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Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF) 

The American Broadband Act of 2023 (H.R. 3557) and H.R. 4141 threaten to eliminate state and local control over the zoning and placement of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

(WTF)HR-3557 and HR-4141 are proposed federal telecommunications bills that would eliminate nearly all state and local control over Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF) and would enable the construction of a Digital Prison for Americans.H.R. 3557:

“We must oppose this bill. This is the worst bill I have seen in my entire life with respect to telecommunications. You have to understand how bad this is…THIS is the Digital Prison right here.THIS is the bill you cannot let them pass!”

Americans Must Oppose U.S. HR-3557

H.R. 3557 would…

  1. Override state and local government police powers and property rights and would preempt local authority to manage public rights-of-way and land use for telecommunications infrastructure. This represents a substantial federal overreach into the oversight of the placement of wireless facilities on public rights of way, which is a fundamentally local process and must remain so.
  2. Empower providers to install facilities where they choose regardless of local zoning, thus eliminating the ability of local governments to impose reasonable standards.
  3. Weaken the authority of local governments to regulate the use of our public rights-of-way, and diminishes their authority to locally determine appropriate compensation for such use.
  4. Mandate that all wireless siting decisions be “deemed granted” if not denied by a local government within much shorter periods than the federal government for similar projects. The federal government has 270 days to act, while locals must act as fast as 60 days. It is not appropriate for Congress to apply stricter timelines and restrictions on local governments for these processes than it does on federal agencies.
  5. Mandate that sites be constructed “without any further action by the government,” without notice to the local government, or obligation to comply with safety laws. This would provide no public safety protections for construction of facilities that had been “deemed granted.”
  6. Impose artificially short timelines that are virtually impossible to meet, create technical grounds for defeating incompleteness notices and require local governments to draft, publish, and deliver a written denial decision with reasons to an applicant on the same day that the local governing body hears and votes on the application — a virtually impossible task because such written decisions typically require the examination and analysis of evidence presented to local council.
  7. Require that “all proceedings required by a State or local government or instrumentality thereof for the approval of the request” be taken within the timeline.
  8. Limit the fees that local governments could require which, unlike the current FCC rules, the local government must justify based on a complex rate-making formula.
  9. Substitute the FCC for the local federal district court as the reviewing body for challenges to local government decisions regarding wireless facility applications, thus breaking the promise made by Congress in 1996 that local governments would not be required to travel to Washington to defend local decisions.
  10. Impose new and similarly flawed timelines and “deemed granted” remedies on applications for wireline telecommunications facilities
  11. Undermine the property rights of local governments and damage their ability to protect and preserve the safety, well-being, and aesthetics of their communities. Congress has historically recognized these rights in Sections 224, 253 and 332 of the Telecommunications Act.
  12. Make virtually any local government decision not to allow the installation of a proposed wireless facility at a provider’s request a “prohibition” preempted by federal law.
  13. Eliminate cable franchise renewals, thereby restricting the ability of state or local franchising authorities to enforce franchise obligations such as public, educational, and government channel capacity and facilities, customer service requirements, and system build-out requirements.
  14. Grant cable operators the right to use local rights-of-way to provide non-cable services while prohibiting localities from imposing any fees on non-cable services for use of those rights-of-way.
  15. Pre-empt local governments’ rights-of-way compensation and management authority, zoning powers, cable franchising authority, and property rights.
  16. Impose costs on local governments, burdens on our taxpayers, interfere with public safety and otherwise remove local protections that are the heart of communities while offering no improvement in broadband service.
  17. Create unfunded mandates on local governments and inhibit their ability to be directly responsive to residents and good stewards of public resources.
  18. Bestow on broadband providers an unprecedented federal grant of access to state and local public property, but impose no obligations on those providers to serve “unserved” and “underserved” Americans.
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The people in Lahaina do not realize that America is in a WAR and their homes and community were obliterated by our enemy – the British Pilgrims Society/Babylonian Radhanite merchant bankers. These evil satanists destroy nations, cities, and communities to gain control of the world, from the never-ending wars in the middle east to the destruction of cities around the world, to outright D.E.W. attacks on communities.

Y’all better wake up out there. The battlefront has moved to your bloodstream and they are worming their way into your electrical body. Douglas warned you years ago…


Watch on Bitchute:


Watch on Bitchute:

Are we seeing the beginning of the lock down of Maui as the first step in creating the CITY-ISLAND SMART CITY?

Watch the video post:

Did you see the article that the Maui officials are passing out orange cards to identify the islanders? You know how this pans out. Next they will be passing out orange stars to sew on to their muumuus and palaka alohas.

Then, they will be locked into the SMART CITY ISLAND where food will be rationed and housing assigned. Eventually everyone will be required to be vaccinated. If the jabs don’t kill you immediately, there will be enough graphene oxide in your veins to hook up to their wireless slave system. If you survived the jab, you become WETWARE.

