Author: Our Spirit

What is Cosmic Intelligence?

Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss TRUTH and WISDOM in a livestream

Richard Poe: Globalism Rooted in British Liberal Imperialism, Not American Empire

Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

Fatima’s Secret Prophecy Revealed

Archbishop Viganò on the Great Reset

The Great Miracle of the First Crusade

TIMELINE: Holy Lance of Antioch

History To Remember: The First Crusade

Michael Crow Serves the British Pilgrims Society

Michael Maurice Crow, president of Arizona State University—-the self-anointed King of Arizona—is a well-groomed member of the British Pilgrims Society—placed to facilitate the “Great Reset” using Arizonians as experimental guinea pigs for election rigging, viral pathogens, brainwashing, 5G and depopulation

Crow’s 32-page ASU resume is evidently fake—no human being could do all the things he claims

Evidently, Crow has been placed in his position at ASU and at the C.I.A.’s highly illegal In-Q-Tel “private” venture capital arm

Gretchen Whitmer Profits from Pandemic Investment Fund

Check out CERITY’s Pandemic Investment Fund where Gretchen Whitmer holds all of her investment money, or so she reports

Whitmer has financially benefited from the deaths of Michigan citizens and thousands of closed Michigan businesses through her stock portfolio.

She has withheld the disclosure of G.E.R.W. LLC and its relationship with her father.

But don’t wait for the Detroit Free Press or Crain’s Detroit to report on any of this because they financially benefit from advertising revenue from the very companies that keep Whitmer flush with cash.

The Fall and Ascent of Man

The Fall and Ascent of Man as Revealed in the Revelations of St. John

The Karma of Untruthfulness

Evil Foundations of Materialism

The Gospel of St. John as Mystery Wisdom

PEOPLE’S RIGHTS – Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.

Why are people stupid? A scientific approach

Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring

The 48 of you who will be ELDERS of wisdom and truth in the coming new age

How Corporations Run the World

Monopoly – Follow The Money

We the People vs. Them the Corporations

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run

The British have taken over American Elections and the U.S. Military Stands Down!

The global jenga game is collapsing

‘Wild Bill Donovan’ and the Creation of the CIA and Five Eyes by the Pilgrims Society to Control America

The Karma of Untruthfulness by Douglas Gabriel

Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life

‘Wild Bill Donovan’ and the Creation of the CIA and Five Eyes by the Pilgrims Society to Control America

Breaking News: More proof of the Pilgrims Society conspiracy between British and American intelligence to give control of American elections using British Crown corporations

Proof that Pilgrims Society members Wild Bill Donovan and Sir Stewart Menzies were conspiring together to cede control of American and global communications governance to the British Empire.

Proof that “Five Eyes” is a British Crown intelligence operation and that the CIA and Centcom/Scytl election rigging are British operations

The British have taken over American Elections and the U.S. Military Stands Down!

Mike and Doug explain THE BIG LIE

Dominion, Scytl, Smartmatic, Hart Intercivic, DoD CISA, Associated Press, etc. are in bed together with Amazon and Microsoft.

Hard evidence that U.S. intelligence/military conspires with foreign governments, notably the British MI6/Admiralty/rogue CIA, to rig U.S. elections

Outrageous treason by U.S. military and intelligence by handing voting sovereignty to foreign control!

John Poulos Liar-in-Chief for Dominion Voting Systems

John Podesta-Marc Elias-Hillary Clinton-Perkins Coie-Russia Dossier-Maricopa Audit: They are all Connected


Scytl The Vote-rigging Company that Fixed the 2020 Election for Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

Dominion is a British System to Take Over the World by Election Theft

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of President Donald J. Trump

Tech Lords, British Black Chamber, Nazi IBM, and Five Eyes

AZ Sec. of State Katie Hobbs takes money from foreign governments and George Soros

Voter Fraud or Voter Defrauded by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson?