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President Trump Responds to Question About Whether He Would Accept Nomination to Be Speaker of House…

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Report – President Trump Will Endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

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DHS Designates President Trump Supporters as Domestic Violent Extremists?

President Trump Lawyers File Motion for Dismissal in DC J6 Case on First Constitutional Grounds – Presidential Immunity

You should hear what he said! Then he was killed…..

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Pole Shift Making a Massive Ozone Hole

View the post and all of the links: Etheric Formative Forces and the Music of the Spheres with Douglas Gabriel Download this free PDF version:

@DebBe writes: “I think your call name Gabriels Horn speaks to this very issue. Sound, resonance, vibration are all so important. Remember, in the beginning was The Word.”

Subspace Healing

“Being able to scan and treat an individual from anywhere in the world is one of the most unfathomable ideas imaginable proposed by Dr. William Nelson/Desire Dubounet. But time after time, it has been shown to work with great accuracy. When an individual is born, they have a very specific energy about them, which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world. By having the person’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth, distant therapy can begin. This amazing technology allows the EDUCTOR/SCIO to find an individual anywhere in the quantum world. Similar to dialing up a friend on a mobile phone, subspace allows you to dial into any individual at any time, with their permission.

Mathematicians describe subspace as a multidimensional set of possible geographic space superimposed under our universe. There are multiple dimensions in our universe with one dimension still contacting and uniting all things. This dimension is called Subspace Or the fundamental glue of the consciousness of the universe.”

Some of you are considering the purchase of a freeze dryer. I received this promo in my email today from Harvest Right. I am not paid to promote this appliance… I have one and absolutely love it. So much better than traditional “canning” for food preservation and preparation (although there are things you will still want to can or dehydrate, not freeze dry):

“Harvest Right is currently running a sale on our new Harvest Right Pro

We are discounting the freeze dryer, including the upgraded premier pump, the starter kit, and free shipping! See the details below regarding the new Pro. 

ALSO: If you order online, let me know what your order number is and I’ll make sure to include a set of lids for free! 

See the details and pricing at the link below.

The New Harvest Right Pro: 

  • Increased Capacity per load
  • Upgraded hardware and software
  • Faster Drying Time
  • Upgraded Premier Pump
  • More energy efficient
  • Now 6,000 techs in 1,600 locations 

Did you know you can buy directly from Harvest Right? We can match almost any price! 

We are also offering a multiple unit discount so if you have a friend or family member that might be interested in going in with you, this is a great time to purchase! 

NOTE: if this is something that you are interested in, email me back the size/color you are looking at and what your shipping zip code is, and I’ll see if there are any other special discounts or offers that I can get you! 


We have discounted shipping rates for Hawaii and Alaska.

Thank you,

Nathan Cheney