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Andrew Torba and Gab Are interlocked with Anthony Fauci, World Economic Forum, Bain Capital and nanotech biowarfare globalists

Now that you see the EVIDENCE that Gab is just another social media psyop run by a ‘cardboard cutout’ (poster boy) sponsored by Pilgrims Society operatives, you might read this recent email from Andrew Torba in a new light. It certainly looks like Gab is being used to gather and identify Christians and conservatives. Once identified, these groups can be targeted for harassment, censorship, removal, or worse.

This is an information war and GAB is NOT on the side of conservatives, Christians, and humanity.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ W.H.O. World Order

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is not a medical doctor but ultimately leads, single-handedly, the WHO’s “commands” concerning health emergencies of international concern – epidemics and pandemics. Please bow down or kowtow to the leader of the world, Darth Tedros the Empire’s Pseudo-medical Sith Lord.

All of the fraudulent medical demands were instituted by ONE fake doctor – Fuhrer Tedros – who made the power of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, Stalin, and Big-pharma’s World War III – Covid. But get ready, Teddy Boys’ new “International Health Treaty” will plug up all the holes he found during Covid in the United Nations World Health Organization’s global take-over of all nations, business, and economies.

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Expose Gab as Friend or Foe

Dear Mr. Torba,

Why haven’t you contacted Michael McKibben at Leader Technologies to have Gab legally licensed to use its social media networking technology?

If the Turkish dude Ekrem Buyukkaya didn’t tell you about the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING, certainly your tech guy, Andrew Cates, who cut his teeth on IBM Eclipse Foundation social networking code stolen from Leader Technologies: Walmart, Netflix would have told you.

Why can’t we find details on your personal biography on the internet? Who were your parents and where are they from? Are you a Muslim from Turkey, a Christian from Scranton, or something else?


Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

Alex Jones, Greg Hunter, Joe Rogan, Sean at SGT, Dave at X22, Greg Reese, David Knight, Mike Adams, Stew Peters, WILEY COYOTE (Rick Wiles), SES Catherine Austin Fitts, Clif High, James O’Keefe, Owen Shroyer, and who could forget the SES movie propagandist Dinesh D’Souza.

Del BigTree, Juan CIA Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Mel K, Sundance (Conservative Treehouse), Zero Hedge ‘Tyler Durden’, James Corbett, Abbey Martin, Aaron and Melissa (Truthstream Media), Ann VanderSHILL, Mike Cernovich, Candace Owens, and now children’s book writer Kash Patel…and on and on and on.

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The American banking world’s smoking gun

This newspaper record proves that Alexander Hamilton and his former St. Croix slave-opium boss Henry Cruger were conspiring with John Barker Church to turn over America’s emerging banks to the Bank of England.

Cruger was evidently running Hamilton’s backchannel to the Bank of England in London via people like Benjamin Vaughn, who then took his cash to America once the First Bank of the United States (proposed in 1784, charted in 1791—modelled on the Bank of England) was set up by Hamilton and Church.

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Queen Hillary Clinton is effusive in her praise of the Hamilton musical. So much praise, in fact, that Shakespeare might be tempted to re-write Queen Gertrude’s observation in Hamlet: ‘The lady doth praise too much, methinks.’ She said in her last campaign that “we may not live to see the glory” as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, “let us gladly join the fight.” Let our legacy be about “planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”