Paul Volker during Luce III’s reign

Clare Boothe Luce, ambassador to Italy, with husband Henry Luce (1954)

Proof that RCA (David Sarnoff, NBC, Pilgrims Society) and the three letters were conspiring

Proof that FOX was three-letters since before 1966