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Remember the first time you saw this image when we reported that a person (real or a collective) Richard C. Walker had a patent for the Internet of Everything and this was the schematic (pictured above) included in the patent?

Picture of “Richard C. Walker”

On the hunt for Richard C. Walker

AIM has posted dozens of articles and citizen intelligence reports on the internet of things. Who in our community remembers the riveting and funny conversation that Douglas had with Lionel Nation on the topic – until Lionel became a PUSSY and removed the video from his playlist?

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IBM, NSA, GCHQ faked the “Colossus” codebreaker computer at Bletchley Park

Organization and Communication Structure of the Swamp Uncovered

Yes, there are women on the AFI “mining” team! When I first saw a video from Sabrina Wallace, I was lost in the technobabble and asked for help. AIMCat Pattie uploaded this video (below) to explain – which is an explanation of Richard C. Walker’s internet of things system as it is being used today.

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Death via Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles

Exposing Harvard’s Chinese Agent Charles Lieber’s “Virus Transmitters”

Douglas Gabriel Discusses Transhumanism

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund Leads $280 Million Investments in Elon Musk’s Creepy Brain Chip Company Neuralink

Here are three of Sabrina’s latest videos that I found pertinent to today’s Cat Report. Under each headline is a link to her Odessey videos.

Last appeal to the Old Sparkys /1

Appealing to the old Sparkys /2

Appealing to the old sparkys /3nd

In her third video, Sabrina explains how copper crystals and healing touch can be used to protect oneself. We also remind cats that we developed the Qube and sigils for your personal protection. You have heard us for years discuss crystals, shungite, and the process of human ascension.

Our reply to @notadoc:

Here’s Sabrina Wallace’s playlist:

Here is the PDF

When I first saw a video of hers (posted a few days ago on Gab), I was lost in her technobabble and asked for some help from the cattery. One of the miners (Pattie) explained what I was hearing: Digital Twin, HBC and HBondingC.

Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control

Crystals and the Process of Ascension

Mitch McConnell appears to freeze during press conference

FYI for those of you who signed up to receive the first versions of MySQIF. The team is working on the details, but I thought these statistics below would interest you. If we want to win the war against the Babylonian Radhanites, we need secure comms. All of you who want to get the first roll out of the software and who sent me your email addresses are “on the list”. You will be notified individually and privately when the software is available.

What is a SCIF? Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (pronounced “skiff”), a U.S. Department of Defense term for a secure room. It can be a data center or a secure room. Such rooms are specially constructed to prevent electromagnetic monitoring as well as physical access.

MySQIF™ does something similar with data in motion. It is your own personal delivery system that is more powerful than the most sophisticated SCIFS in the world. It is your own data Fedex, UPS, USPS, Cloudflare, Symantec, Entrust, or special courier on steroids. In other words, its much better than those services just mentioned.

Here is another video from Sabrina Wallace that I found interesting.

View on Odyssey:

The Damascus Event as the Second Coming

For more information on the Qube and sigils:

Vibration – the Sound of Life

By Douglas Gabriel

If you are looking for other ways to mitigate the detrimental frequencies that have been explained in the videos above, please contact AIMCat Paul at @basicstowellness (on Gab). He offers products on his site and can consult with you over the phone or in person. He charges for his services, as he should; I just hired him to “treat” new residences that my adult children moved into recently and I didn’t have time to treat their home and property.

Basics To Wellness

Recreating the Balanced Pattern of Life