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The important thing here, cats, is that Trump posted this and gave Don Jr. credit.. To understand the comments made below, you will need to listen to the video.

Does Trump actual believe this?

Post here with video:

Video is also on this Rumble link: Trump Subpoena Power and EO 13848 – US a BANKRUPT CORPORATION – SPACE FORCE – Jan Halper-Hayes, DoD TaskForce, Former Trump Transition Team Member

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@IQ167 weighs in: Well, most of what she said was quite true but the part about the US corporation is not true and the silly statement about 650 planes with Vatican gold being returned to US due to Trump’s visit to the Pope is not true. Trump’s lawyers “may” have the opportunity to do more discovery on election fraud evidence but it won’t change anything but public opinion.

Until the software (OpTech) is taken off the electronic voting machines we don’t have elections, we have selections – made by the Pilgrim Society, WEF, SES, the United Nations, W.H.O. (CDC & NIH), the British Crown, and globalist corporations and their agents. The lady made some good points about the election fraud in Penn where their state supreme court did illegal things. Ballot harvesting, ballot stuffing, fraudulent handling of mail-in ballots was made legal by many state legislatures, therefore, no amount of discovery is going to change “laws” passed by states.

The lawyer’s shot-gun approach to the Trump Insurrection indictment is simply to get a toothless conviction that will brand (convict) Trump an insurrectionist so he cannot ever run for office again. The prior convictions of other Jan 6 participants, who have already been charged with insurrection, will be the precedent used and will be hard to beat. This is the wild card that could help or harm either side. Flip a coin for the results of the winner.

Vaildiana posted this article about the Truth Social post and video.

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We replied to vailadiana and remind everyone that the MILITARY is actually a part of the election rigging. Outrageous treason by U.S. military and intelligence by handing voting sovereignty to foreign control!

…and now moving on to armadillos and leprosy in Florida.

Will this be the disease that the CDC proclaims requires a lockdown of Floridians? Listen between the lines in this local report on leprosy which they claim can be spread airborne.

CDC issues warning in Florida due to rising cases of leprosy

The propaganda media, working hand in hand with the enemy, will whip up the leprosy narrative and insist that it requires containment, first for the counties where leprosy is reported by the propaganda media, then the entire state. Peggy shows you in the video below that the Florida and Brevard Country Health Departments have not reported even one case of leprosy.

Then, on Pilgrims Society cue, Ron Desantis jumps on the train and starts fearmongering the leprosy narrative, quarantining citizens until the entire state is masked and on lock down. Roads in/out of Florida will be restricted. All the smart technology that has been rolled out over the last few years will be activated and create a digital prison for Floridians.

This is why it is imperative that we keep a careful watch on the CDC, Ron DeSantis and his legislative ilk. He’s told us that he supports the SMART STATE agenda.

REAL Cause of LEPROSY OUTBREAK in Florida?

Ivermectin and leprosy details here:

To Florida cats: Keep Ron on a short leash. Now that he has no chance to take on the presidency in 2024, his Babylonian Radhanite handlers will want something out of him after all the time and money they have spent grooming him.

Watch for draconian moves to create a police state out of Florida. It’s so easy to take out millions of conservatives as they create a literal land prison (like a smart city for the entire state). All roads out of Florida will be controlled for traffic in or out. Can’t drive a car or truck out/in of the state from the Gulf or Atlantic, and all waters will be patrolled by drones.

The Babylonian Radhanites will demand that their boy DeSantis turn the entire state into a giant smart state and he is on the record for supporting this.Then watch your utility bills TRIPLE, your property taxes increase, insurance companies leave the state so that your mortgage will be in default and BlackRock and (((Larry RAT Fink))) seize your home and it’s equity…. All the while, inflation and interest rates increase, the dollar loses value, the medical system collapses leaving millions of seniors without care.

You had better get coordinated down there and start manhandling that governor because he’s coming after each and every Floridian for his paymasters. Basically, King Charles will be seizing Disney World land (which is already his) and all of Florida as DeSantis offers you up like sacrificial lambs.

Forget “Smart Cities.” Members of Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis’ economic transition team want Florida to be the first “Smart State.”

Read the complete post, with embedded video here:

They have no one “on the bench” so to speak so are outsourcing the executive office to ineligible candidates. WtP must demand that candidates provide original birth certificates, inspected in a bi-partisan manner. We don’t need anymore Obamas and Kamala Harrises.

Vivek Ramaswamy: Not Constitutionally Eligible to Be President

Be the sort of father predator’s fear.

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notadoc@notadoc wrote:

After reading the article, I agree with the judge’s decision (but probably for a different reason.). The U.S. Constitution protects our rights as individual citizens from excess force from our government. The people have the “right” of protection, not a government corporation. These federal agents are not working on their own initiative, but under the orders of the federal Corporation. The federal Corporation do not have the “rights,” as the individual citizen, when they are functioning within that Corporation. What will most likely be discovered, is that at least one of those 18 government agents has perjured themselves during this trial. The government does not have the authority to cover up their crime.

Judge orders Catherine Herridge to reveal sources for stories on FBI, Chinese American scientist

“The scientist has already deposed 18 current and former government employees but she has been unable to confirm the sources for the story. A federal judge ordered CBS News senior correspondent Catherine Herridge to reveal her sources for a series of stories about the FBI’s investigation of a Chinese American scientist back when she worked for Fox News.

A federal judge ordered CBS News senior correspondent Catherine Herridge to reveal her sources for a series of stories about the FBI’s investigation of a Chinese American scientist back when she worked for Fox News.The order last week from U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper in Washington D.C. comes after scientist Yanping Chen filed a lawsuit against the FBI, claiming that the agency violated the privacy act by improperly leaking information about her.

While working at Fox News in 2017, Herridge used a confidential source or sources to obtain material about the federal counterintelligence probe of Chen.”

Everybody (wink) Wants to be SEEN at the Mayflower Bookshop.

Make sure to send us a picture of you in the Mayflower – even if it is a 30-year old pix.

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Even this ‘has-been’ with her tired presidential narrative is proud of her Mayflower days. The crowd at her Mayflower Bookshop event in Berkeley, Michigan on Saturday had more people in the audience than what Ron DeSantis gets.

BTW – for those who love this “Course of Miracles” Oprah favorite, note that she is Jewish. So it’s probably the Babylonian Radhanites supporting her efforts, back when she was pushing books on Oprah and now when she is stomping for president.

We all know the propaganda trick of hiding small crowds by doing tight shots. But what do you do with signage like this?

Watch this woman in Whole Foods pay for her groceries.

Pro-tip. Be like a cat. The Insane Plot Armor of Cats