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Of course cats know that behind all these groups are the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY and the Babylonian Radhanites. More TRUTH HISTORY below:

CLIMATE CHANGE EXPOSED- The Most Important Interview You’ll Ever Watch

Watch on Rumble. CLIMATE CHANGE EXPOSED- The Most Important Interview You’ll Ever Watch (

Please thank Ron @seven7seven for providing us this timeline of events discussed in the video above:

Conference 28
11/30/23 thru 12/12/23
7 year plan to execute agenda 2030.

Rough draft release
Strengthening of International Cooperation.

Announced on 5/5/23 on 12/13/23
Terra Carta principles will be introduced by King Charles.
10 New climate change mandates over next 7 years.

Global certification ID by 2027 (Digital ID)

9/30/23 Statement by Antonia Guteras.

10/4/23 Statement by Pope Francis

25% Carbon reduction goal. By 2025

Conference “Summer of the Future” 2024 to accelerate 2030 agenda SDG’s (Sustainable development goals. Pac for the future. UN website.

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Quantum DOT Tattoo

UN Political Declaration

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This video is about Revelations and the signs around us.

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What’s up with this picture, you ask:

@seven7seven Ron posts: “It was such a great picture post, finding a song to go along with it took awhile. I also like the cat template used, kinda like marking one’s territory. I hope it fits. Sweet dreams all! Skillet – “Lions” [Official Lyric Video]

Our recent article on the WOKETARDS that are ruining Waldorf education and schools is causing quite a stir – and rightly so when Rudolf Steiner’s education gift to humanity is being tainted with Klaus Schwab/WEF agendas. Here’s the article and video:

Skeletons in the School Basement

To read the selection that John recites at 54:57, see The New Isis Myth here.

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Oct 4th EMERGENCY TEST — Should YOU Be Worried??

On Sept. 30, 2023, Microsoft will Enable Mass Surveillance and AI Training with User Data

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Have you seen any indication that the U. S. government cares about citizens? If so, please comment below and let us know when the government had your best interests in mind.

That being said… why would FEMA (which is actually controlled by British SERCO) care about your safety and security by running a nationwide cell phone test for emergency preparedness? Is this like the cooties shot that were advocated and mandated by the government while people who took them are now maimed and murdered?

@Scottythetrucker888 “FEMA ! Is most definitely setting up out here and trying to be low key , BUT the people that can see everything now as a devious demonic plan KNOW what’s going on …”

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CVS Pharmacy to Close 900 Stores by the End of 2024, Citing Shoplifting as Major Problem

Target Closing Stores in NYC, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland and Seattle Due to Rampant Crime and Lawlessness

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Read from PDF link: maui.pdf (

‘Stop Everything and Find Them!’: More than 1K Ohio Children Reported Missing in 2023

I do not agree with this arrangement whereby Satan wants to prevent my family from eating locally-raised and butchered REAL meat. Don‘t agree to this either… tell Satan to get behind you.

Furthermore, unless a state line exists between the farm and dinner table (interstate commerce), the USDA doesn’t have jurisdiction over these arrangements. And why does the USDA even exist?

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Thanks to the cats that helped put together today’s Cat Report and for the many Gab entries that cats post and repost on an hourly basis. We are making a difference. KEEP WORKING THE PLAN!