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Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

Satan can not bring harm to the children of God unless they agree to it. Put on your spiritual coat of armor, tell Satan to get behind you, and trust Jesus Christ to lead you out of this madness. Do not agree to Satan’s wicked ways and anti-human agenda.

Lemuria Fire Initiation

Crown agent shills are going to be fearmongering and beating war drums like you have never heard before…. They need Americans to get into this Israel war and that’s why Netanyahu called it a “Pearl Harbor” event – will Americans be motivated to go to war like we did in WWII with Pearl Harbor? We know Bartiroma is a media whore and Pompeo is an SES crown agent. They lie through their teeth and forked snake-tongues. Make sure your downline sees through Satan’s agenda for all out war.

‘IMPLICATIONS PEOPLE STILL HAVEN’T GRASPED’: Pompeo’s stark warning over Israel

Remember that time you read this internet blockbuster hit – FALSE FLAGS ARE LEGAL PROPAGANDA – and thought who are these amazing ‘Anonymous Patriots’? And now you know the rest of the story.

Please extend the reach of TRUTH.

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Another propaganda rag bites the dust.

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Congress is going all out for support of Israel, which is actually a Babylonian Radhanite operation to destroy Jews, Palestinians, and Muslims alike and to seize oil-rich lands for the Greater Israel project (which includes Nazi Ukraine) for the Synagogue of Satan. The Satanists stoke havoc among the tribes so that they are killed off by one another.

Andrew Bourla (Pfizer and head Babylonian Radhanite) already poisoned the people of Israel which will unfold as a Holocaust on steroids as people begin to die off. There is no winning this war for anyone. Everyone in the area will be slaughtered and the directed energy weapons will level Gaza like Lahaina.

We must keep Congress on a short leash regarding the reinstatement of THE DRAFT. Let them send millions and billions of fake, phony fiat currency to Ukraine and Israel. The more they send send, the faster the dollar inflates and collapses. Once the petrodollar collapses, the global fuel supply that funds EVIL will halt. Our job is to bunker down and stay away from the collapse.

Call your Congresspeople today. This DEATH train goes one way to hell and it won’t return until your son, brother, or father is in a coffin.

Have you noticed the change? To read more about this chapter in the ASCEND diet, go here:

I am hearing from cats around the world that have started drinking a teaspoon of Boron water a day how much better their muscular-skeletal systems feel. To make Boron water, mix 1/4 teaspoon of Borax with 1 cup good water (no fluoride!). Take one teaspoon per day (about 3 mg of boron); although many of us take a teaspoon in the morning and then one later in the day (6 mg of boron).

War creates the perfect conditions for DEPOPULATION of fighting age men. The Babylonian Radhanites use this tried and true method to cull the herd of any men who would protect their families and countries against their heinous anti-human agenda. Round up the men through conscription and send them far away into the fog of foreign wars to be slaughtered for Moloch. Once the homeland is left defenseless, their illegal alien mercenaries start slaughtering women, children, and families left behind.

DO NOT ALLOW CONGRESS TO REINSTATE THE DRAFT. Pay attention and post any murmurs of the draft to the cattery.

AIMCat Peter writes:

Defense Against the Dark Arts

This is written for those who are first encountering electronic warfare in its present form. They may be confused by the information presented by Sabrina Davis and those working in the tech industry that have recently come forward. This is written primarily for Christians because if you have not accepted Jesus inside of yourself, much of this conversation will make no sense. I call this truth for mature Christians. I first began understanding this material as a Christian when I was allowed to view classified material by Bob Beck of the US Office of Naval Surface Weaponry. The bibliography for that material still exists at under Psychoactive Mood Modification with Eldon Byrd.

“They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony” Revelation 12. If you have listened to conventional preachers on this one you are a sitting duck for targeted electronic warfare. Why, because it is not how dramatic your testimony appears as a sinner. All that does is to make you thankful that you are no longer that person. Unless you have daily engrafted the Word of Jesus into yourself replacing bad habits like cussing, it will do you no good. Actually, for those of us who have encountered the practitioners of witchcraft or even Tibetan Buddhism in its Bon shamanism form, the protection practices are the same.

I am purposely not going to be technical about this, but Sabrina at makes a pretty good case for how it works. If you are female your brain is designed differently from a man. PET (Positive Emission tomography) scans establish this. There is a term in mathematics called a Fourier transform. It is simply a calculus to measure frequencies. Guess what your brain does when it senses something or hears something? These are frequencies and your brain acts as a Fourier transform. If you are involved in electronics and mimicking the human brain then you might need to understand the calculus of a Fourier transform. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

What you do need to worry about is whether you have learned to master the effects of the dark arts on your soul, and on your body. This is done through the engrafted Word. I do not have the time nor the ability to see each person reading this letter and must keep it short. I will provide a few Biblical examples of what must be accomplished by each believer. The understanding of the Trinity, of us being made in the image of God, is the cause of much of the confusion around the material Sabrina presents. If you were just your body and not a spirit, then what Sabrina says about implants, about WBAN, about nanotechnology inserted site specific monitors inside your body, these would all be very frightening.

That is why I want to encourage each person reading this to understand that we are a spirit, a soul, and a will inside of a physical body, made in the image of God. Unless you can fully integrate this into your awareness, the process of transforming our soul into a Christ-like image through daily prayer, praise, and repentance will not be as effective. It is time to up our game from the many examples that the Holy Spirit will bring to each of us individually who are locked in this present time stream.

When first beginning to understand all of this as a Christian, a biologist, and wanting to explore the world, I encountered a group of Bible smugglers. Brother Andrew and his team taught me how to pass unseen through very dangerous situations. As a scientist I often wondered how this was accomplished. The best analogy I can use is the term doppleganger. This is a German word for body double. It can extend around your personal WBAN and even extend to material objects such as your cellphone and automobile. External tracking devices cannot deal with infinity. It is beyond the physics of the material world to understand infinity

AimCat Peter

Trust in the ever present spiritual world