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Scam of the Millennia – the Marshall Plan

Identities discovered of the current Pilgrims Society “ACELA MAFIA” shadow government interlocking relationships

The 1947 Congressional Record provides hard proof of a massive Marshall Plan conspiracy by the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offspring

Today, the “Acela Mafia” is the U.S. insider’s name for the Pilgrims Society’s organized crime syndicate

The Acela Mafia’s massive 1947 lies and fraud to Congress (as we show below) have just been discovered and should be legal grounds to unwind it all

Newly-discovered Marshall Plan council member lists prove that in 1948, the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society seized control of the Marshall Plan’s $15 billion ($165 billion today), and funded the post-war rogue C.I.A. with Marshall Plan funds via secret Swiss accounts based on the gold stolen by Nazis and Japanese deposits (they even called it the “Gold Pot”)—the criminal basis of secret Swiss bank accounts is now revealed

The Acela Mafia talks peace, freedom, anti-fascism, anti-communism, anti-racism and democracy to fool unsuspecting citizens into attacking truth-tellers whom they accuse of the very sins they are committing

The approximately 300-person Marshall Plan Committee was led by the British-American imperial Pilgrims Society and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) offspring

At least four members were British knights, including: William J. Donovan, chief British-American spy running the “Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII, and Winthrop W. Aldrich, the Rockefeller chairman of Chase National Bank and then president of the International Chamber of Commerce (and later U.S. Ambassador to the UK), his nephew Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller later became U.S. Vice President

A current Pilgrims Society U.S. officer, John R. Drexel, IV, is a Life Governor of the Knights of Malta English Priory along with chief justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and Henry Kissinger

In 1946, the Rockefeller Foundation was simultaneously funding the Tavistock Institute in London researching mind control and brain washing for use in “fake news” media propaganda

Since as early as 1912, Congressional hounds were hot on the Pilgrims’ Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild “new world order” continuous wars criminality

N.M. Rothschild, Andrew Carnegie and their protégés at J.P. Morgan and Chase (Rockefeller) have been financing British attacks on America since before the War of 1812

In 1912, J.P. Morgan, at his mentor Lord Rothschild’s urging (who controlled Reuters, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, London Times, etc.) bought editorial control of all of America’s leading newspapers (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune) to push pro-British propaganda to support war with Germany

WWI destroyed the Pilgrims’ German trade competition; at the same time, Andrew Carnegie funded U.S. libraries and education textbooks to rewrite American colonial history to be more pro-British

Simultaneously, the Pilgrims bankers created the Federal Reserve to enable the Rothschilds (Bank of England) and the Pilgrim bankers to control the American money supply—America’s Pilgrim President Woodrow Wilson facilitated this from the White House

Human devastations initiated and financed by the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society: WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, FARC, Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechyna, Syria, Coronavirus, etc. appear to have all been faked by the Pilgrims Society to consolidate new world order power, restrict privacy and free speech, enrich co-conspirators and kill off populations with explosives, drugs, abortion, human trafficking, vaccines, pathogens, propagandize fake threats, weather warfare, wireless radiation, etc.

The Marshall Plan organizations of labor, rights movements, churches, synagogoues, universities, educators and media were all sucked in to their tyranical, godless of orbit

. . . in the name of love, peace and freedom.

Bill Barr – Patriot or Traitor. Time will tell.

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