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Senior Executive Service employees need to be on the look out. DeSantis is threatening to slit your throats

Ron DeSantis on Nixing Deep State: ‘We Are Going to Start Slitting Throats on Day One’

For a list of the ‘Deep State’, formerly called the Senior Executive Service, get a copy of the most recent Plum Book. Names and work locations are included. Make sure ‘hitman’ DeSantis knows his targets precisely, from Lisa Page to Bill Barr, bottom to top.

Just below is a headline which links to our last PDF version of the Plum Book. Needs updating, but Ron can get started because once these folks are hired, they can’t be fired.

Obama Corruptocrat Foot Soldiers Hiding in Senior Executive Service

All members of the Senior Executive Service (more than 8,000) need to be on the lookout for Ron DeSantis who vows to slit your throat on the first day of his presidency. BTW no one in MAGAville will be coming to your aid.



We were surprised this morning when AIMCat Matt emailed and indicated that Zero Hedge had removed a link on one of yesterday’s headlines:

Steve Bannon Pushes Trump/Kennedy Ticket For 2024

Sure enough. I clicked on this morning and it was a 404; yet if you look at the url link, it clearly has the headline words in the now-deleted url. What’s up ZH? Did Kari Lake’s handlers contact you to scrub Bannon’s endorsement of you?

We contacted the mines and asked them to retrieve the article and make it a permanent page – So “take THAT” Tyler Durden. Don’t f. with cats.

Tyler Durden. (Aug. 02, 2023). Steve Bannon Pushes Trump/Kennedy [or /Lake] Ticket For 2024. ZeroHedge.


Just one of Betsy’s random shower thoughts: Was the enemy trying to sneak Kari Lake into the VP slot, knowing full well who she is at the core. Then they could remove Trump in whatever way suits them and the next MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE would be installed. But then along came some cats and messed up their plans.

So who next will be promoted for vp? We think Sarah Huckabee Sanders and that will be a most interesting deep dive because you don’t become anything significant in Arkansas without Clinton approval. So there’s that.

There’s also this inconvenient truth:

This note (with our reply) in our inbox today.

Parts of this video are interesting. Others are crazy. Cats will be able to discern.

Watch on Bitchute:

You know the politicians are pretty desperate when Bannon the Bloviator has to prop them up. Basically, if Bannon promotes them, check under the hood for who they really are.

Steve Bannon Says “Kari Lake Is The Future”

Read about hubby inside: Also here:
Map Data. (Accessed Aug. 02, 2023). Origin and popularity of the name HALPERIN, Jewish (Ashkenazic [Babylonian Radhanite]) variant of Halperin. Geneanet.

The former FOX 10 anchor and would-be Arizona governor seemed open to a profile in PHOENIX. Then she wasn’t. We did one anyway.

“How and why she transformed from an “Obama-supporting Buddhist,” in the words of one former colleague, with friends in the arts and LGBTQ+ communities, into a far-right firebrand who regularly derides such groups at her rallies. Is it performance, a calculation? Or an authentic metamorphosis? Does she even really want the job? Ultimately, I’ll uncover a thick vein of former coworkers and friends who wonder the exact same things.”

“I also ask her about her mysterious evolution, or mutation, if you prefer, from an Obama-supporting, drag-queen-befriending journalist into a MAGA firebrand – while conceding the point that people do change: “As we all know, Trump was a Democrat at one point, too.””