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British Foreign Secretary Austen Chamberlain admitted six years after the end of WWI that the stories of German atrocities of rendering baby bodies into soap were false.

Sir Austen Chamberlain, Foreign Secretary, Pilgrim Society. (Dec. 02, 1925). GERMAN GOVERNMENT DENIAL (re. alleged WWI Kadavar factories, rendering bayoneted Belgian babies for soap). UK Parliament, Hansard. Sources:

Watch on Rumble: The Disturbing Truth About the Israel–Hamas War — Todd Callender Interview

Who is this British Pilgrims Society sleeper traitor Sir George Poste?

He is using Arizona State University (ASU) as his mad scientist funder base for global bio-warfare

A Secret George Poste weaponization presentation from 2007 just discovered

Poste is a totally British Pilgrims Society stooge

He was the Chief Science Officer for (Glaxo SmithKline) co-developer and co-funder with DARPA & Bill Gates of Coronavirus at The Pirbright Institute, Surrey, UK

He is such a loyal British subject he was knighted by the Queen in her New Years Honours, 1999

George Henry Poste, FRS. Chief Science and Technology Officer, SmithKline Beecham plc. For services to the development of Biosciences. (Hertfordshire)

·         Member of Highlands Group – a fascist DARPA weaponization think-tank — with Anthony FauciJames P. ChandlerIBMMI6

·         Hides British Pilgrims Society control by GlazoSmithKline

·         Fellow of the U.K. Royal Society

·         Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (UK)

·         Fellow of UK Academy of Medicine

·         Member, Council on Foreign Relations

·         Tied to Sir Nigel KnowlesPrince’s TrustKamala and Laphonza handler via DLA Piper PLC (UK)

·         Defense Science Board and Health Board of the US Department of Defense (DoD)

·      British knighthood

·      Annotated Linked In proving Poste is a British Pilgrims Society AGENT

Dr. George Poste’s too-prolific biographies:

We added the Highlands Group website and the Whistleblower Affidavit into this package:

Dr. George Poste, Director. (May 29, 2007). Overview: Converging, Combining, Emerging. Highlands Forum 32, Arizona, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University. Source:

George Poste, right, honoring Babylonian Radhanite Bibi Netenyahu
George Poste, left, honored by Michael Cross, right, co-founder of the CIA-funded In-Q-Tel

Founding Member of Hamas Calls for Global Rage and Jihad to Begin Friday the 13th

More Countries Are Planning to Link SIM cards to Digital IDs

This is the “social credit scoring” system for homes and buildings. BANKS Now ‘REJECTING’ Mortgages For Energy Inefficient Homes!

For those looking for the videos that we had on the American Intelligence Media YouTube channel before the entire channel was censored, a cat in France saved them as audio recordings here:

Read the Cat Report:

Nikki Haley Urges Genocide

Her proposed solution to the current war is an all-out genocide. “I say this to Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this. You know Iran is behind it. Finish them,” Nikki Haley proudly shouted at the TV.“

Watch the video on the post:

Posting these videos below for easy access in the spring when I expand my Brussels sprouts gardening. I’ll just type “Brussels sprout” into the search bar and find these articles.

Brussels Sprouts Winter Harvest

Growing Brussel Sprouts in Small Containers [Planting to Harvest]

Here’s a recipe for a knock-out fertilizer:

BlackForest writes:

I use Mittleider Gardening Method which uses borax in it’s pre-plant fertilizer. Here is the mix:
20# of lime or gypsum
16 ounces epsom salt
4 ounces boron (20 mule team borax)
Use one ounce per linear foot
The Mittleider method has made our garden gorgeous and we are high desert at 7500 feet altitude so not such an easy place to grow.

What Is Garden Lime and How to Use It to Help Your Plants Thrive

If possible, add lime in the fall. It takes time to change the pH of soil so applying lime in fall takes advantage of the winter months prior to the next growing season.

Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening

AIMCats have already made the shift….Meow!

Why most people won’t shift into the New Earth

AIMCat Patricia sent us a note:

Aloha Douglas and Tyla

I really enjoyed the youtube video today. Thank you. 

You shared a lot and it takes courage. I am going to have courage and share with you and Tyla. 

I lived in Honolulu for many years. I made friends with some people who shared their Alii lineage.

One dear friend, Maureen, was a big woman. She asked me about her size. I said you have whale lineage. Embrace your power. This flowed out of my mouth. She taught me so much. 

So it did not surprise me that Douglas is Ali’i.

I lived near the University of Hawaii and dreamed of taking Hawaii language and culture courses. But something stopped me. With time, I found myself reading all kinds of old books at the Main library downtown Honolulu next to the archive library and the Palace.  I must have walked past the archive building hundreds of times. 

I consulted with my guides, why do I feel this magnetic pull to the archive building and the library downtown. And, why am I feeling a deep hesitation to go in? 

Heaven sent me a book to read. The title is, “The Queen and I”.  This book is written by a local woman who was writing a book for her PHD at the University of Hawaii. She did her research in the basement of the archive building. 

Sounds like a Dan Brown novel.

The book is a well written classic that tells us who really overthrew the Queen.

By the way, the University Press at the University of Hawaii would not publish her book. So, the University of California at Santa Barbara published the book. 

After I read this book, I grew the courage to walk into the archive building. I was empowered. 

The lady at the front desk, a Hawaiian woman, looked me over up and down. I had to give my address and telephone and identify myself. I had to put my purse, pen and notebook in a locker and walk into a very cold room where I met the nation’s Archivist. Boom I got my download. 


I was the Queen’s Archivist. 

I was given “The Virtue” by the Queen long ago to enter the archive building and to have the honor to read and access the original documents. 

I do not discuss my true identity. 

But something is happening now. 

It has to do with Douglas and Tyla.

This morning on my walk the sky was so blue and the clouds were pure white and fluffy. I asked “is there a technology that has cleared away everything in the air and sky? Then I thought of you Douglas?

I notice when you both spend a day or two contemplating something…….things begin to evolve and rejuvenate. Is this true?

I am sincerely learning how to be in integrity and to give and receive the ALOHA. Please accept my ALOHA.


How to Manifest Your Higher Self in 5 Steps