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It’s time to show you who we were in previous lifetimes and who we have become in this one

… so we are not holding back anything, anymore. If our material doesn’t resonate with you, please move on and find a source that does. If you are still reading the Cat Report, you know that we are spiritual scientists and this science is very real. In the selection below, we discuss how we made Wonder Water, the Qube, and sigils.

We explain why you may want to try these spiritual “technologies” in your own space. Frankly, dear friends, the evil is so intense, pervasive, and heinous in the world that not one of us or even a group of us can unwind what has been done over millennia.

We explain why it’s o.k. to walk away from the evil in the world now. You can’t do anything to conquer evil, except in your own heart. Aren’t you getting tired of keeping track of EVIL? Time to give Satan and his minions over to Jesus Christ. He’s the only One that can extinguish Satan.

Walk away and start being at peace. BTW – you’ll might to shield yourself with some sigils:

Read the article and watch the videos: Read Ann’s testimonial on using the sigils in this report:

Why is evil in the world?

Video links are inside the post:

Galvanic energy inside you is faster – no wires! 1/4

Telephony & Microphony – electrical current through muscle tissue… 2/4

Sabrina’ discusses wireless communications in 1922:
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Spoken like a true thief: ELON MUSK TO JAY LENO (Sep. 15, 2022): “Patents are for the weak… most patents are BS.  

What Elon, like the Twitter/X social technology that you and your British Pilgrims Society cronies stole from Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio?

It took the Gabriels many lifetimes to understand the mysteries of the sequoia trees

The picture below are the sigils (symbols) used in electronics. This is the language of the electronic realm.

As we explain in our videos, the sigil we developed, which operates with the Qube, is a symbol, used in a higher realm than the electronics, that speaks a “language” with a message to tell the scary electronics that Sabrina describes to DO NO HARM. It overrides any harm coming from these evil ahrimanic devices. Their technology is evil. We override it with our MORAL TECHNOLOGY.

Read the thread:

@notadoc has a thread going here, that included the article below, well worth the read whether you know about the Rife machines or not:

The Truth About Cancer & Dr. Royal Rife’s Work

Read all about Lillian Scott Troy:

From November 2021:

“There have been a lot of negative comments here about billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg staking big and expanding real estate claims here in Hawaii. As you know, Bezos has Maui, for Zuckerberg, it’s Kauai, and Ellison has Lanai. So here’s the latest that they’re doing to ingratiate themselves to Hawaii and why.” Read the report.




Yes, we have all been reading about the return of the masks and the new variant. It’s all fearmongering to get you to self-harm. Ignore their propaganda and do something productive to prepare for the Great Financial Reset – like going to the farmers market this weekend for local fruits, veggies, and meat; fluffing your pantries; reviewing and stocking your reoccurring supply needs.

Watch the video on Odysee:

Jason Ian of ‘Americans in Action’ joins guest host Dr. Lee Merritt / on The Alex Jones Show to expose the ancient ritual spellcasting behind the corrupt court system.

Why is this of interest to us? Because Dr. Merritt is enlightening her downline of the BABYLONIANS. Like Sidney Powell who cobbled together dangerous words in a presser – election rigging and Mark Malloch-Brown – and then was put on the back burner of the news cycle, Dr. Merritt is speaking words and terms that she doesn’t fully understand. Will this awaken the BEAST who will have to shut her up, like it did to Sidney Powell?

Received this UNWANTED advertisement in my government spy mail account (gmail) and replied with a f-off. The Pilgrims Society minions, aptly represented by their logo of a reptile creature, are pushing this satanic agenda hard. Make sure your downline is aware of the dangers of A.I. which some call artificial intelligence, and we call AHRIMANIC INTELLIGENCE.

Spread the word. The reptile people want to steal your human thinking

The conference link.

On Passover, lamb’s blood was put on the doorpost and lintel of the home. An innocent lamb died as a substitute sacrifice so the first born would not die. The innocent lamb died instead of the firstborn. The lamb’s blood was applied so death would “pass over”.

In like manner, placing a sigil on your door, tells evil to PASS OVER you. All of my entry doors have sigils on them. You can place inside or out – or be discreet and put in the door jam. Command EVIL to PASS OVER your home and family. Then, get to work on yourself to become a better Christian.