Your beloved Maui will become the worlds most notorious pedophile island for Moloch worshiping and Oprah/Bezos-types who will have an unlimited supply of child slaves to keep the global blackmail operation going and Babylonian Radhanite merchant bankers like Jamie DEMON and Larry RAT Fink in power.

@KazimirRules posted:

CONGRATULATIONS to the pedophiles at @gatewaypundit and to @NewYorkCitizensAuditNews for taking TWO AND A HALF YEARS to report a partial disclosure of the truth already reported by @Gabriels_Horn immediately after the 2020 S-election.

In the Joe Hoft article, you’ll read nothing about The working through the traitorous military. This whitewash must be coming as the guilty know the jig is up and it’s time to throw up some firewalls and throw some flunkies VAGUELY under the bus.

BTW, #MarlyHornik & #JoeHoft — the real reporting from @Gabriels_Horn is attached here. Gather it up and _____ it up @realdonaldtrump ’s fat ___.

Read the report here;
Hoft article here:
OUR REPLY: This would be excellent @RealMikePannone. Michael, the editor of SOTN, runs this alt media platform, and we are appreciative of his allowing us to “get our start” in 2015 where we posted on several of his sites.

We keep telling him that the ‘Khazarian Mafia’ is a distraction for naming the Babylonian Radhanites who like to hide behind the propaganda of the Khazarians or “the Jews”. But he won’t budge.

Dr_DeLong remarks: “The Hero”

Article here:

Makes sense to me. Have you seen the latest batch of liberal women?

We wrote the solution first – back in 2014 – the Gospel of Sophia trilogy and then dropped down into the political conversations to attract as many of you as we could who wanted to learn truth history and know why our world had become filled with satanic evil.

We learned along with you! We discovered that America had not won our independence from the British Monarch and that crown agents called Senior Executive Services have filled our military and government and are running a British operation, basically OVERLAYED, on top of our Constitution and Country.

We discovered that the British Pilgrims Society uses America for its global bully to keep countries enslaved through fiat Federal Reserve money. Then we found the Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers, a 6,000 year death cult, that runs it all.Now we see that the evil in the world is so deep and vast that a collapse of the financial system and the blood money that fuels it must collapse if we are ever to survive.

Sophia = WISDOM. Get yourself some.

There is a Sophia movement going on in Ireland right now. Here is a meme from one of the Sophia enthusiasts.

In case you missed it, there is a thread from Gab’s @GiveSendGo that is persistent. When GAB announced that they had a giving campaign for the residents of Lahaina, we warned cats about giving to any group that they had not vetted.

Well, this seems to have agitated Andie’s GSG peeps so there has been a long thread on the subject. Click here to read from top to bottom:


@GiveSendGo posts:

@Gabriels_Horn “You may have missed our response where we answered every question brought to us. All of the funds that are collected through our charity branch will go to verified campaigns on GiveSendGo of those impacted by the fires, or we will distribute funds to local nonprofits that are actively making a major impact. (We ONLY give to local nonprofits when personal campaigns aren’t available!)

We have a team dedicated to verifying thoroughly every recipient of any charitable funds.

We completely agree that you should know your money is going exactly where you think it is, in fact, we have a platinum approval from Guidestar for our transparency in financial management!

First, feel free to take a look at our impact reports on our charity site, it details exactly how much was raised for each cause and how that money was distributed. You’ll have to scroll down to the finished campaign portion:

In addition, if anyone gives, they are sent a report disclosing how much was raised and exactly where and how much was given out. Feel free to donate and find out!We share your concerns regarding these kinds of funds and that is why we strive to change the tide and fix the continuing issue in the world of charitable giving.If you need any further specifications, I encourage you to speak with our customer support team here:“We have been doing our best to provide transparency and to respond as completely as possible. If you have specific questions you are welcome to bring them to us or our customer support team.”

Our latest reply:


@KazimirRules posts:
“Just a reminder:
#RFKjr is “pro-vaccine” AND conditionally pro FORCED vaccination.
Keep it mind if you’re hopping on bandwagons.
This is an elaborate con job.
There is no “COVID”; there are no pathogenic, transmissible respiratory “viruses”;
and mRNA “vaccines” DO NOT do anything more than send the body into an inflammatory defense. NOTHING penetrates cell walls, alters DNA or creates spike proteins.
#EdDowd is a #Pilgrim.
Prove me wrong.”@KazimirRules posts:
Just a reminder:
#RFKjr is “pro-vaccine” AND conditionally pro FORCED vaccination.
Keep it mind if you’re hopping on bandwagons.
This is an elaborate con job.
There is no “COVID”; there are no pathogenic, transmissible respiratory “viruses”;
and mRNA “vaccines” DO NOT do anything more than send the body into an inflammatory defense. NOTHING penetrates cell walls, alters DNA or creates spike proteins.
#EdDowd is a #Pilgrim.
Prove me wrong.”


Oxford Mathematician DESTROYS Atheism (15 Minute Brilliancy!)