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Why in the world would the MAGA cult leader repost this British shill Jan Halper-Hayes on his social media site Truth Social, a site, we remind you, that is parked on Leader’s stolen technology. Certainly Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, and the stable genius know that they are ripping off Michael McKibben’s invention – or do we have a pair of low-information dufuses running Truth Social?

Watch video here:

Why in the world would Donald Trump call this shill “fantastic” unless he is aligned with her in these stupid theories? We would have never insulted the high intelligence of the cattery by posting this British propaganda, but because the MAGA cult leader reposted it and gave thanks to low-IQ junior, we had to look under the hood of who Halper-Hayes is.

Inside the link below is a 22-page report on this British Pilgrims Society shill.

Dr. Janice Robin Halper-Hayes. (Aug. 10, 2023). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

SHILL ALERT: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes! Inquiring minds want to know if she is related to Stefan Halper, MI6 principal in the Trump-Russia hoax

Halper, Halper, where have I heard that name? How common is that name?

Is Jan related to that other British operative Stefan Halper, the Walrus? British spies and propagandists hang with one another.

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Remember this picture taken by Dan Savino in December 2020? I recall him tweeting that what was occurring at this picture moment was a big deal and one day we would know. Is this what Jan Halper-Hayes is suggesting?

Videos inside post:

SHILLY SANTILLI says that it is “the most important video of our Life time”. Yeah right, Pete, the low-information internet entertainer

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Don’t think that Pete wasn’t informed of our research on Halper-Hayes. Mike sent Pete the research yesterday…yet Pete spews this shilly nonsense about it being “the most important video of our life time.” Pete has now been demoted to the dunce corner in the AIM School of Truth.

X-Corp CEO Linda Yaccarino: “If it is lawful but it’s awful, it’s extraordinarily difficult for you to see it, and you get labeled”…

The Babylonian Radhanite puppet speaks:

Grist for the Mental Mill

Listen to his claims in using Fenbendazole to destroy his cancer.

Listen here:

Daryl posts: “Greetings Tyla, The rapid fire interview series with Doug and John and even Robert now are going so well I wanted to write and thank you for your continued high production value sharing of their stories and for dropping in on screen yourself from time to time.

Just like John and Doug were saying how books magically open up to pages for people at particular points on their paths I searched for recent content from Gene Decode today, picked this podcast and magically advanced the video to around 15:00 minutes in and landed on Gene sharing Doug and Mike’s image with wonderful things to say about your/our many channel’s content.

The B2T Blessed to Teach channel has him on the most but he guest’s on a variety of other channel’s and would be a worthy guest to have on with Doug, John, Mike and you with your group.”

Listen to the video at the prompt mark:

Our reply to Daryl: Yes, we know of the internet entertainers ‘Gene Decode’ and ‘Blessed to Teach’. We stop watching their material years ago because – sorry to say but it is true – they are way behind the leading front in the Information War and posting their drivel would be an insult to the advanced cats in the CATRIX. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Weaponize the audience with booing and hissing for sleaze bag politicians. Egg throwing is optional.

Details in the Cat Report:

The slow motion baby goat video you didn’t know you need… But do!